Hotlanta’s Chills

Yaaaay, so I’m back from Atlanta and trying to update as much as I can ‘roun dis piece. I’m still getting around to someone of yall so if I’ve been ghost to your blog homes, don’t hate me! I try and be a dedicated blog sista but sometimes I get a bit behind. The pictures in this post are going to be smaller than usual b/c I don’t have time to upload them in my Photobucket.
Look at all the snow in ATL. I wasn’t THAT prepared but it was in all good.

Me and the baby sis had to pose fast on this one. Toooo cold!

I visited ThatMan, some cousins, my best friend (I’m a bridesmaid!) and then I showed some love by going to the Martin Luther King Memorial. It’s still such a big deal to me. I will never forget the contributions that my people have made to this corrupted place we call America. But I digress.
My skin is looking divine these days!!!! Seriously….no pimples or anything. My new focus is getting rid of those dark spots that the pimples left behind. Cocoa butter, my saint, is great for that. And I don’t wear foundation on most days. I’m dapping into Bare Minerals. I copped this from my Mom. Why this NC20-somethin’ woman needed this, I don’t know. The color is Warm.

It’s a bit OFF…I think it makes me a bit chalky so I’m thinking I need to mix it with something else. I don’t know.

And I think this picture shows how off the color is because I sprinkled some of the foundation on my chest just to test. Hehe, make-up porn!

I’m thinking of going to a counter this weekend. I love how it feels like nothing on my face. It’s amazing on days when I want just a little coverage. And when I want the grown woman look, I’m still bustin’ my Bobbi Brown Tinted moisturizer with the 187. It’s just divine!

Speaking of BB Tinted Moisturizer….here’s a better FOTD of it. I’m cheesin’ mad hard with my sister but I think it looks good.


Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer
NYC Translucent loose powder
NARS Crazed blush (this newbie sucks in blush application)

Bamboo Paint
Ochre Style e/s on lid
Sketch on crease
Handwritten to deepen crease
Vanilla pigment to highlight
Blacktrack Fluidline

Nightmoth lip pencil
Some sheer pink gloss from Victoria Secret

I’m still cleaning out the make-up stash so thanks for your inquiries. More things coming soon! I’ve got some eye shadows to go through, pigment samples, a Holiday lip palette, a brush roll, etc. I’ve got a ton of stuff I need to get rid of! Thanks to those who have already purchased from me. Business is great!

Peace aaaaaand……

  • Mrs. Lynne

    The first picture of you and your sister is such a great shot! Glad you’re bacK :)

  • Anonymous

    yeah i am waiting to see what u will be selling.

  • Nemesis

    Me thinks me want the Holiday lip palette and the brush roll…

  • yummy411

    aww baby sis! how cute!! dang that looks like atl got more snow than we did here in DC!

  • Izar

    Hi there!

    You look gorgeous and your skin is practically perfect! (Not to mention you have a beautiful little sister! ^-^)I’m so happy for you: I know what it is like to struggle with zits. My skin doesn’t behave either, especially nowadays, so it’s back to benzoyl peroxide for me.

    Wow! Snow in Atlanta? Okay, so I’ve never been to the US which might account for my ignorance but that seems strange for me. Or is it normal?

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re doing fine and that your skin is so perfect now. *hug* Take care dear!

  • Vanessa

    WOW! I miss the snow (from Canada), but it’s cold here in Cali!

    Gosh your sister is so gorgeous! She looks just like you! Both of you are beautiful! You should be in ANTM (America’s Next Top Model).

    And one day we will hit up the PRO store! One day! :)

  • nilla cookie

    Oh Lawwwddd, Atlanta looks too cold for me! Can’t believe you and the lil sis braved the outside – but I completely understand that if you gotta pose, you gotta pose 😉

    You both look super cute!

  • Afrodite

    I’e actually adopted the pure cocoa butter to help with the scars that the pimples leave behind and it does work wonders.

    I’m starting to wonder if I should just give the makeup a break to save my skin….