I’m back!

Yaaaay! Clumps of Mascara is now up and running. Big ups to my webmistress, Koffee Dyme. I’m lovin‘ my new blog space. Drop me a message and let me know what you think! Check out my new tabs. I’m excited about it. OH….and my blogroll is in the works too!

And your girl is feelin‘ like a bit of a celebrity blogger this week because of the love I’m getting from the UDPP post. I’ve been linked from several other fab beauty blogs and greatly appreciate it. PurseBuzz even linked me! Heyyyyy

I’m back just in time for the N Collection. Can’t say that I’m too excited about this one (what? I’m being honest) but who knows, maybe things will be different when I actually SEE the products. Instead of being repetitive about what this collection is releasing, why don’t I just send you over to some of my fellow blog sistas‘ sites. They’ve got the real skinny on N.

The Daily Cookie

I think I’ve got enough neutrals in terms of eye shadow colors…..and I got the perfect nude lip from the Blue Storm collection. And since I’m keeping it real simple on the face, there is no need for any MSFs. I’m savin‘ up for Fafi, mon! Yeeeep. Have a fab weekend! Not sure when I’ll be back since my internet is trippin‘ like a man after the first date.

Peace & happiness!

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Hey girl! Great new look and feel on the blog. Love the tabs. I’ve been in the SLOW process of tweaking mine so if I run into a snag, I’m hollaring at y’all! :)

    Thanks for the link love. And just so you know, you got Yummy’s and Nilla’s linked to Temptalia :)

    N is alright. I only picked up one of the eyeshadows – shocking!! I’m all about the Fafi though. YYEEEEE!

  • Divine Blackness

    Grrr, I know Mrs. Lynne. I just fixed that. My HTML STILL sucks. HA! And I deserve no props on anything. My webmistress is the best. Please hit up her for any questions. She’s fab!!!

    Yaaaaay, Faffffiiii!!

  • Izar

    Very pretty design, I love it!

    I hope you don’t mind but… You’re tagged! To to my blog to read the rules. :-)

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    hey girlie! I’m lovin the new look! I know I haven’t posted over on the homefront lately but trust me they’re comin!

  • Vanessa

    Love the new look girly! I myself am in the process of a new site makeover….oh the joys!

  • TravelDiva

    Cool blog!

  • yummy411

    yay! great look around her.. good job koffee dyme!

    thanks for the link love babez!

    ummm, i’m going to be the party pooper but you’ve gotta at least try light flush! it’s HOT!

    however.. we stil have Fafi to look forward too.

  • KoffeeDyme

    Thanks for the love!!! I love it too lol… I love working with people who are interested in learning and contribute to the process as well… Your my BEST CLIENT EVER lol…

  • Afrodite

    Lmao @ trippin’ like a man after the first date…

  • yummy411

    ok, why am i on udpp watch… you are getting mad love all over the net for that post..

    look: http://www.lushiousbeautytalk.nl/viewtopic.php?t=751 (unless this site is just translated to german(?) and i don’t know how to see it in English and the poster is really you…)

    http://rocketqueens.blogg.se/1199775220_f_ut_det_mesta_av_din.html (i love her blog by the way)

  • Toya

    I would love to be added to your blogroll, if you’re interested. I’m loving your blog, girl.

  • Anonymous

    Well missy your my first blog I am commenting on since coming back from the land of the dead and I must say I am loving the look! Look at you with a email box!!! Anywoo I’m being silly! Thanks for the well wishes I was all up on some phospherous and arsenicum alb, and so slippery elm and mullen to get rid of that ish.
    Again it’s looking FAB in here!!!!

  • K.Victoria

    Get..Get..Get.. Get it Girl!! Love the new space! The new tabs… the new colors.

    The new page is pretty much awesome.

  • nilla cookie

    I love the site’s new look to DB!

    I’m actually really curious for this collection because I’m a neutral girl! Yummy says that 2N lipglass is like Viva Glam 5 so I’m definitely looking into that one :)

    I’m working on some sight changes too, oh the wonders of a new year!

    Hope all is well!

  • Divine Blackness

    Izar—> I’m headin’ over!

    Tracez–> I’m so glad you’re back! Yo blog sistas have missed you!

    Vanessa–> Yay! Everyone is going through makeovers! I’m excited!

    TravelDiva–> Thank you soooo much.

    Yums–> I can not believe this. I’m like, “OMG, totally honored.”!!!

    AFRO–> You know you and I have the exact SAME humor.

    Toya–> You add me? I’ll add you!! I love addin’ people to the blog roll.

    Ms. Wright–> I love you! ‘Nuff said.

    Nilla Cookie–> Yaaay! I absolutely love your site, by the way. You’ve got my kind of humor too!

    Shawnta–> So glad you’re better!!!

  • Afrodite

    But for real! As I was posted on Yummy’s blog, I actually checked out the N Collection yesterday and I fell in love with the 5N lipstick until I saw it on me.

    Turns out, I’m not a lipstick person, it really washed me out so I’ll stick with my high pigment lip glosses. Helloooooo L’oreal!