My Nappy Hair!

Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair
*very long post about hair. make-up talk will resume soon*

Finally the requested hair post. Yaaaaay!!

More than make-up, I love my natural hair. I didn’t love my hair this much when I had a perm. Before I went natural, I felt like every other Black sista. Goin’ to the salon to get a touch-up, wraps, hours under the dryer, split-end frustrations! But I just adore my hair now. When my skin gets to breakin’ out, my knees start crackin’, and I get plagued with the flu from my kids, my hair still stands strong. She’s a soldier.

I transitioned from permed hair to natural through micros (bad idea!) for 4 months. On April 23, 2005 I was offically natural. I cut off my own hair with scissors in my dorm room and haven’t looked back to the lye since.

Here are some resources:

My YouTube Hair Vid-Pelo Negro (my #1 Site ever)-
Noooow, onto the pictures. I usually only wear my hair in 3 ways:




…..sometimes I’ll bust a scarf, fro-hawk, The Frederick Douglass, the afro puff or a funky hat. But those are rare since I’m teaching now and don’t have time to be all eccentric and strange. Miss those days. Here are some pics of those funky do’s.


[F.DOUGLASS—funny, I know, but I love it. It’s funky!]




Here are the products I’m hip to these days.

I’m not a die hard Carol’s Daugher fan. I mean, I do think the products are fab but since my Mom is an herbalist she can make similar items and for free. CD is a bit on the ‘spensive side. But since I’m not living near home, I’ve had to buy products. I will never ever ever put shampoo in my hair. The devil, I tell you. If I feel like my hair needs a good cleanse, I do an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse or whatev Moms can make for me.

“Can’t live without” products are:
Olive Oil
Rosemary/Jojoba blend
Aloe Vera
VO5 Conditioners

But here’s the sad truth…..I don’t spend much time doing my hair. I can go up to 2 months without washing or combing it. The only thing that takes time is the 2-strand twists. 4-6 hours. But those hours can last me for 2 months. It’s a dream.

Now color is a whoooole ‘notha story. I’ve done honey brown, orange/red, blond streak (ha, don’t ask), jet black and everything in between. I’ve never had a weave or worn a wig and probably never will….just not me. I’ve done extensions and usually give my hair a break with 2-strand extentions once a year. But micro=death. Straightening with heat has only happened once. Never again. I’ll probably loc this year since I love the low-maintenance fabulouslness of them.

I mean, really….that’s it!! Any questions about the naps, just ask!!

  • Danyelle

    Ugh!! See, your fro is so nice and evenly nappy!lol :) I tried the fro look once and everything was nice and curly except for the ends; they were straight/flat. I guess its from all the hot combing. But I’m so not ready to let my metal comb go just yet….I will however treat my hair to a nice cleansing and moisturizing session this weekend, maybe with V05 but my Pantene & Mizani seem to be workin fine….

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Hey girl! Glad to hear you’re still around :) I had a great time watching your hair in different stages. You look great no matter the different styles you had going on. They all fit you so well!

    Hope you’re having a great week so far! Happy Hump Day mi’lady!!

  • yummy411

    i love it! you know how much i love your video!!!

  • Koffee Dyme


    Gurl ur nappy hair shows ur true BEAUTY!….

    I see some color in your naps, what did you use? Its all about the.. two strand twists, twist out… and the afro.. now that reminds me i got to post about my self.. but i been too lazy… oh Glad to see you found something that works for you.. i’m stuck… im just using water for now….

  • Nemesis

    Great post…I think you should do a hair post every couple of weeks…loving the hair and doesn’t the fro just give you a whole nother attitude…lol…I’ve been natural for a little over a year and I’m still learning…my hair is so kinky that I have to wet and condish every morning or I would have a matted mess on my hands. Because of this I have to wear braids when its cold. I MISS MY HAIR…I didn’t think I would miss it like I’s truly a if I could just master the two string twist I would be ok and wouldn’t have to do the braids

  • Afrodite

    Hair post!! Yesssssss! I absolutely adore your hair and the color looks so nice. I’ve been a little scared to color my hair since the last incident (it broke off as my beautician was rinsing the color out!).

    The two-strand twists look so good on you. I don’t wear mine out too much. If I do, I’ll put a headband on.

    Ohhhh, and your gypsy scarves! I love me some gypsy svarves. It’s such a lazy protective style. And your Frederick Douglass had me on my neck!

    Beautiful hair, girl!

  • Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T

    thats a lott of hair hon. nice blog, hope u dont min i followed my girl ma’at over and do hk me out one day when u can

  • Divine Blackness

    Dany–> We talked via text ’bout hair sooo…lol, yeah!

    Mrs–> Aww, you’re so nice! Thanks so muuuuch. Strollin’ by your spot because I haven’t been in awhile.

    Yums–> LOL, I know, Yums. We need to ‘gon ahead and get yours goin’.

    KD–>Yeah, you’ve been slacking on the postin’ tip but since I’ve been out of town, I haven’t really noticed. Hehe….I usually use Dark & Lovely for my hair coloring. It conditions my hair soooo well. I won’t use anything else. And I’ll be dammed if I pay a grip to go to the salon to have someone do it. Hells no.

    Nemesis–> A hair post every few weeks sounds like an idea. Hmm, thanks! Oh and my hair is the same way! When I had a TWA (teeny weeny afro) washing it in the morning was a must because I had such helmet hair in the morning. But it was all good b/c it was the summer. I actually miss the TWA sometimes. Love it while you can because it’s so much fun! Girl, you better get hip to the 2-strand twists. I seriously haven’t looked back. They take a long time to do but they last forever!

    AFRO–>Ohhh shoooot, I live for color. But I can understand you being afraid but the great thing about being natural is that we know that if the hair falls out or we cut it….the shit will grow back. Ain’t no big lost! So try to get into some color. And I liiiive for my gypsy scarves and African scarves. I be lookin’ so cute *pops tongue*. LOL!

    Torrance–>You know I gotcho! *wink*

  • Nakia

    Hello. I love your blog. I visit it on a regular basis and am glad that you posted an entry on your hair. I happened to be browsing the internet looking for some websites that cater to black hair and I came across your picture on Naturally You. It looks gorgeous. I did my BC on Oct. 6, 07-I just shaved it off and am sporting a twa. I have been wanting to do this for a while and I find blogs-like yours-to be very helpful. I love your makeup posts-I’m a newbie myself, and a cheap one at that-but I love your hair post.

  • Divine Blackness

    Nakia—> Thanks for stopping by! I forgot that Naturally You featured me awhile back. That was quite the honor. Congrats on sportin’ the TWA and on your BC. I bet it’s faaab. Stay tuned to Clumps of Mascara and I’ll surprise yall with a hair post every now and then.

  • Naturally Beautifully ME!!!

    Speak the truth sista! I love my hair! I comb my hair maybe once a week. I love to try new styles and its so versatile. Check out my blog.