Road triiiiiip

Hey chicas! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Still shocked that I’m 23!

I’m back from my 2-day road trip. Of course I went to Orlando and hit up the MAC Pro store where I chatted it up with my new favorite artists who were happy to see me. I didn’t buy anything (THAT’S THE FIRST!!!!!) but it was good to see some familiar faces. I went to Universal City Walk, saw some friends and saw Juno. Please go see this movie. That and The Great Debaters. And August Rush. Amaziiiing films.

Then I headed to Tampa Bay!!! My college home! Had so many memories in this city and was happy to be back. I went to my storage spot to go grab some things and got all sentimental.

*Yums, see the shine?*

My life in a storage room. Gotta love it. I need a home! And then I went around visiting my friends and got into this HUGE debate about Black women wearing red lipsticks. My girls were NAY and I was YAY. Many said that because their lips were already big, wearing red would make them look like a clown.

Now tell me… I look like a clown?


Seriously…women of color are still victims of what beauty should look like. While a crap-load of people plump their lips and go around lookin’ a mess, we hate our beautiful naturally plump lips because back in the day we were hated on because of them. What a mess.

But I digress. Then my girls and I went to my favorite Thai restaurant. Aren’t they fab?

The Fashionista, the Public Relations chic, the law student and the International Humanitarian. I have great lady friends!

And then before I went and got my brows threaded. I seriously think that Indian women truly understand the art of thick natural brows with an arch.

I swear, I won’t let anyone else touch my brows. Only my Indian ladies and Sam Fine. That’s it!! But I just can’t get my left brow to look like the right. Dang, that bothers me! The right is just wonderful and the right is trying so hard to keep up.

More productive posts soon to come. I’m out living my last few days in Florida because I fly back to my poor volunteering life in Cali and I’m SO not looking forward to it. :( Yall bloggers have been updating like crazy. I can’t keep uuuuup!

Peace and India.

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Hey love – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you got what you wished for 😉

    Sounds like your trip was very reflecting. I felt the same way when I went home to the bay area to visit.

    And you look fabulous with red lippies!! I honestly think its just a matter of finding the right shade of red and getting over the fear of wearing it because it really does look great against darker complexions. No clown effect AT ALL! Shoot, I wish I had plumper lips!

    Your brows look great too! I have the same problem with mine not looking the same. And no matter what I do, one is ALWAYS higher and arches better. But I heard a saying that your eyebrows are sisters, not twins :)

    Have a safe flight love and can’t wait to hear from you when you get back!!

  • Afrodite

    Um, why is your hair so fierce! YOu need to do a post about your hair, dammit!

    And your skin looks radiant!

    I’m not a big fan of red lipstick. Some women can really rock it, unfortunately I’m not one of them. I usually stick with a nude lip or gloss.

  • yummy411

    sounds like a great trip! yes you look ultra fab with your red on and i love the highlighted cheeks =) your hair is too cute!

    congrats on having some self restraint at mac pro! wow! i wish for your strength LOL

    your brows look A-MAZ-ZZZING! so worth the wait!

  • K.Victoria

    So the picture of you in the green top is AMAZING, just beautiful. The rad lips look really good on you. I’m not really into lipstick, but you can make a sister change her mind and go immediately to RED!!!

    Glad the road trip went well. Your friends are fierce, indeed!! Everyone deserves wonderful friends!

    Okay.. love ya girl!!

    And talk to you soon.

  • Trecia

    Happy belated bday… Aww 23, thank goodness i won’t be 23 till october… i’m afraid lol… since it means im getting OLD lol…

    You look great as usual… loving the nappiness :) Red lipstick i’m afraid of lol so i don’t even go near it but you are rocking it!!!

  • Trecia

    Oh i forgot to mention, about the free template contest, any ideas of how i can set it up? i’m searching yet no clue…

  • Danyelle

    Yay! Your brows are nice, clean, and still thick, awesome! Youre a trooper for getting them threaded cause that hurts. An Indian lady here in tally threaded mine, my first time, this past summer and not only did it hurt, but she jacked me up too. Way uneven! My brows were cousins twice removed, not sisters, lol…Antyways, have a safe trip back to LA! Holla

  • Vanessa

    That red lipstick looks hot on you!

  • The [In]Urbane Goddess

    You look gorgeous with the red lipstick, certainly not clownish (but you knew that!) I love your hair too!

  • Black-N-Dade

    Oh hellzzzz no, I am supa late on this post, but I am MAD I didn’t get to see you! I kid, I was in Miami visitin’ everybody and they grandma LOL. Anyway, I’m so glad you came back and had a great time. So I now have to arrange to get to Cali…either that or I have to kidnap you when you come back to FL…sumthin or other must be done! Luuuuvzzz ya 😉

  • Izar

    I really envy your lips you know. Mine are typically European: small and even though they have a nice shape I just wish they were a bit fuller…

    That red looks perfect on you. I’d say you should wear red only because it accentuates your lips so well and livens up your face, but I know how much us girls like to experiment and hate to stick to just one color. 😀

    Anyway, I say YAY for red lips! Who else could rock it but you beautiful black ladies?! ^_^