Sellin’ stuff….

So since I’m moving to Florida in a few weeks, I’ve been all over the place cleaning up that little room I live in. Everything can’t go because I can only take 2 suitcases soooo I was seriously going to throw away my MAC products but I figured I could try and see if some of my blog folx wanted anything.

I’ve got:

Espresso e/s-used 2x
MAC Green Gel cleanser-about 70% left
MAC’s Prep-N-Prime-about 75% left
MAC’s Deep Dark MSF-used 6x
MAC #11 lashes-never used (not pictured)

…..I’ve also got some other eyeshadows like Mythology (pan), Tilt (pan) and a ton of other things I have to go through to get rid of. I didn’t put up prices because I’m down for swapping and/or you naming your own price. And I don’t exactly know how payment would work since I’ve only paid through Paypal (not receive payment) but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

All inquiries can be left on this post or through email (send me a message on my Contact b0x). If no one wants anything I’m going to empty the products and use good ole’ B2M. Which may come in hand for Fafffffiiii, babaaaayyyy!

Peace & Obama

  • Beautyful Habit

    OOOh pick me pick me I want your shadows can you send me a pic of them and then i will buy some for like 10 per container! email me asap please please please!!! thanks!!!

  • Anonymous

    do u still have the msf? how much would like for it??? you can contact me at

  • Vanessa

    WHAT!??? You can’t move to Florida! We still have to go to the PRO store! HAHA

  • Schyyy

    Oh my gosh!
    I would loooooooooooooove the prep and prime,and any other face products,like bronzers blushes,etc,i dont know if you have any pigments.
    But email me at:

  • Clumps of

    I’ve emailed everyone!

    And Vanessa….I’m definitely not moving until we go to the PRO store. So don’t you worry!

  • K.Victoria

    Ooohh Brit!! I want some. Just kidding sis, I wouldn’t know what to do with all that advanced makeup :(
    But, what a great idea it is to sale somethings.

  • nilla cookie

    Hey there girl!

    Care to play a game of tag? I just posted what was in my bag – would be fun to see what’s in yours! :)