The Younger B….

I had to do it. This is the newest OT self-reflection post floatin‘ around the beauty blog space. I had to get up on it because I love readin‘ you all’s and doing them myself.


What I Would Tell the Younger Me

…now, I’m just turned 23 and I consider that to be pretty young. So I’m going to pretend as if I’m talking to the 18-year who moved out of the house in burbs of Tallahassee, Florida. She went to college 4 hours away and had no idea what her new life would bring her.

Look at her. Dorm room livin‘..


All young and innocent at the tender age of 19. Well, actually….this was sophomore year when I wasn’t so innocent, but I digress. LOL…and I’m going to write in Ebonics so if you need some translating, let me know! HA!

(1) Stop being so damn proud. You are going to need help so don’t be actin‘ like you can do it all and let someone help you (prolly need to tell this to the current me too!).

(2) Stop trying to want to be “grown”. Paying a bill don’t make you grown and when you finally HAVE to be grown, you won’t want to be. Trust.

(3) You are going to have some hard times. You are going to feel sad and alone but GOD will never leave you. Keep your optimism because that and GOD’s love will be your strength.

(4) It’s coo to desire the love of a man, but don’t be runnin‘ after them. You are too worthy for that and if you gotta chase a man, then honey, he ain’t the one.

(5) You were put on this Earth to write and help others. Don’t worry how you are going to do it. You will. Stop stressing about your “purpose”.

(6) Stop being so insecure. You are not fat. You’ll look better in a few years though. Watch.

(7) You’re not going to have it all together anytime soon so don’t think that by the time you’re 20 or 25, you will. Life ain’t that easy.

(8) Stop thinking that people HAVE to do right by you. They don’t. And they won’t. So be prepared.

(9) Stop thinking that college is killing you. You’re being too dramatic about it. Life AFTER college is what you really need to be fearing.

LOL…look at me.

Those were the days. No regrets in college. But I would pay a couple million to return to those days. I have yet to find the joys of NOT being a college student. 

What would you have like to the tell the “younger” you? I’d love to know!

Peace….inner and worldwide.

  • Koffee Dyme

    I done see these going around… I ain’t that far yet… heck i ain’t ready to look back….

    Girl… I don’t need to be telling you this again but you need to flaunt what ur momma gave you… lol….. on the 9 things.. we are all the same…. the college part.. the dudes… what the heck we thinking?

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Giiiirl, you said exactly what I would tell the younger me.

    But seriously, I love the words of advice you’re giving to yourself. It’s very humbling to see how much you’ve grown through the years and how you can be a bigger and better person with a mature train of thought. The wise in each of us only gets better with age :)

  • yummy411

    b thanks for sharing! great list. you said some things that i would say to myself as well. i felt vulnerable writing and sharing my list, but it’s so refreshing at the same time. wisdom is beautiful!

  • K.Victoria

    I want to do this, but I feel that I’m still growing. Some of the same issues I was dealing with years ago… I still am. Was a mess then and I’m still a mess now. Go figure.

    I loved your list!!

  • Afrodite

    I don’t feel old enough to reflect yet, probably because I feel like I’m still going through it.

  • Divine Blackness

    KD, KV and AFRO—> Yall yung bucks! LOL, I know what you mean though. It was hard to talk to the younger me when the younger me and the current me are damn near the same person. But ohmigoodness…I was such a different person in college. Yall need to give ya selves some credit. We are young but we dun been through some thangs and learned from ’em. And still learning. And learnin’ and forgettin’. LOL!

    Mrs. Lynee & Yums–> My tue blog sistas. Wisdom is beauty! That and the 182 brush. Heyyyyy!

  • Vanessa

    Damn mama! You looking hot now and then! Love the pic at the bottom with you looking behind, so cute!