What’s in Your Bag?

I’m sorry but I seriously love the “tagging” game. No matter how many times I get tagged, I’ll still take the time to post! So love to my Lil at The Daily Cookie. Chick’s got it goin’ on. Yeeeahhh mon. So let’s do it!

I’m carrying a Wilson’s Leather Purse. A big ole’ teacher/professional lookin’ purse. Copped it in Biloxi, Mississippi at a fab outlet. I used my sorry behind Sidekick 3 camera to take the pictures. Upgrading to the Blackberry soon and very soon. I had to take my pictures in 3 shots so here we go.

[Scene 1]

-Study material for the FTCE (Florida Teacher Certification exam) *cringes*
-Wet Ones…because children have germs.
-Organic Granola bar. I love snacks!
-Hello Kitty coin purse

[Scene 2]

-Big ole’ shades
-Coach wallet with everythiiiing in there. Minus money, HA!
-Hello Kitty bag that holds lip stuffs, hand sanitizer (because kids have germs) and a mirror

[Scene 3]

-Tissues….if you know why, you get an A+!
-MAC Be Seen lipglass
-VS’s Slice of Heaven
-3 pens
-A candy cane
-Hi-Chew candy (did you know I eat Asian foods/candy 80% of the time?)

Not sure what my purse says about it. I love candy and sheer lip glosses throughout the day. And obviously I’m in the teaching profession because I’ve got a child-ready purse. Yay!

I tagged (people who’ve already been tagged a dozen times, ha!)

Seymone, Neta-Darling, Eb the Celeb, Izar and Koffee Dyme

Oh wait…..Izar has already done it but check out her Hungarian beauty site anyway. Fab, I tell ya!

Peace and Sanity.

  • nilla cookie

    Love, LOVE that you have all the cute Hello Kitty stuff! And that you take care to be germ-free, one child at a time!

    Thanks for playing girl! :)

  • Mrs. Lynne

    You got Hi-Chews girl!! Those are so good. You must have a big sweet tooth just like moi. Which is your favorite?

    Thanks for sharing the contents :)

  • Divine Blackness

    Nill Cookie–> I’m 23 and still love Hello Kitty. LOL, so sad. Thanks for taggin’ me!

    Mama Lynne-> Daaaang, I loooove Hi-Chews! Seriously! They are my favorite. *pulls one out* I’m muchin’ on the Mango right now. I don’t know how I’ve never had a cavitity because I stay on the candy tip. *tosses another Hi-Chew in the mouth*

  • Afrodite

    Heeeey! I have the lemon scented Wet Ones in my purse too. By the way, adults have germs too. That’s why I keep them handy.

  • Grayburn

    Really great to see that you’ve been tagged as well! I was just a while ago and had to expose my purse…and loved it!


  • Vanessa

    Awww HELLO KITTY!!!

  • Koffee Dyme

    Oh wow, hello Kitty…. And sure you didn’t tag me lol….

  • Talysha

    Lemon scented Wet Ones in the purse… Why? “Cuz children have germs”, lol. Pure hilarity. Oh and btw, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the VS Beauty Rush you got goin in your bag. I work there, so I must rep VS!!! Yay, go Beauty Rush. I’m partial to Strawberry Fizz though. LOL.