Brown skinned + Fafi=coooo

I’m hardly on Specktra anymore because I find it hard to keep up with that AND beauty blogging. And since most of yall are good at relaying Specktra news, I have no reason to stroll through there anymore. But I checked out the Fafi for Women of Color thread and found a tutorial done by….duh, a woman of color. She has me thinkin’ that this may not be too bad for us. I still can’t get over how much I loathe pastels on me, but we’ll see.

She didn’t allow users to use the embedded version, so here’s the link.

Shawnta, why did she remind me of you with her beautiful defined
browbone and gorgeous locs? I was like…..dang, twins!

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny you bring that up cause I’ve know of that sister for a minute from Nappturality when I first went natural. Girl don’t you know people with locks all look alike! Just wait till Kia’s hair gets longer, she gonna start looking like me too LOL!!! Naw I’m kidding I think we do have a similar “presence” if that makes any sense.

  • barb michelen

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  • yummy411

    that vid was hot, as well as her other videos. though, i will say that her fafi look reminds me of danse from last spring or spring ’06– pastels… it was gorgeous! don’t be afraid B, just work it! if it is too much trouble though, i wouldn’t stress either. home girl does remind me of shawnta though.

    LOL @ shawnta: as much as i’d love for my hair to look like yours, i’ll never get those beautiful cheeks bones and deep set eyes with big eyelids! i can just pretend 😉

  • Izar

    Hey there Brittany!

    I’ve given you a “You Make My Day Award”: see my recent post for details! :-)