Hi loves….I’ve been a bit ghost on the blogging tip. I’ve moved back to Florida, I don’t start my new job until next Monday, my apartment place fell through so I’m looking for something else and I am slowly getting over the flu. I’ve tried to stop by everyone’s blog homes and leave some love. I’m still working on my purpose and defined role of Clumps of Mascara. I want this blog to benefit newbies and professional make-up artists alike. Which I am finding hard to do because it takes a ton of time and dedication. Working full time and preppin’ up for graduate school leaves me with very little time. I wish I could beauty blog my life away…..bein’ the first to post new collections, doing reviews on new products….but I don’t think I’ll be able to ever do that with the way my life works. But I’ll do my best. Especially for my newbies, because this blog is designed for you, for us…

So there’s that….a few explanations for the downtime. I checked out Fafi today and was a bit unimpressed…but thanks to the swatches of some of my blog sistas, I already knew what I was going to get and surprisingly got just those things.

I copped Fafi Eyes 1

….and Squeeze It Lipglass.

Here are some more swatches of Fafi Eyes 1 and the look that I’m not too big on. The colors seem a bit frosty and chalky, so I may have to play around with other bases and/or Mixing Medium to get a better look. Yall let me know what you think.

I don’t knowwwww…..super duper chalky to me but I’m going to play around with it some more. I think I may go back to get some Paint Pots and a lippie or two. We shall seeeee. What did yall think about Fafi? Was it worth the hype?

Peace & blush.

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl!! I wasn’t feelin the fafi as a woman of color. Their stuff looks super ashy! But as usual you look hot!

  • Anonymous

    Naw shorty that quad not doing you one bit of justice. I don’t think this one was as universal as barbie loves mac, unfortunately I don’t have any of that loveliness. :(
    Of course I lost my mind with it, but I think it was more cuteness of the packaging then anything else.

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Overhyped indeed. Wasn’t coo-coo over it after I started seeing swatches but I’m a sucker for paint pots, hah.

    Hope you feel better sweetie!

  • reno-no-noooo

    ummm, i think its cute. but you’re right. a bit frosty. i’m sure you can use a good base to really make the colors work. i wouldn’t return it.i see you’re doing better at your purchasing. remember when you first got into MAC and purchased everything from a collection? my girl is savin’ up!

  • Danyelle

    Yea ladybug, its a bit chalky, but play with it some more. You can make it work! Remember Mi’Lady? Not as comparable, but it took a couple of tries….

    I think I’ll get the other quad just because I dont have anything similar, the variety of color, and packaging. Mainly the packaging…Ha

    And I see ya with the two straind twists!!! lol, Er’body aint able

  • Seattle Slim

    I like the lip color! I have never heard of Fafi though. I will need to do some research!

  • Sass

    I’m definitely going to go back and get Squeezed It after seeing it on you. I have to admit as a Fafi fanatic at first it was all about the packaging, I don’t think I even cared what the makeup looked like lol. But it is beyond over hyped :( I’m sad to say.

  • nilla cookie

    Hey girl!

    The quad looks great on you! It is a little chalky, but maybe with some more fiddling around it’ll look hot since those colors look good on you anyway.

    Have a fab Valentine’s Day!!

  • QueenKimie

    Hay Girl, you keep on keepin’ on! I’m not feelin’ the Fafi love one bit..even tho the packinging is super cute, thanks to you and my sister bloggers, I’ll be using some self control :) I love your blog and it’s really helpful to know what colors look good on women of color. Peace and Love!

  • yummy411

    hey chica.. feeling a bit better? i hope so! see you got you some fafi in. i hate when a product doesn’t just dance and sing for you, but you actually have to work on it for it to shine. try a paint pot/paint under the lid color and darken up the crease. you should be good to go =) you look great, but i think a better more opaque base will take the colors to the next level.

  • amelia.

    ooh, i love that eyeshadow quad (:

  • ohsoshy

    I didn’t care for the quad either. I’m still up in the air about it either. I did get two paint pots from this collection though…thats it :/