Lining Larger Lips

I love my lips. I really do. But seriously….you really give a girl some issues when it comes to lining. The lack of definition is soooo frustrating. It is hard to achieve the perfect pout with larger lips. You want to make sure that your liner and lip colors compliment your lips and not make them look too crazy. So I attempted to a do a video that would help my girl and other ladies with beautifully full lips.


  • yummy411

    great tut! rocking the fro diva? what’s on your eyes?

  • slvrlips

    I love this post!! I too am honored to have full lips and this was a helpful video. Loving the hair

  • Seymone

    This tutorial was to cute..

  • K.Victoria

    I liked this one..
    Very nice B!!

  • nilla cookie

    Love the video, you are so cute girl!! :)

  • Ma’at

    yay, it’s called your cupid’s bow… you know the lil’ thingy thingy… and if you stop the video at approx. 5:47 you look super special…. but seriously great Tut. I’ve never used lip liner a day in my life, now I might try.

  • Eb the Celeb

    Look at you with the resedign… Loves IT!

  • Afrodite

    Fabulous! I love your fro and your random sidebars.

    I used to wear lipliner for a while but then I stopped. I think Chestnut broke me out so instead of finding a new pencil, i just stopped all together. When I did wear it, I noticed that my gloss stayed on a lot longer. Since I’m on MAC probation, I may go check out the Milani liner.

  • Lish

    you are so adorable…the tut had me cracking up..ur beautiful sista!