Quick FOTDs

Hi beauties! Just a quick FOTD post…still crazy busy with trying to start a new job, finding a place to stay, getting my car fixed and studying for the GRE and FTCE. Yuck!! But for the first time since August, I went out! Having not seen me since I moved to LA, some of my friends were shocked that my face wasn’t all dolled up. Faces frowned when I told them I wasn’t really IN eye make-up these days and that lips was my focus. But for a ole’ times sake, I spent more than 3 minutes on my eye make-up and here is what I ended up with.

And I played around with some Blues. A color I very rarely touch. I don’t even remember what I used!
And that’s the only one that I can show since some of my girls are on this professional “don’t be postin’ pics of me” tip. LOL! I love them….I’ve been readin’ blogs on my phone but not leavin’ comments b/c it won’t let me. Boooo….but I am around. I’m trying to get rid of some lip/eye palettes. They are just taking up space and I have never even used them. If anyone is interested, send me an email.

Peace, my loves. And stay beautiful.

  • Koffee Dyme

    Daymnnnnnnnnn girl, you be flyyyyyyyyy.. loving that afro puff and the natural eyeshadow look… i’m officially trippin, i got my hair braided at the moment so….

    I wish I could focus on lips like you at the moment.. but they are so DARK… you could barely see nothing…

    lots of luck on the new journey….

  • Seymone

    OMG.. Girl you look hot. You sound have all the men in hotatlanta going crazy. Your back in ATl right? LOL. I really like both looks. Seeing how you don’t like foundation or is it MAC foundation, why don’t you try mineral foundation? I am going on a journey myself to find the perfect mineral foundation because I am about fed up with MAC’s foundation.

    By the way, I really like the looks. I miss ATL so bad. I should have never left.

  • Divine Blackness

    KD–> I need to have my hair braided. I actually am looking into locin’ up within the next few months. You may need to neutralize your lips with your concealer or foundation before applying lip colors. Try iiiiit!

    Seymone–> Giiirl, I’m in Tampa, FL. I was in ATL last month just to visit. Love that place. Get outta my heeead. I’m dappin’ into minerals now. Bare Minerals, to be exact. I’m diggin’ it so far but once I get financially straight (which may take a while) I’ll be shoppin’ around. MAC attacks again, uh?

  • Seymone

    Well then u should in all the boys in FL going crazy.. My hubby wants to move to Tampa in Jan. I am down I just need to get the hell out of this cold weather. I want something different. Bare minerals in a ham on me.. It is not deep enough and gives off that ashy tone. MAC is coming out with mineral foundation with a bunch of bad ingredients. I am just tired of the heavy makeup, the not matching correctly, the oxidization. I can go on and on.

  • Grayburn

    I love neutral eye makeup, it looks good on you! I’m really in love still with my purchases from the mac n collection. Can’t get enough of those neutrals!


  • ohsoshy

    Both looks are fierce!

  • nilla cookie

    I love the natural eye AND the blue, rock it girl!

    Hope you get settled in soon!

  • Toya

    I like both looks, but I really love that first one – good job, girl! BTW – You have the most beautiful hair!

  • Talysha

    Hey! I absolutely love your natural eye look. The colors look beautiful together and your blending techniques are fabulous. Great job hun!

  • yummy411

    B you look so effin hot! i thought you did a fafi eyes 2 in that first pic… the execution and placement of your colors are perfection! what brush do you use for your crease? lovely lining. what’s the lip color?

    you look great in blue and the hair is fiya!

    thanks for sharing! get settled in soon so we can be in on the life of Brit!

  • Divine Blackness

    Seymone–> A lot of WOC can’t get down with BE. Maybe I need to re-evaluate myself. I may be a HAM and not know it. LOL! Definitely not into heavy make-up which is why I am only interested in minerals and my Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer. Yay to Tampa! It really is a fab place to live but as far as Black professionals/Black events….ummm, damn near non-existent.

    Grayburn–> Thanks for visiting! I love neutrals too! I didn’t get anything from the N Collection and I think I need to hurry up before it’s gooooone.

    Lilan & Toya, Talysha–> Thanks ya! The fro thanks you too. LOL!

    Yums–> OMG!! Kia thinks my execution is good! You know I’m doin’ a dance right now! I used the 217 for lid….275 for highlight (some angled fluffy brush that came in a holiday set) and surrrrprise….the 222 for for the crease. Told you. That 222 is the juuuunk! Can’t remember what lippie I’m wearin’ though. I suck.

  • juvenescent

    Purty, purty, purty and PURTY!!

  • Miss Glass

    Hey Bri Bri. You will never guess who this is. As usual you are fab hun! Check out my developing blog! Loves you,


  • Mrs. Lynne

    Thanks for sharing girl! You look great in all of them. But I especially like the first one. So natural and gorgeous.

  • Afrodite

    Oh ,my god! I freaking love your eyes!! Those colors are blended so prettily! Lol…

    And your puff is so cute! How did you get is so high? I want to try to wear mine that high…

  • slvrlips

    Gorgeous, I’m loving the neutral look and your hair very nice

  • Danyelle

    That liner is FIERCE!!!! lol, I’m strugglin with the felt tip liquid applicator, did you use the angle brush & some black track??? I should invest….And the teal blue eye is my favorite combo and it makes you look even cuter ;)!!!

  • nywele

    i love the hair and the make-up. it is very beautiful

  • Lady T

    this is an extra old post, but i ran across it via Google…

    Just in case anybody else chances by, more WOC could wear bareminerals. the secret is what they call WARMTH. mix this reddish/bronzy like powder in with your bm foundation and the result it stunning!

    when i first applied BM i did have an ashy look. luckily my starter pack had WARMTH in it. its the only foundation i’ve worn for 4 years. and i get compliments on my “flawless” complexion all the time!

    i consider myself in the med range for black skin. not dark but too brown to be considered ‘lite’