Twinks oh Twinks

So I played around with Twinks eyeshadow and I love love love it! MAC Cosmetics defines Twinks as a “dirty plum with gold reflects” and it is simply fab. In fact….I’m diggin’ my neutral/highlight collection.

Anyone have any ideas? I can’t, I just can’t leave those empty spaces like that. Grr…

Okay, so I digress. Here’s my FOTD with Twinks and New York Apple lipstick. I think that this lip color is a bit much for everyday but it is fun every now and then.

I really like Twinks. And as you can see….I can’t let go of that Ochre Style either. That paired with Twinks is heaven. And of course, I always do Vanilla pigment as a highlight. And….I’m still trying my hardest to do flattering pictures of my lips, but I caaaaan’t. It’s such a struggle for me. LOL! Mannn….and I really need to keep working on my liner because the line is so thick. I’m wonderin’ if I will ever master Fluidlines and the 266? Hmmmm…

So that’s that. Seriously…Twinks is a must have but I think I say that about a lot, uh? Ohhhh….and before, I forget, I think that I may do a lipstick post. I know a lot of you are saying that you can’t get down with the lipsticks and I feel your sentiments. I didn’t purchase my first lipstick until last year! I thought I was always going to be a lipgloss girl, but I am slowly gotten into lipsticks. Soooo, stay tuned for a Lipstick for Newbies post. I’ll have swatches, techniques, alternatives and if there is something you want to see, please send me an email or comment!!

Peace and have a fab weekend!

  • Talysha

    Hey Brittany! I really like “Twinks”, it’s a great color on you. Since I’m going to an event at M.A.C. tomorrow (yay!), I’m definitely going to pick it up for myself. Are there any M.A.C. products that I should pick up while I’m shopping? I really need some new lipcolors. BTW, after reading your blog, I went and bought M.A.C. 3D lipgloss in Wondershine and I loved it. I’m addicted now, so I need… more. Of something. LOL.

    Also, I suggest adding “Corduroy”, “Cranberry”, and “Tempting” to your highlights/neutral collection. Very cute.

  • Kelly

    found your blog a couple of weeks ago and love how real you are about your struggles and what you found that has worked. You look gorgeous in this latest FOTD! The thick eyeliner looks is drama drama for a night out =)

    Thanks for your blog, i really enjoy it!

  • Anonymous

    I suggest to add your neutral collection, Bronze and Romp. Romp will compliment that Ochre Style, nicely.

  • Danyelle

    Ooooo, you know I love that Twinks girl! Matter of fact, I did this same look today except I’ve starting to wing my liquid line lately for a jazzy touch. Also, “All That Glitters” is also a good veluxe peral neutral….Holla

  • Nemesis I went to MAC this morning…and I got Twinks, Ochre Style, A Little Folie, Blackberry (all Back to MAC) and a piggie, Chocolate Brown..the MA offered to depot all of my shadows in the morning..can you say more Back to Mac..I like Mulch, Soba, Romp and Satin Taupe for neutrals and I use All That Glitters as my highlight.

  • nywele

    hey Brittany! I love your blog!
    I have been eying twinks for a while so now that i see how beautiful it is, i should pick it up!
    I also like bronze,mulch and romp for neutrals…brown down is also very soft…

  • Divine Blackness

    Talysha–> Ohhh, what event did you go to? Do tell! Wondershine=heaven. I haven’t worn it in a minute. I should pull it out for fun. Hmmmm, I’ll check out those neutrals. Got Cranberry and love it!

    Kelly–> Thanks for strollin’ through Clumps of Mascara!!

    Anon–>Addin’ those to the list. Thanks so much for your input.

    Dany–> I love wingin’ the eyeliner. “All that Glitters”. I think I’ve seen it before but haven’t swatched that either. Addin’ THAT to the list.

    Nemesis–> Dang, you pulled a ton of fab stuff!! And you got an MA to depot for you? Hooooow niiiice! I keep hearing about Mulch. I need to go grab that too. Have fun with your new goodies.

    Nywele–> Yesss, I so think that Twinks is a must have. Thanks for your suggestion. Definitely going to keep them in mind the next time I do some impulse MAC shoppin’. Thanks for strollin’ through!

  • yummy411

    brit brit! twinks looks great on you! i love it!

    my recommendation.. texture… =)

  • Aya

    Pretty! I love Twinks too, I just did a look with it…Twinks goes really well with All That Glitters (a champagne pink with gold refelcts)…
    You might like it! Thanks for your blog, I look forward to more posts!

  • Sophia

    I would have to agree the twinks look terrific on your brow and is a more Versatile look.

  • Seymone

    Luvs the look. I have to agree with anonymous Romp is the stuff. I bought Twinks a couple of days ago. I have yet to use it, but I will but yeah get Romp.. OOh another good one is Shale.

  • Talysha

    Hey! I went to a Fafi event yesterday (it was booked forever, LOL.) It was so much fun! That was the first M.A.C. event I had ever been to and it was great. You should definitely look into the neutrals I mentioned, the colors look amazing. Also, I came away with Shimmermoss, Pink Venus, Purple Haze, Fluidline in Blacktrack, Cushy lipliner (loves it!), Sugar Trance lipgloss and Utterly Frivolous (lovin the Fafi lipcolors!!!) Overall it was good day and I spent way too much money. LOL. My boyfriend loved the look… and I have no intentions of mentioning the price tag of it all. Heehee. Next up… Heatherette! =)

  • ThisIsKia

    I’m hecka late but… I think Ricepaper,Dazzlelight, and Coquette would fill your highlight/neutral set nicely!

  • Virtuous Blue

    loooove this look on you. It brings out your eye color and shape quite nicely!

    Great additions to your neutral collection could be nano gold, honey lust, coppering, retrospeck, brule, motif, and tempting (know that’s more than 3, but it doesn’t hurt to have options lol)

  • Vanessa

    Looking gorgeous! I love how glowy you look!

  • nilla cookie

    The eye combo looks REALLY great! I’m diggin’ Twinks on you, a lot :)

  • Anonymous

    Well, lol, if you have cranberry, you have to get Star Violet, Sketch and Shadowy Lady. Star Violet is a softer pink/plum/red, that I love on my NW45 skin. I love it so much this combo that I have to stay away from it because I will wear it for days at a time. It is so gorgeous and smoky without being overdone.