80’s Challenge!

Booooo to Mondays. I think it is embedded in our DNA to naturally despise Mondays. But this Monday, we (as in beauty bloggers) have something to look forward to! It’s our 80’s Challenge Post day!

I can’t say this was the easiest look for me to come up with. The 80’s isn’t one of those eras that fascinate me and I remember very little about it. After all, I was only 4 in 1989. I couldn’t find a look that fascinated me enough to want to replicate soooo my look has no real inspiration other than the bright and crazy colors of the 80’s! And as usual….whenever I want a bright look, I pull out those pigments and wet my brush. Nothin’ big but it was fun doing!

Are you peepin’ the crazy funky hair?

I used:


Eyes (all MAC unless otherwise noted):
Artifact paintpot
Delft paintpot
Fuschia pigment
Naval Blue pigment
Vanilla pigment
Clinque Eggplant Cream liner
L’Oreal Voluminous mascara

MAC tinted moisturizer

Check out the looks that my other beauty bloggin’ sisters have come up with. Are we fab or what?

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  • Lakia

    Lovin’ those pigments :-)

  • yummy411

    this was fun wasn’t it? i had a hard time coming up with an idea, but i just worked it … like you! i really need to start playing with wet pigments! thanks for participating!

  • the Muse

    i love it!

    It was a hard challenge for me too 😉

    yours is rockin’!

  • Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.net

    it WAS difficult, huh? i was going braindead. but you whipped out those pigments like no thang girl! looks good!!

  • Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict

    your vivid eyes TOTALLY beat mine. you did a great job with this! :)

  • raye

    I can dig it B. You are more of a 70’s chick but i love what you did!

  • nywele

    i love the eye make up!! you really have me interested in the paintpots! they seem so fun to play with!which MAC tinted moisturizer did you use?
    take care:)

  • LovelyBella73

    This is cute, dear!! I love your creativity! The hair is right up there with the 80’s as well. I’ve enjoyed looking at all the looks.

  • slvrlips

    OMG!! This was super hard for me as well. I knew I wanted to do a neon punk rock look but pulling it off was hard and I think I did just ok.
    Loving the pigments and your creativity

  • nilla cookie

    Dang girl, rock the pigments!! I make a mess all over using those things :)

    You look great, Brittany!!

  • Vanessa

    I love it, gorgeous as always!

  • Lani

    you go with the pigments sis!! i don’t ever know what to do with mine lol. :)

  • Seymone

    I love ur 80’s look.. Yes we definitely should have a monthly challenge

  • nywele

    hey dblackness. Congrats on winning the Celebrate your inner goddess contest. I’ve just sent you an email so we can make arrangements to have your prize shipped :) take care…

  • D’lee Trecia * K Dyme

    Wow, this is something I would have found hard. If i could do this maybe a Whitney Houston look back then..

    Other then that i don’t remember the 80s.. just a yr younger then you are…

  • missjaclynrose

    i love the brightness of the colors! love your look, you look gorgeous!

  • Danyelle

    Yay! You found a look! Those piggies are bright and fun, all about the 80s. I dont really remeber much about the 80s so I see why this was so hard….
    – Made in the 80s, not raised in the 80s! lol!