Allure’s Beauty Trends: Part 1

Wow, this post is way overdue! My apologies…life is loca ‘roun these parts, but alas, beauty must go on. Welcome to Clumps of Mascara’s first installment of Allure’s Hottest Beauty Trends. Let’s start with Number 8!!!

8. Matte skin….

To keep foundation form looking caked on, choose a light liquid foundation and use a brush instead of a puff.

I have only had a few experiences (and bad ones at that) with face make-up so I tend not to wear it on a regular. But when I do, I prefer to have matte skin instead of a “glowy” look. When I think of matte skin, I automatically think of mineral make-up and or tinted moisturizers. They are perfect for degreasing your skin and giving you a nice matte look. Unfortunately, I don’t have any examples of me bustin’ the matte look because my face is goin’ through some thangs right now.

My skin is normally dry so this is easy for me to achieve. If your skin is relatively oily, try using blotting papers throughout the day. Follow this link to check out some of Sephora’s anti-shine products to achieve that beautiful matte skin.

Product Alert: While strolling through Target’s cosmetic lanes (a sport of mine) I spotted a product from Rimmel.

Haven’t tried it out and I don’t remember the pricing, but I think it’s worth of try for those of you interested in the matte skin. If you have it and like it, let me know!

Coming in at Number 7 is…..

7. Gold shadow.

Bright yellow gold- or slightly bronzed is great for night looks. When tempered with brown, it looks fantastic!

I used:
BASES: UDPP and Bamboom paint
LID: Amberlights
MIDDLE: Antique (applied with wet with Fix +)
Outer V and Crease: Twinks
Highlight: Vex
L’Oreal Telescopic
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
MAC Engraved Eyeliner

I applied this very lightly with not much intensity as I should have….not a big fan of gold eye shadow on my lids anymore but it was fun to revisit. Anyone have any FOTDs of gold shadows that they would like me to feature?

Stay tuned for the next 6 beauty trends.

Peace and chai tea!

  • reno-no-nooo

    you’re not wearing face make-up ever again?

    well good….pass that bobbi brown to me. we’re around the same complexion, riiiight?

  • LBIC

    Thanks for the tip! I have oily skin and usually don’t bother with face makeup on a regular basis because it’s too much and I live in FL so it’s hot and humid down here. When I do go for glam, I usually do a matte look with MAC Blotte powder which helps a lot.

  • Anonymous

    hey there i’ve been a lurker for a while but i’m loving the blog :) always very interesting&inspiring! anyhow just thought i’d put in my two cents about rimmel’s stay matte powder–i used to use it all the time and i definitely recommend it! very cheap for its lasting powder (staying on your face + takes forever to finish it!)

  • BeautyTalk

    I’ll send you a gold eyeshadow pic soon!

  • MissVizzy07

    Yay, your back! LOL :oP Thanks for the allure Beauty Trend! I tend to go for the semi-matte look depending on how my skin is that day, lmao. I will check out all the recs! Thanks again!

  • nywele

    I am looking forward to reading more about the beauty trends. I love MAC tinted moisturizer!
    I’ve recently purchased Amber Lights. I’ll try to replicate a similar eye make up to yours. Take care!

  • nilla cookie

    I definitely prefer matte to glowy skin too. :) I recently noticed Rimmel at the Target near my house too! Maybe it’ll be more readily available b/c one of my fave blushes is a Rimmel one!

  • nywele

    Hello Dblackness. it is me again.
    You’ve been tagged for the beauty crimes. Do share your thoughts:)

  • Divine Blackness

    Reno–> Chile please, I ain’t givin’ up the BB so uhhhh, nice try. Heheheeee.

    D’Lee–> I was wonderin’ where you went. Dang.

    Ibic–> Okayyyyy, FLA!!! What part because if it’s anywhere south of Gainseville, I feel your pain. Definitely not down with the face make-up either. Especially with these hot summer days comin’.

    Anon–> Thanks for the heads up on the Rimmel Matte Powder! I may try it now. Too afraid to use MAC, so I’m going to go searching for that again. Thanks for visiting!

    BT–> Thaaaaanks!

    Miss Vizzy–> Thaaaanks and stay tuned!

    Nywele–> Tinted moisturizer is great for us newbies, uh? Although I’m not wearing it anymore, I don’t even see myself wearing normal foundation. Ha!!

    Lilan–> Someone else told me about Rimmel’s blushes. Hmmmm….gotta go check those out!