Get ready, get set, get beauty!

Spring time 2008 is coming! In honor of Spring, I have decided to showcase Allure Backstage: Hottest Beauty Trends. Now I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of “trends”. Never have been. I consider myself to be unique and I like developing my own style when it comes to make-up and fashion. My fashionista friend, Ari over at Fashion Devotee had me watching this Allure Backstage episode, as well as reading the magazine AND checkin’ out Project Runway. I have a better appreciation for fashion but I’m still rockin’ what I like even if it fits the trend or not.

These Allure tips focus more on beauty and hair anyway, so this is great. Each post, I will highlight two tips with pictures (and my attempts, yay!) and descriptions of how you can achieve these looks. I admit..I had TOO much fun trying to re-create these looks for yall. Enjoy the next few installments of Allure’s Backstage: Hottest Beauty Trends! And no worries, newbies. If I can attempt these trends, you can too!

……but until we get to that, let’s do a quick blogroll of some of the beauty blogs that I have recently added to my blogroll.

Suzanne at Mineral Make-up Reviews has all of the business about…..mineral make-up! I am definitely checkin’ this place out every time she updates.

Grayburn also wow-ed me with tons of information (with her personal testimonials) on mineral make-up.

Mrs. Lynne (who I call Auntie Lynne for some unknown reason) over at has re-launched her website to something beautiful! Go and check it out!

Over at the Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog, Beckie and Jamie (a mother and sister team, how cool is that?) are discussing “Women Over 50 Have Cha-Ching Power”.

The lovely ladies at Virtuous Blue tell as all about the Black and White challenge with their friends. Fab!

Hmmm….and just in time for Spring, Nywele over at Coup de Coeur hits us with some oh so yummy ways of smellin’ good.

Check out the new ladies who have found their places on my blogroll. I am so lucky! More beauty bloggin’ family and more inside beauty/make-up tips.

Peace and happy demeanors!

  • Grayburn

    Thanks for mentioning me and glad that you enjoyed my post :) I love visiting your blog as well!


  • BeautyTalk

    I added you to my blogroll too :)

  • Mrs. Lynne,

    I can’t wait to see your upcoming posts love!

    You had me cracking up at the “unknown reason” part because it did just surface somehow, huh? LOL. But I love you for it. It’s so cute *blush*

    And thanks for the plug Britt.

    *sending some aloha your way :)*

  • karen

    Ooh, girl! I’m looking forward to the series. Can’t wait to see what Hottest Beauty Trends holds in store for us.

  • Danyelle

    OOooo, I found this new natural hair blog thats awesome:

    I dont know if you’ve been here before, but check it out.

    P.S. When you comin???? My lippiestick day awaits you! lol

  • Anonymous

    oooooo I’m loving RiRi’s look on the cover! I hear you on that trend stuff. I rock whatever floats my boat!
    P.S I tagged ya! List your 5 Must not have items.

  • FashionDevotee

    I am glad that I can broaden your horizions. lol