Heatherette Business

I don’t know how I always manage to be “available” when a new MAC collection is released. I will do what I can to be there around 10am when the mall opens. Which is kinda sad, but I can’t help it. The excitement is too much fun to me and only my other MAC obsessed sistas understand.

I haven’t said much about Heatherette because I wasn’t too excited about it. I’ve learned to keep the excitement to a minimum until I actually SEE products. Anything can look good in an ad, online and in a picture. Nah boo, I ain’t that easy to fool. And for the record….trying to swatch everything AND take pictures while trying to stay discrete is hella hard. I ain’t doin’ that anymore. LOL!

This collection is definitely the hotness in terms of packaging!!!! No stickers here, folx. Everything is so beautiful. I really wanted to haul everything but I didn’t because (1) I’m on a budget (2) I’m sick of buyin’ stuff I don’t need and (3) I’m on a budget.

Here’s my opinions about the eye trios and why I feel they aren’t needed:

Heather Trio 1

Hoppin’–looks like Bamboo
Mood ring–looks like Parrott and/or Shimmermoss-ish
Cloudburst–looks like Black Tied except with blue(I think) shimmers

Heatherette Trio 2

Baby Petals–Eh…
V.I.P.–Looks like a ton of pinks. Nothing different here.
Cassette–Looks like Thunder (from the Blue Storm Collection)

The packaging, however, for these trios is soooooo darling! But if you have colors like these, I would definitely pass. I’m so over haulin’ stuff just because it looks good. It is a waste of money and product. But you know….that’s just my “tryna be frugal and spend money on better things” self.

I passed on the pencils, lacquers and the beauty powders. The pencils were nice buuuut, I usually don’t wear color on the lower lash line. Except Black. Which sounds boring but….. They were mighty pretty though.

The pigments were beautiful!! Jardin Aires and Pink Pearl were just divine. I doubt I would ever wear either but I seriously may go back and get them. They are just too pretty .

Don’t wear glitter so I passed on those. Actually I’m extremely anti-glitter. Unless I’m trying to re-live my middle school years, but I digress. HA!

Now on to the lippies….first of all, I was INFURIATED when I found out that my MAC store no longer accepts depotted eyeshadow pots. Since when? I’ve always done it there but this MA told me that they stopped doing that a year ago. She told me that it didn’t make sense to turn in a pot just to get another “free” pot. I mean, I agree with her but they should have thought about that a looooong time ago. So I sadly toted away my 6 pots and that is why I didn’t end up getting as much as I wanted. I’m going to try another MAC Store. Hehe..

Anywhoooo….here is what I got. Couldn’t swatch too many because people were starin’ at my arm so I passed on some.

HA! That’s all I got….Hollywood Nights is beautiful but in my opinion, “too much”. I would never wear it. Maybe for a night on the town with my girls but…nahhhh. I was really interested in Fleshpot but it looks simply awful on me. So does Starlett Kiss lip glass. I ended up hauling only Lollipop Loving lipstick and Sock Hop Lipglass.

And I can’t say I’m THAT impressed with those two. The packaging though…the packaging. So pretty, yall. Now, I’m going to show you some FOTDs with my lippies buuuut my brows looks jacked up and I’m not wearing anything but mascara and liner. So I hope I ain’t lookin’ too much of a H.A.M. for yall. Haha….

See…there’s no WOW about it but I had to get somethin’….waitin’ to see what my other blog sistas got. All in all, I liked Heatherette. But moreso for the packaging. As a newbie, I am learning to not let MAC con me into getting stuff that I already have. LOL, not that I don’t enjoy being conned but I’m trying to be smart about this make-up obsession. Allure’s Beauty Trends are coming next post. I haven’t forgotten.

Peace and Heatherette, beauties!

[pictures courtesy of MACCosmetics.com and Temptalia.com]

  • slvrlips

    Nice Haul. I totally agree with on about the packaging it is very hot and pink (my favorit color)

  • Afrodite

    I’ll check out the collection over the weekend. I saw a little bit of it online and yeah, the packaging is the business.

    Oh! I wanted to let you knoe that I cought my first lipstic and it wasn’t MAC (shock!). It’s actually Cover Girl TruShine in Cocoa Shine and it looks good if I pair it with Bare Truth Lip Glass. I guess I’m making one step in the “grown woman direction.

  • nywele

    Your honest opinion was priceless. When i saw the swatches at specktra, i wasn’t impressed. Then i thought the packaging was too hot. But now it is growing on meor maybe it is because every single beauty blog is talking about heatherette and most of the items are sold out online. The problem is that i want to get one thing for the package but nothing really wows me. Even the lippies. What did you think of style minx? i am glad you said that hollywook nights is too much because i get an idea of how intense it is.

  • Seymone

    Girlie I love the lippie on you…

  • BeautyTalk

    I wasn’t too impressed with the Heatherette collection, either.

  • Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.net

    Love what you got. I wasn’t as struck on this like I thought but with the kids in tow, I guess it was just hard to make a fast decision, lol. But I totally agree with the packaging. I knew I had to get a trio just because the packaging was soooo cute and sturdy.

  • Vixenlibra

    GIRL!What you talking bout! You look fab with just liner and mascara on! I don’t have a MAC budget, but I enjoy reading your blog and if I see something I must have, I search for it at a cheaper look alike price. Yet, I do love the glitters, and with cheap eye glitter, it really looks teenagie-like because each glitter is huge, or it lands everywhere but where I put it…on the eyelid.

  • Eb the Celeb

    I like the Jardin Aires

  • yummy411

    B! seriously, this post was on point! i was cracking up.. reasons NOT to buy… geez..priceless! i got a couple of things, but want a few more (boo hoo) just for the packaging =/.

  • yummy411

    oh btw… you look adorable in your pics sis 😉

    AND… i would have so called a manager on that MA that says they don’t except the 6 pots for a free pot.. WTH??.. at subways or wherever they have programs… buy 6 sandwiches, get the 7th free!yeh buying all of those meals to get one free.. same thing! suck rocks! (courtesy of (g)lol)
    she should have just told you that like other counters we only now exchange for lipsticks, but feel free to go to the MAC freestanding store for other eligible items….

  • Lakia

    I took a look at the collections and bought trio #1. I figured I am getting 3 colors for 32.00 wasn’t a bad deal. I like it… not in love with it, maybe I need to play around with it more. But I can’t wait to wear it for the occasion.

  • Divine Blackness

    Slvrlips–> Chile yesss, the packaging is lovely!

    AFRO–> I’m so proud of youuuu!! I wanna see a pic of that combination. I love me some Bare Truth.

    Nywele–> Style Minx looked awful on me. I just didn’t like it but I’m sure you can play around with some things to get them to work but most times I’m not in the mood for that. Haha! And Hollywood Nights….I thought it was very pretty. I just KNOW I wouldn’t be rockin’ a hot pink. Now that I think about it…I may go get it. It’s good to have some diversity in the traincase. Hmmmm….

    Sey–> Thankssss…it’s just aight. LOL, hasn’t really wow-ed me too much. It looks pretty fab on my Mom who is NC32.

    VixenLibra–> Once upon a time, Clumps of Mascara used to highlight MAC and then give you some dupes….but I haven’t been doing that lately. I think I will.

    Yums–> You got a point there. I think I will call the store because I was TOO hot. I’m in Tallahassee (does anyone know where that is? ha!) now and I’m going to see if they will take my depots. I got one of those Subway Rewards cards too. I sho got a thang for Subway.

    Lakia–> I definitely don’t think $32 is bad for what you get. Especially if you don’t already have your colors. It’s a beautiful trio!

  • nilla cookie

    I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, girl! I heart Lollipop Loving and Sock Hop on you! It’s a great subtle combo for those lazy days for sure! ROCK IT!! 😀

  • Danyelle

    Great post Brit! And thanks for “demystifying” what this collection looks like on us brownskin girls. I was sure about to go and get the second e/s trio but, I think not. BUT… I’m feeling that hollywood nights. I’ll def have to try that on…

  • Fashion’s Darling

    Girl, if that’s what you look like with just mascara and liner…hmm…you ain’t got nothin to complain about! lol…I’m shocked at Heatherette. There’s no “wow” factor really. I took a peek at them at the MAC counter at Henri bendel and wasn’t really tempted to buy things for it’s amazing shine or anything.

    But I’m a sucker for all things pink

  • MsJamie

    Yea, I am not loving this collection at all.. The eyeshadows looked way too ashy… and not bright and vibrant!! I am not the biggest fan of MAC lipglosses, I find them too sticky and I just get fed up on them and stop using it hehe! The lipglosses look great on you though 😉