Lipsticks for Newbies

As promised….I’ve got the Lipstick for Newbies post! Everyone say, “Yaaaay!” *looks around*…ummm, okay. Clearly, I’m the only one hyped about it right now, so I digress….LOL!

I believed it was this post in which I claimed that I would focus less on eye make-up and more on lips. And since November, I have done that. I am going to showcase 6 lipsticks (from MAC Cosmetics). But before I do that, let me share with you my sentiments about lipsticks.

I got my first one when I was 14 years old. My girlfriends laughed at me so hard that I didn’t purchase one again until last year. For some reason, there is a stigma with lipsticks and Black women, typically younger Black women. In the lip gloss era, I know 98% of my female friends wouldn’t be caught dead in any lippy. Which is sad because I actually appreciate lipsticks more than I do lip glosses. Buuuut, like some of you I had that anti-lipstick attitude. “Nah uhhh…..only old people wear lipsticks.” “They are too drying.” “Glosses are better”….I dropped a ton of excuses. Here’s why I love lipsticks so much more now.

  • I don’t know why, but I feel so much more sophisticated when applying a lipstick. Iz feel like a woman!
  • They last longer. Especially when applied with a lip liner.
  • You can be creative. You can instantly change the colors of lipsticks. By switching up the colors of lip liners and glosses, you can create an array of color combinations. Now that’s fab!
  • They are “true colors”….whereas glosses are typically opaque or full of shimmery stuffs. Sometimes I like a nice solid color.
  • You get better control with application when using a lip brush. With glosses, we tend to apply, blot and go. Lipsticks require a little more work but the outcome is almost always amazing.

So yeah…that’s why I’m diggin’ lippies more and more. Now yall know my blog is called Clumps of Mascara for a reason. On some of the pics, you’ll see how sloppy I’ve applied the lipsticks. But that’s because I was in a hurry and lightning was off. And because I like to keep it real with yall. My skills are far from perfect. OH…..and all of these colors are applied on top of MAC’s Lip Conditioner (get it…now!). I didn’t add liners or glosses because I wanted yall to see the true colors. Now let’s bring up the first lipstick.

Allow me to introduce Ultra Madame.

Can’t exactly say what MAC describes this color as because it came in a holiday set from last year.I know it looks a bit frosty but when applied with Nightmoth lip liner, it is a fab spring color.

Next we have Viva Glam IV…one of my favorites!

MAC describes this color as a mid-tone rose with subtle gold shimmer. This is one color that I could wear after day. It’s perfect for work, ladies’ night out or even when you want to look kinda cute when cleanin’ the house.

Coming in at number 3 is…..surprise, surprise….3D!

MAC describes this color as a soft peachy brown with violet opalescent shimmer. I think it’s great subtle color. It doesn’t even have to be paired with a liner or gloss.

My number 4 showcased color is New York Apple

Well wellll welll….won’t talk too much about this color because I just talked about it in the post or two below. Muah!

Second to last is Soft Lust.

MAC describes this color as tan with White pearl.I don’t wear this color a lot but I absolutely LOVE it. I know, I know….frosty, but when topped with a fab neutral gloss, it is absolutely beautiful. I love wearing this when I’m sportin’ a bold eye.

And lastly–Rapturous!

MAC defines this color a deep berry red. Black women: we can wear red lipsticks! I don’t care how light or dark you are….you can rock it. I am sick of darker skinned people sayin’ they can’t wear red lips because of their skin color or the fullness of their lips. I don’t wear red lips that often, but when I do, I feel like the sexiest thing ‘roun dis piece.


Seee….you can’t tell me nothin’! That’s the attitude, I think, we need to have when rockin’ the red lips. Do yourself a favor and buy a red lippie if you don’t have one. It’ll liberate you, I promise.

Another fab element of lipsticks?

Sendin’ your BF or hubby a love letter. How cute is that? I’m a cornball so if I had somebody I would so pull this.

Any recs of colors I should pull? Oh wait…’s a swatches picture.

So what colors are you diggin’? And what don’t you like? Are you big on lipsticks? Or not? Tell me….

Peace and muuuuuah!

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  • MissVizzy07

    I’m a newbie to your blog and I have to say, you do a great job! We’re the same complexion (in MAC) so I was really excited to see someone w/ the same complexion as I and using beautiful shades of makeup. I want to thank you for this post especially because I read your answer on specktra and clicked for your blog. I’m digging the Rapturous lipstick shade you pictured and mentioned in your post on specktra a while ago, so I will be checking it out this weekend. Thank You girl! Look forward to more posts!

  • LovelyBella73

    Cute Mama!!
    .. and I love your style.

  • nywele

    great post! I’ve been wearing more lipsticks and i gave all my lipglosses to my sisters. I was tired to re-apply 10 times in a day. I love the lustre finish: I am in love with Sophisto, like a lot viva glam vi and i recently purchased back to the rio when the originals collection came out but i have to admit that it is not working for me anymore. For me, the slimshines represent the best of both worlds. Urgent and Lovey Dovey are my favorite shades!

  • yummy411

    hey my love!!! super fab post! what’ up next? combos? liners, glosses, mixing lipstick colors whatever~

    so soft lust is hot and i have to check out 3 D. i love anything with opalescence and duochrome!! that’s why i got excited about fafi, but i need to find ways to make the colors work.

  • Sass

    I am soooo running out to get Ultra Madame, 3D and NY Apple. I have quite a few MAC lipsticks, but I didn’t get to choose the colors because they were sent to me, but I’ve vowed to try some lipsticks with my everyday looks. You’re right about younger people being prone to wear glosses vs lipsticks.

  • Vanessa

    Thanks for the swatches! You have such sexy, luscious lips mama!

  • Hijabi Apprentice

    Thanks for this post. I used to LOVE lipstick put I have become lazy but I think I give it another go.

    My fave MAC lippy is Fresh Moroccan! I want to try Bare (slimshine) and now I want the So Lust too. I want to try a really pale pink lip a la Kerry Washington.


  • BeautyTalk

    Great job on this roundup! I absolutely love New York Apple and I felt the same way about lipstick until about two years ago. Now, I’m known as the Lipstick Queen!

  • Afrodite

    Girl, you’re making me want to get on my grown woman with these lipsticks. I swear it has been gloss till I die.

    Maybe we were right about lipstick being for older women. I’m not a kid anymore so maybe I should step my life up and try lipstick.

    I will not, however try New York Apple for the same exact reasons: lips too big and I’m just a tad too dark.

    Maybe I need to find the right red but iono, red lipstick does not do it for me. But that 3-D is the ish! I may have to stray from my probation and make my way to the MAC counter (but not the MAC store because those artists be on some bullshit).

  • Divine Blackness

    Miss Vizzy–> I love me some Specktra!! Thanks for strollin’ by and supportin’ Clumps of Mascara! I think you’ll love Rapturous. Let me know what you think!

    LovelyBella–> Love to love ya!

    Nywele–> I know, right? You are seriously applyin’ gloss a billion times a day. Not so much with lipstick. I’m writin’ down all of your recs because when I get back to purchasing (too broke right now, chile) I’m going to have lipstick fever!

    Yums–> I’m with you….I always have to figure out how to make a color work. Perhaps I will do a combo post. Stay tuuuuuned.

    Sass–> I hate to break it to ya, love. But Ultra Madame came in a holiday set and I don’t think it’s around anymore. But check! It came with the Plum Lip (Finery, I think) set.

    Vanessa–> I love you! Muuuah!! We both got some sexy luscious lips. Heyyyy!!!

    Hijabi Apprentice–> I would looooove to have a pale pink lip like Kerry. Dang, are you readin’ my mind are what? Def gotta check out the Slimshines.

    Beauty Talk–> Giiiiirl, I know what you’re talking about. I’m still a lip gloss addict, but I am a die hard fan of lipsticks.

    AFRO–> Oh shiznit….have I persuaded thee? Seriously, get up on the 3D. Okay okay, red may be a bit too much right now, but take it slow. Buy 3D!

  • nilla cookie

    Hey there!

    I’m DEFINITELY turning a new leaf on lipsticks. I’ve actually purchase a couple in these past couple of months whereas I always used to wear lipgloss.

    And I definitely hear ya on the red lips – ANYONE can wear one, just pick the right shade red for you! It makes me feel sassy and fierce! :)

  • ThisIsKia

    *****MUST HAVE ULTA MADAME******

  • Emilee @ GMM

    Great post! I was just like you – I had lipglosses up the wazoo because I thought lipstick looked too boring, but I’ve done a complete 180 now.

    Red looks fabulous on you! After seeing this post, I’m thinking that I need to go pick up New York Apple.

  • LBIC

    I’m loving the Viva Glam IV and New York Apple. Cute!

  • Izar

    Hey there girl!

    Those are some gorgeous lipsticks. I’m actually more of a lipgloss girl myself, but that might be because I got scared of lipsticks at a very early age: the ones I tried were all so dry and emphasised every flaw. I’m sure they make much better ones now, especially MAC. In any case, the ones you have on look flawless. When I think about it, as a little girl I worshipped lipsticks: they were the symbols of elegance and femininity for me. :-)

    About black women avoiding red lipstick: I don’t get it. If there’s anyone it would look good on it’s you! Your girls have everything to rock the red lips: gorgeous full lips, lovely warm skintone, and the God-given ability to pull off any color you choose. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should go for it, it’s actually what looks the best on you. IMHO, anyway. :-)

    Oh, by the way: you asked me about mineral makeup a short while ago, so I thought I will direct you to Grayburn’s blog. She’s doing a big review of all the MM brands she has tried so far and I think it’ll be very informative for you. I hope you’ll be able to benefit from her posts.

  • Seymone

    I really like the soft lush and viva glam lipstick.. It look hot on you and I would like it for myself. However, I did say that I was on hiatus on shopping until Heatherette.

  • Danyelle

    Sooo, I attempted to get my grown- woman on today. I went to MAC on a mission to find a lipstick. Then I realized that maybe I should take it slow and start off with a highly pigmented lip glass so, I decided to try on Sqeeze It. OMG!!! When I looked in the mirror and saw myself, I was scared! I looked so much older, and was instantly reminded of my Dad telling me on my 22nd birthday, “You know youre 8 years away from 30??? Hahaha!” Maybe then I’ll be ready for a lipstick. Til then, It looks good on You!

  • Lani

    heeeeeeey! i love viva glam and 3D on ur smackers! it’s been a while but i thought i’d stop in to say hello. and girl, you are too hilarious i love it! 😉

  • Divine Blackness

    Lilian–> I know, me too…who would have thought lipsticks could be so much fun? And yes, red is fierce on anyone!

    thisiskia–> I hate to break it to you, sweets but it was limited edition and I don’t think it’s sold in stores anymore. Check out Girl About Town though….it may be a pretty good dupe!

    Emilee–> Thanks for stoppin’ by, love. Yessss…New York Apple is absolutely fab. I love it.

    Ibic–> Thaaaank yoooouuuu!!!

    Izar–> I love you in every way! Muah (with red lipstick on your cheek, lol!) I responded to you back on your blog.

    Seymone–> Nah uhhh, cuz. You are def on a hiatus until you show us some FOTDS of half of the MAC store you hauled. LOL!

    Dany–> You trip me out! Are you bein’ dramatic…like me? LOL, I doubt it made you look OLD!! When I make it back to the 850, we’ll have a lipstick day, kay?

    lani–> My looooooove!! Where have you been? I’ve been going through withdrawals since Christmas!!! Come back to us!

  • Gretchen’s Beauty Blog

    I’m trying to love lipstick, but it’s hard for me because it doesn’t stay put like mascara and blush–which I wear daily. But I Looooove the way it looks. I have to tell you, though, that if my lips were as full as yours I would force myself to wear lipstick, just to show them off! Alas, they are not, but I still agree that lipstick gives a great finished look. I look forward to more lippy tips!! btw, have you read this blog post? I guess lipstick vs gloss is a controversial subject!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I have the same excuses…but growing up all I ever saw my mom wear was red lipstick. She looked fab (and she’s black). So I figured why not…I went to the Beauty Arcade at Macys on 34th st (NYC) and went to EVERY SINGLE COSMETICS STAND ’till I found the most perfect red lippy. I’m hooked and I only wear it for special events when I want that “BAM…IN UR FACE!”

    great blog…luvvvvv it

    PS: The lippy is Too Faced Lip of Luxury in Drop Ded Red…greatest beauty investment to date…well one of them

  • Liz

    To those who think people with big lips shouldn’t use lipstick, I’ve got two words for you: Angelina Jolie.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Bsquared86

    Thank you so much for this post! I am an eyeshadow junkie but lately lip color has been on my mind. I love lip gloss but I usally keep them pretty simple. I really want some lipsticks but I always worry about how the color will look on my lips and against my skin tone. Your post is helping me breathe easier about that though.

  • Kami*

    I have been looking for a blog like this for soo long! I am a newbie to make up but this post made me excited to pick some lipsticks at MAC. Its always nice to have a starting point. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    well, the problem i've had with lipsticks isn't because of the stereotypes but because i find it smells 0_0 haha like all the lipsticks i've tried just has this smell, (and we all know our mouths are right under our noses) so when i put it on i smell this nasty stuff all day and i just don't like it. Think it's just me?

  • B

    Anon—> Nooo, it's not just you. I'm sure a lot of women have issues with that smell. Although it doesn't bother me, I know what you're talking about. A trick is just dabbing a bit of your favorite nice-smelling gloss on top of the lipstick.