Coastal Scents brushes

There has been a lot of buzz in the online beauty world about Coastal Scents brushes. I’ve seen Kia over at Yummy411 give a review, Kenya at Virtuous Blue did a wonderful video review of the brushes and my online make-up guru/teacher, EnKore has been raving about these brushes for awhile.

I can’t believe I’ve been snoozing on these, folx!!

Not only are the brushes are affordable (think $2.99) but many are saying that they are comparable to MAC brushes in look and performance. Now that sounds good to me and I’m sure to my other broke beauty sistas of the world.

I love brushes but I don’t feel as if I need to have 2 or more of the same thing so it was rather difficult trying to find a brush that I actually “needed” from Coastal Scents. But here’s what I ended up getting:

Pink Kabuki ($4.99)—Now granted I have the MAC 182 ($45) kabuki and I adore it. I find that it works great with blushes and mineral foundations. I even use it with my bronzers and I love how I can squeeze it to change its shape. But who can beat a pretty pink kabuki brushes? How gorgeous is this? I just haaaaaad to order this.

Deluxe Buffer Brush ($4.25)—These brushes are great for those that use mineral foundations; which are my foundations of choice. I have been going foundation-less for some weeks now and will be until I get my face in check BUT….I can’t wait to start using this with my mineral powders. And if it doesn’t work, chile….I won’t even care because it was less than $5.00.

Pink Kolinsky Lip Brush ($2.79)—Kenyah over at Virtuous Blue says that this is a great brush. I only have one lip brush that I hardly use but I would love to have a retractable one. Can’t wait to see how this works out.

My Dear Newbies, if you have been trying to invest in brushes without breaking your wallets, I’m thinking this is the way to go. I will be sure to do a review of my brushes the minute I get them. For those of you that own them or have heard great things about them, let a sista know!

You can find more brushes and other affordable finds by Coastal Scents by clicking here.

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  • the Muse

    if I knew about these brushes when was a n00b I’d be richer today!

    I was going to order an entire pink set! Took all my willpower to just say no 😉

  • justme

    i wish that more people would compare the duo fiber to the 187. i want to be sure it works well. thanks for the heads up though. tell us if you like em

  • Lakia

    Great Posts, I am always looking for great deals on brushes.

  • BeautyChick101

    I love that pink kabuki brush! How adorable!

  • Virtuous Blue

    Awww Clumps, thanks for the shout out. Kenya really loves her brushes but I haven’t bought any yet. Let me know how the buffer brush works out.


  • nywele

    hey…where can we get those brushes?

  • Afrodite

    I need a couple new brushes. A retractable lip brush would be nice.

    I also have a Kabuki brush that I don’t use often.

  • D’lee Trecia

    these sounds like just what i needed.

  • rmcandlelight

    Pink is my favorite color. Let us know how you like your kabuki brush. Is it retractable?

  • Divine Blackness

    Nywele, I sent you the link. I’m such a silly girl. Why didn’t I provide it before?

    And yesss, the brush is retractable! Makes it even better!

  • kendy

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