Fam looks

Hi gorgeous people!

A few weeks my little sister was in a debutante ball. It was one of those affairs where each participant is asked to raise money for ads. The money is then given to the “winner” in form of a scholarship. Meanwhile, the high school aged girls are taught etiquette skills and how to conduct themselves as young Black women in today’s society. Then they are introduced to family in friends at a big ceremony. It sounds like a good idea, but seeing what my Mother and sister went through, I’m not sure it was worth it. Plus, it’s just too showy in my opinion.

Nonetheless, I supported my family like a good “ran away from home at 18″ child does. I was also asked to do my sister and Mother’s make-up. Which made me nervous. I still think my skills are only decent. I never deemed myself as a make-up artist and don’t think I have the skills enough to go around applying make-up on others. Buuuut, I did the best I could and they both turned out beautifully.

Here’s what I used on Courtney:

Artifact P/P
Pink Venus (from Fafi) e/s
Hepcat e/s
Sketch on crease
Vanilla pigment
Blacktrack fluidline
L’Oreal Voluminous mascara
Some glittery stuffs to make the highlight pop

….I let her do her own foundation and swiped MAC’s Sweet as Cocoa blush on her cheeks.

She also did her own lips.

At first I was hesitate at the idea of her rockin’ pink lids with a white wedding dress-ish piece, but it turned out beautifully!

….and then my Mother wanted me to do her eyes and I was like, “Oh Lord…” This woman had found a Maybelline trio of bright turquoise colors and was seriously wanting to rock that look with a turquoise dress. I did the best I could and was a little afraid at first but my Moms is so fine.

I seriously think I have the best lookin’ 50-year old Momma anyyyyywhere. She is so beautiful!

As anyone else been approached with asking to do make-up? And I’m not talking about you cosmetic school students or those who have been in the make-up game for awhile. Any newbies experience anything like this? I can play around on my eyes all day but when asked to do a look for someone else, I always choke. My newbie nerves are always shot, yall!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

  • D’lee Trecia

    My brother was in something like that when he was 17. I remember being 14 and saying nah i don’t wanna do it too… Now my little sister now 16 is planning to be apart of the same thing. She was a little sister when my brother was in it.

    Girl, You did an awesome job on mommy and little sis. mommy done look AWESOME for being in her 50ish…girl it done tell you something… you ain’t gonna be looking “old” anytime soon.

    I’m going to try something like this and hopefully I can rock it.

    Well, nobody really asked but i tend to want to step in for my momma cause i be trying to get her to try other things…

  • Kieya

    they look fly! good job!

  • yummy411

    aww they look great Brit! awesome experience (for you and the fam) how did your sis feel being a part now that it’s said and done?

  • Talysha

    Wow! You really did a great job Brit. I feel you on the “gettin choked” up comment. When I’m asked to put makeup on other people, I get nervous cuz I don’t want to mess up and have them hate it. It’s easier when I’m applying it on myself cuz I’m fine with the mistakes I make. Idk… it’s weird. You did a really good job though. Props to you for overcoming your nerves and showin the talent we all know you’ve got. Get it girl!

  • Seymone

    I think you did a wonderful job..

  • Danyelle

    Awww, they look so good. You did a fab job gurl!! That pink venus really is for the lighter complex. people, huh? My girlfriends ask me all the time to do their makeup and I stress to them that I’m still learnin. So when I finally do their makup, I only do the eyes, lol, cause thats all I know right now. Hehehe…

  • nywele

    the looks are so beautiful!

  • Sass

    you definitely did a great job! your mom and sister look beautiful.. especially your mom…u know they say black don’t crack! lol

  • nilla cookie

    Your family is GORGEOUS Brittany!

    And your mother is definitely FAB! Hope you’re having a blessed weekend!


  • LovelyBella73

    Aww.. Brit mom looks BEAUTIFUL!!
    You skills are great!!
    I love that your mother found her own makeup and it was bright turquoise.

  • MakeupWithLakahna

    thanks for your comment girl
    i think u did a great job as well.

    i guess its just the nervousness when doing make up on someone else, because have that thought on the back of our mind that “what if they dont like it?”
    but i look at it as pratice will make me better. so the more people we do it for, the better we’ll get

  • rmcandlelight

    You did a great job on sis and mommy. Your mother looks good for her age. I’m 47 years old and people tell me the samething. I’m like your mom I keep up with the times. I also would love to put makeup on other people but I am afraid. Is there any info I could look up on learning to apply makeup on others? I think putting on eyeliner on others would be difficult. Was it for you?

  • Afrodite

    I think you did fine. I have been asked to do my friends makeup and I’m not about to become the designated MA of the group. I’m still trying to figure out what works for me.

  • the Muse

    your mum is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Rocking that Aqua 😉

    Your sister looks gorgeous as well! I can’t take my eyes off her white gown. Pretty 😉

    I have to say that I can’t do make on anyone but myself. Too challenging. I have a hard time matching up colors for my own eyes so it would be too difficult to match up any on say a different skin tone or even a different skin type ya know?

    My skin is dry so if you sat an oily skin person in front of me and say apply foundation and such I’d be clueless what to do to treat her/his skin properly.

    I’ve tried experimenting on my older sister with just eye makeup but her eye shape is utterly different compared to mine and I can’t get it on right hehe she ends up looking like bozo the clown when I’m done 😉

  • FashionDevotee

    As a former Ms. Debutante let me just say it is a very meaningful experience and your definition of it wasn’t quite all that it is, it really stands for so much more. But yes mommy looks fab thats where you get it from.

  • nywele

    i’ve just bought artfact and received it today since you’ve been raving about it! I loooove it!!
    it is my first paintpot! which others ones do you recommend?