Let It Clump’s Debut!

Welcome to Clumps of Mascara’s first post from the Let it Clump series. Let It Clumps posts are where we stop talking about make-up to explore other areas of beauty and beyond. That’s anything! Nails, hair, fashion, jacked up love lives..anything! Any suggestions? Let me know at

Today’s post (and many posts in the near future since this is one of my newest obsessions) is about nails! I am obsessed with nail polishes. Not so much designs, but I absolutely adore beautiful nail colors and find that a lot of them compliment my skin tone. All Laquered Up, one of my favorite beauty blogs dedicated to all things nails, is one of my inspirations. I love wearing anything from neon green, orange, royal purple and black polishes on my nails and toes. Because I try to be a professional lady, I don’t walk around with these colors ALL the time, but that doesn’t stop me from buying them and at least sporting them on my toes.

Today’s creation came out of nowhere. I stumbled across my white finger nail polish from when I tried to keep up my French manicures. But now I think that French manicures on the nails are so played out. Hence my reason for trying to step outside of the box on this one.

Crazy, uh? And with a look like this, you just have to top it off with a big piece of costume jewelry. It’s madd fun!

And last weekend I had a getaway with the BFF and check out the colors on the tootsies.

That’s Coconut “somethin” from China Glaze and I loved it so much that I purchased it. Postin’ pictures of my toes is the first and rather awkward. LOL!

What do you think? My mascara is still clumping but I’m lookin’ fab in the finger/toenail department!

[Oh, and by the way….I’m headed to NYC tomorrow morning until Sunday so excuse the lack of posts. If you’re in the NYC area…hit me up. Let’s paaaarty! Have a fab weekend, everyone!]

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  • D’lee Trecia

    Did I tell you how much I like the new COM?

    I hate colors on my nails. The only time I wear polishes are on my toes of course and when i get my nail done.

    Yeah, I don’t think i’d be able to pot photos of my toes lol.. props for that.

    Have fun in ny… I won’t even be there until Saturday morning….

  • Afrodite

    I love the one black nail. That’s different, I never thought of doing that. I don’t really get into painting my nails too much. Proably because I’m lazy.

  • nywele

    i love the nail color on your pretty! I am also too lazy to do my nails. Plus, I bite them which doesn’t help!!
    Any MAC favorite polishes? Their pink/fuschia colors are fab :)
    have fun in NY!

  • the Muse

    hehe cute toesies :)

    Loving the purple ;)

    I’m loving the combo of the black and white nail varnish!

  • BeautyTalk

    aw so cute. I avoided frenchies for a while, but decided to get one yesterday. A good ol’ classic feels good sometimes :)

  • slvrlips

    Omg Brit! Just yesterday I was telling my co-worker how played the french manicure was and that she should try a new look by painting her ring finger a different color. Great minds think alike. Loving the nails and toes very nice colors
    Have a great time in NYC.

  • Anonymous

    Tag your it! See my blog for details.
    My lil manicure I did on Sunday is still holding up. I decided on the lavender creme all over, but I might need to put glitter on one so I can be different just like Brit ;) LOL!

  • LBIC

    The purple polish is so cute.

  • Virtuous Blue

    Aw man, just when I go and remove my polish because of chipping, someone has to show out & sport some fly nails. K…I have officially been peer pressured…off to polish my nails I go lol


  • Lakia

    Love that color on your toes. Have fun in NYC.

  • atiyah9369

    You inspired me to do something similar with blue and white nail polish on my toes. Thanks for the idea!

  • Divine Blackness

    Yall are the beeeeest!

  • yummy411

    BRIT look at those cute little toes! aww i just got an awesome pedi and you are gonna make me post a pic.. uhhh i’ll think about it LOL… i have on a shade that i don’t know the color so taking a pic is the only way to show, describe or even find the product~