MAC’s Dazzleglass

I don’t know ‘bout yall, but I am a serious lip gloss, girl. I don’t wear it as often as I used to (I’m trying to become a mature woman so I’m into lipsticks, ha!) but I still have some obsession with a good gloss. MAC’s Dazzleglass never really intrigued me right away but being the MAC addict, that I am…I still had to check it out.

Dazzleglass…..I gotta give it props. At $16.50, MAC Cosmetics defines these babies as “High-shine + large particle quartz and opal crystal captured in a great new formula with light-reflecting, crystalline iridescence. Umm, so what does that mean in laymen (or women , ha!) terms? Just that it’s a pretty shiny gloss. Is it tacky? Yeeep. Is it lightweight? Hmmm, not quite. Does it have a better staying power than Lipglass or Lustreglass? YES!!! I absolutely love how long this gloss stays on. Longer than the average gloss I’ve worked with.

Do I think it’s necessary to haul more than one? No, but that may just me being cheap. In my eyes, a gloss is a gloss. $16.50 is already a stretch for ONE so I can’t imagine hauling more than that. To prevent myself from even being tempted to purchase more than one, I picked the one Dazzlegass that caught my eye, swatched it, purchased it and walked away.

Let me introduce you to “Get Rich”.

Pretty pretty, uh? This color almost reminds me of Squeeze It from the Fafi Collection, except a little more sheerer and glittery. Here’s how it looks alone.

Just ehhh….like a really ole’ gloss to me. I would still wear it by itself because of the staying power, but I wasn’t too impressed.

So I decided to pair it with a lipstick. Here is MAC’s 3D lipstick worn alone.

I’m tellin’ you…I love me some 3D. I could wear this color everyday. It’s perfect. Topping Get Rich over this gives it a nice little POP that I’m thinkin’ I could incorporate everytime I wear 3D. Check it…

I can dig it. Not super impressed but again, the staying power of these babies are really what turn me on. What are your thoughts on Dazzleglass? Pass or a must have?

Let a sista know!

  • LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team

    Very nice. I think the color suits you.Instead of making a gloss with higher shine, MAC should have improved the formula on their lipglass.

  • nywele

    Hello…I am passing on this collection. it looked too high shine but the color you featured is so pretty! I’ll still pass though. I like the lustreglass finishes
    by the way, i love love your box braids:)

  • PBW

    I had also planned to pass on this collection, but I’m going to have to check out “Get Rich” this week. It’s pretty!

  • Afrodite

    That’s the lipstick I was looking for 3-D. I’ll make sure to file that away. Get rich is a very pretty color, a little pricey though.

  • LBIC

    I think I’m going to skip this one. I like glosses, but this one doesn’t look like it’s worth the money.

  • yummy411

    thanks for introducing us! hmmmmm i need a gloss that can stand alone and compliment other lip products… this looks fab over 3d.. oh well. i might have to skip this one.

  • justme

    cute, i think 1 dazzleglass is enough. maybe 2. i am thinking about comet blue at least

  • Danyelle

    Hmmm, I dont know. I think I would have to try it on. I’m using this Infalliable lipgloss thats working pretty darn good; stays on long, tacky but not too much and it has sparkle shimmers. I’ll give it a test drive tomorrow!

    *Pics of the infalliable lipgloss available upon request*

  • nywele

    hey….are you getting anything from Naughty Nauticals?

  • Anonymous

    I love them all, bought six of the colors today. Get Rich is a must have I think…but the brighter colors like Love Alert,Money Honey, Glamour OD, and Date night pop!

  • nywele

    hey..thank you for the comment. I also did an intensive research and i am passing on you,maybe i can pick up port mate and party mate but they’re not i’ll save up for neo-sci fi and solar riche…:)

  • Anonymous

    I really hate spending over 10 bucks for something that I’m going to eat or talk off! Now it is intriguing since you say it has good staying power, but I hate the tackiness of most glosses though so I will probably past on this line.

  • Divine Blackness

    I’m with yall….spendin’ more than $10 for a gloss is definitely a stretch. Hence why I only purchased one. Ha!

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    I LOVE lip glosses too and MAC has some good ones. Funny you should say, “you’re trying to wear more lipstick to be a mature woman!” I recently read something about lip gloss VS lipstick in regard to maturity on another website. Great topic. I’m sorry but I’m just not a lipstick girl. I guess I’ll stick to being immature and glossy! LOL!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I live in the UK and we don’t have the Dazzleglass collection. I don’t know if it will be released over here either. I want the Funtabulous Dazzleglass. I’ll be checking them out in June when I go to NY. I expect an awesome lipgloss for the price. Seriously.

  • Anonymous

    I told myself I was only gonna get one…but wound up with two. I got Sugarimmed and Baby Sparks. I agree that they don’t really look all that alone, but OVER a lipstick, they really stand out! I miss Orlando! Which MAC do you go to? I am over on the west coast of FL now.

  • Divine Blackness

    LOL @ Anon1, I feel you. I think you’ll be impressed. It all depends on your preference. If you don’t like tacky glosses, but then may not like this.

    Anon2, okayyyy, FLA! I frequent waaay too many MACs. MAC Pro in Orlando, MAC store in Tampa International Mall and counters in Brandon, Tallahassee and everywhere in between.

  • nywele

    i am looking into them, particularly get rich, love alert and glamour O.D…..

  • Shefali

    I’m obsessed with these! They make my lips look nice and full. I bought 4 – Get Rich Quick, Funtabulous, Date Night, and Spanking Rich. They are gorgeous!!

    I bought Port Red from NN collection. If you have a chance, try Spanking Rich over it…it looks amazing.

  • jennbad

    I have used lipglass and I hate how they feel–STICKY. These dazzleglass felt a lot better and even my 2 year old love the way it sparkles like mommy. The one I got was from the hello kitty collection: Dazzlepuss (Sheer bright pink with red and blue pearl)