Oh, Great Lash!

I’m finally back from NYC. The next few Mascara Mondays will be relatively good ones. I just recently trashed 5-6 mascaras. All of them had their reasons. Some I wanted to turn in for Back 2 MAC (bring in 6 empty containers and get a free lipstick or eye shadow…fab!), others were on the 6-7 month mark and the ones left were ones that were just taking up space in the traincase. Sooo, I impulsively purchased 5 new mascaras in attempts to find….


Yep, it’s kind of a big deal..especially when your lashes are poo-butts like mine.

[NEWBIE SIDENOTE]: Good mascaras can be found anywhere. Don’t think let companies fool you into thinking that their $36 mascara is better than a drugstore brand.

Okay, so let’s introduce the first mascara up for review. This baby is no newbie to the mascara world. In fact, she holds a title as being one of the best mascaras. Allure magazine loves her, celebrities love her and many people just assume that this is the holy grail of mascaras.

I know, I know….this chick has been out for a quick little minute and I’ve actually owned her once or twice years ago. But I’ve learned A LOT since then as far as mascara technique and wanted to give her another chance.

Price: 5 out of 5
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

What it claims: “Lash Building Formula builds even the tiniest lashes and the lash Building Brush makes lashes fuller and longer with no clumps or globs.”

The truth: I have to admit that everything it says it will do, it does! I think that this mascara is deserving of all of its awards and positive feedbacks!

What I loved about it: I loved how it lengthened my lashes. And even when applying more coats, it did not clump. And it’s waterproof!

What I didn’t like: It always made my eyes burn. Which is crazy because I don’t wear contacts or have sensitive eyes. When taking this off at night, I had to endure crazy burning.

Overall: I think that it is definitely a must have mascara…in addition to others, if you are a product junkie like me. Plus, it’s only $3.99 for two! Can’t beat that!

What do you think about this mascara? I’ve had several friends who actually really loathe it. But what works for one gal may not work for the other. Have you tried it and liked it?

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  • sara

    haha i’m one of the “loathers.” i absolutely dislike this mascara, as it doesn’t do anything for me. i’m a fan of thick plump brushes like christian dior show mascara.

  • The Home Spa Goddess

    Did you try different makeup removers when using this mascara? Sometimes that’s what causes the burning.

  • nywele

    I also love great Lash Mascara. I was actually in the elevator when I saw this girl with fab lashes and i asked her what is she wearing? Next 10 minutes, i run into CVS and bought one: Love it! I always try different mascaras but always go back to this one!

  • Twinkle Twinkle

    I also have microscopic lashes, but Great Lash did nothing for me and it smudged easily. It must work for a lot of people; there is a crazy statistic that a tube is sold every 1.5 seconds.

    Have you tried Dior Show? I hear great things about it, but I am not ready to throw down $23 for mascara, maybe one day…

  • GS

    After hearing so many (good) things about this and after seen it since I was a child I said let´s give it a try… ummm next!! I really hate it, sorry, but I don´t see what the big deal is with this one, in my lashes it clumps and make a big mess without giving any lenght nor volume whatsoever, the best for me is Avon waterproof, won´t change this for any other and Maybelline Unstoppable, that one you should try (if it isn´t discontinued)because even though isn´t waterproof you can cry a river and you won´t see a trace of it, I swear. Sorry for the loong rant!

    I have a little reading your blog but it´s really cool I´ve learn a thing or two!!

  • Afrodite

    Pink and green all day!

  • Virtuous Blue

    Hmmm, i can’t say Great Lash is one of my favorites, but I don’t exactly loathe it either. I have it in blue, and my biggest complaint would have to be the thin consistency. It seems overly diluted, so when trying to make the blue visible, I have to apply coat after coat. And since the bristles of the wand are more spacious, too many coats can give you that “spikey” lash look that I just hate. Overall, it serves its purpose tho, it just depends on how you apply it.

    Like Sara, i’d have to say i’m a fan of the thick plump brushes (Diorshow, L’oreal Voluminous, etc.).


  • FashionDevotee

    I think this a fab topic since you and I have extensive discussions on this topic. I do not loathe it but it is not the best by far. I do think that Maybelline makes the best drugstore mascara. I think that this is a great everyday mascara. I personally prefer Maybelline’s triple x masara.

  • LBIC

    I completely agree. Maybeline makes the best mascara. It rivals department store brands and it’s cheap, which is always a good thing. I’ve used blackest black for years and it’s still my fave.

  • D’lee Trecia

    Mascaras and I need to go through theraphy. But then again I haven’t tried different types. My lash tents to be like old brushes lol.. naturally curly and hangs in all different directions . I need to find something that could tame the beasts so they looks alive rather then dead. looking forward to the other reviews.

  • Divine Blackness

    You chicks are seriously going to make me put down more than $20 on the Diorshow mascara. Should I? Hmmm….looks like Great Lash is getting thumbs down from most folx. LOL, maybe it’s just me.

    Damn…I may have to buy Diorshow. You gals have me convinced. Stay tuned for the next Mascara Monday.

  • Lakia

    I have been curious to try it. Right now I am still in love with my Urban Decay”Big Fatty” Oh how I love it!, and Maybeline Define a lash that I got BOGO.

  • BeautyTalk

    I’ve been using this for years and I have the same eye-burning problem. I have yet to find my perfect mascara :(

  • BeautyChick101

    I am in love with Great Lash! I’ve been using the Blackest Black shade for years and have never had any problems with it, plus it really does make my lashes look amazing. I know a lot of people hate it, but it works for me!

  • yummy411

    i think great show may be a good mascara. i can’t comment on the longevity, running etc.. but i used it on someone and it was okay, the only prob was the brush. the bristles are far apart so i assume this would be great for someone who already had nice thick lashes. i need to just pick it up and try it for the sake of taking a stance on GREAT LASH! LOL

  • Kristen

    Hey love! I am one of the Great Lash loathers, I absolutely can’t stand it (I actually have a fun post coming up later this week on this very topic). But before you go out and drop $20 on DiorShow (which, honestly, I don’t like very much either), try Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender, from Target. The BEST drugstore mascara I’ve ever tried – I love it and get compliments on my lashes every time I wear it.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, Yes! Totally agree. Have loved this mascara since way back. And my baby sister also will never be without it. But, we have an extra reason. Our mother passed away from cancer when I was 20 and my baby sister was 3 years old. And our mom, you guessed it, was never without a tube of Great Lash Mascara. So having the green and pink tube around is comforting….as well as making the lashes long and fabulous. :) Hugs, Jeanne

  • nilla cookie

    Hiya Girl! Long time no see! It’s been so busy I haven’t been able to make my rounds :(

    I’m am one of those that just doesn’t get why this product is so huge! It’s clumpy and it flakes on me. But if it works for you, girl, then it’s all good!!!

    Awesome review :)

  • Gauss

    I hate this mascara.

    I have long, thick lashes to begin with and this mascara is a disaster on my eyes. It only makes my lashes stick together in clumps so that my eyes look worse WITH mascara than without. Never buying it again.

  • yummy411

    hmmm go to the store and test dior show. i’m an advocate, but not of the price. so i down graded to voluminous (carbon black) but i’m not mad or compromising quality, i just saved a lot of money! LOL

  • Anonymous

    I tried Maybelline in the past and it gave me styes on my eyes within two days of use. I thought maybe I had a bum tube, so tried another same thing. Years later, I thought maybe I was just being a mascara snob. Tried it again. Same problem. I stick to Chanel mascara now. It’s easy to get off and doesn’t bug my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    This is my favourite mascara of ALL TIME.
    I have very very VERY bad lashes, as I am Asian, and if I don't wear the right mascara, I'll look like I'm bald (no lashes). This is the only mascara that gives length and volume to my lashes, which is crazy if you think about it. It really is like a magic fix in a bottle.
    HOWEVER, I wear contact lenses and have extremely sensitive eyes… and I definitely have to agree with you. This makes my eyes burn and lately, I have been getting MASSIVE migraines because of how crazy the formula to this mascara is.
    I'm going to try other Maybelline products, because this is just killing my eyes. I do think there will never be any mascara that can give the same dramatic effect though.

    PS. You are so fabulous and beautiful. Please keep posting videos, because you are such an inspiration!

  • Anonymous

    I love the regular (non-waterproof) Great Lash. I don't have a lot of experience with mascaras, but this one seems great to me! Then I tried the waterproof one, and noticed that it really lengthens and separates the lashes even better than the regular one. I seemed to have a million lashes afterward, instead of a few spikey ones, so I really noticed a difference. And the price is great, and goes on sale for even less quite often. I love it!

  • Anonymous

    I've tried this mascara in the past and have always been underwhelmed by it. I don't see what all the fuss is about. It definitely has a lot of big fans. I guess it depends on the type of lashes you have. I have long, somewhat thick lashes already. This does nothing to enhance them, and I had problems with clumping. There are other affordable drugstore mascaras that I like much better (e.g. Cover Girl LashBlast, L'Oreal Voluminous).

  • Christina

    My first mascara. I liked it at first since it was just so inky lovely black. But it didn't do anything, honestly, it was just a coat of color. To use up my 2 tubes (it was BOGO), I had to layer another mascara on top of it, which made it look okay, but it still didn't mean that I like it any. Waste of my money. I've since found mascaras that give me length, volume, and beautiful black color.

  • Kelli

    I just bought this and had a bad skin reaction around my eyes. Yowch! That's never happened before.

    Even while rubbing my sore eyes, however, the mascara has stayed on. No flakes!

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