Orange Nail Polish

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Orange Who?

Orange you glad it’s summer time!

Now yall know I’m a cornball, so don’t even trip. Hehe…but seriously, orange is the business this summer. I’m not even kidding. Yes, something doesn’t become the “it” thing until a celebrity is spotted wearing it but I’ve never been hesitate to wear orange nail polish. And I know orange isn’t one of those colors that you can wear freely if you have a professional job, but bustin’ them on the toes is also an alternative. I’m wearing OPI’s Cajun Shrimp now on my tootsies.

I’ll spare you the feet photos this time. I felt rather odd uploading them. But seriously….I swear it’s the prettiest color I have ever laid eyes on. And yes it’s brown girl friendly. I actually think that most fingernail polishes go well with brown skin. So whoever told you they you can’t sport yellow polish, tell them the Head Newb at Clumps of Mascara thinks otherwise. Ha!

I can’t seem to find OPI Cajun Shrimp anywhere in stores and my lady who did my pedicure wasn’t trying to sell it to me either. Turns out that I have some pretty beautiful orange polishes in my little collection….you ready?

Fingerpaints ($2.99)…this color doesn’t have a name, but I think it is the closest “work appropriate orange” we are going to get. It has a few shimmers (one day I’ll learn polish terminology) and is a gorgeous rusted orange.

TKC Mandarin. I purchased this from the nail salon so I’m not sure where they got it from but it has more of a matte finish and is truly the color of a mandarin. It is such a beautiful orange. I’m rockin’ this color on my nails this weekend!

Isa Dora Orange (copped this one on sale for $2 so I’m not sure of its retailed value). This is my 2nd favorite orange polish. It is a beautiful muted orange and I think its subtlety really pops out on brown skin. Clumps of Mascara strikes again with the smudged nail!

Milani Juicy Glo ($3.99). This polish has a similar matte finish to that TKC and in terms of colors, they are almost identical. Milani’s Juicy Glo has bit of “neon”. Ohhh yess, I adore this. I would definitely wear this on the fingers and toes. Grrr, and excuse the blur on this one. I promise I will learn how to successfully take nice polish and fingers pictures.

And the best thing about these orange polishes is that they can all be found at your local drugstore. And look out for buy 1, get 1 free deals on Milani and Fingerpaints. I love french pedicure on the toes like every other girl, but step it up a notch with some color, girlfriend!

Orange you glad that you can be fab on a budget?

Okay….I’ll stop. But I really wanna know your input….yay or nay to the orange polish?

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  • nywele

    I am not a nail person and now i want me some orange nailpolish. It is really really pretty!!I would check out the shades you mentioned. YAY for orange nail polish!

  • Lakia

    pretty, I need to go nail polish shopping for me and my daughter this weekednd. Spring is finally here!

  • LBIC

    The first one by fingerpaints is really cute. i love it.

  • BeautyTalk

    I think Indian designers have a on-up on the rest of the world (or maybe the rest of the world is just following them :)). Orange was HUGE in Indian Fashion last summer, so I’m kind of sick of the color. I had a billion Orange outfits that I rocked at different family events and weddings!

  • D’lee Trecia

    nice… i uess i will have to try the bright one or something on my toe.

    i’m using wordpress on my domain.. i transfer my posts from blogger to wordpress.. i don’t know if i’m going to keep it but I can’t do much with my layout because i can’t access my ftp at the moment….

  • rmcandlelight

    Yay to orange polish. I have the milani one. It chipped on me the next day:(

    I’m from the old school and I remember being told to polish one coat horizontal then polish one coat vertical (the regular way)this is suppose to help from chipping. I have to give it a try and see if it works:)

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    Orly Orange Punch is hot too! Rockin it on my tootsies now!!!

  • Hijabi Apprentice

    Ooh the orange looks yummy with your skin color! Orange polish is definitely lemming worth!

  • Afrodite

    I’m definitely not big on nail polishes. I keep my nails pretty natural. For some reason, I just can’t get with the oranges. I love my pinks, magentas and fuschias.

  • yummy411

    i likeee esp. the isadora one. orange is a trditional spring nail color.

    ok i’m sad. toml came to visit you and didn’t stop by to say hi to me.

  • justme

    the isa dora and milani are beautiful

  • YoungBlackBeauty

    I was soo rocking NYC’s Times Square Tangerine Creme like two summers ago! Orange is my all time favorite color, and it really compliments my warm brown skin. Yay for Orange!Stay fab!

  • Izar

    I have a slightly transparent shimmery orange Bourjois nailpolish which I think I’ll be using more often this spring. Thanks for the inspiration!

    You have some beautiful polishes here, but I think I like the first one the most. ^_^

  • mina

    Some places online that sell discounted OPI, China Glaze and other top brands are:

    You should be able to find Cajun Shrimp at one of those places.

  • BeautyChick101

    Fingerpaints is gorgeous! I love the shimmer. And the Isadora color is fab!

  • Girl-Woman

    Mmm, cajun shrimp is my fave.


  • Anonymous

    i want orange so bad i just love the color along with silver and green