Spring time, baby!

Dear Newbies,

Spring is here. And being that I am a native to Florida, I love love love it! I get to spend more time outside by the beach, pool, at theme parks and festivals and just enjoying the weather. This makes Year 2 of my make-up/beauty obsession and I have to say, I have learned a TON since last year. Here are my Top Spring/Summer Tidbits for Newbies.

Wear Bronzers

I’ve stopped wearing face make-up but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want some kind of glow. My new Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick is perfect for a Springy/Summer glow.

And I know it’s a bit on a pricey side (ahem, $42) but yall gotta trust me on this one. Such a great investment! And I’m sure there are better dupes out there (namely Milani) but I’ve been having dreams about this Shimmerbrick since December of last year. I swirl my MAC 182 brush in this and lightly brush it on the apples of my cheeks. A little goes a long way and it gives me a noticeable but subtle shimmer. I love it! I didn’t think that darker skinned women could pull of bronzers, but honeyyyyy, we sho can. I’ll show you in the FOTDs to come.

Minimal Eye Shadows

I already have oily lids so going through the hassles of putting on 1-2 bases and 2-4 eye shadow colors on just isn’t something that I look forward to in the summertime. Instead, I just sweep a highlight under my brows. I still look “made up” but with little effort. Vanilla pigment is my HG highlight and looks great when applied with a fluffy brush.

Pretty Pouts

My lips aren’t always so hot in the winter time because they tend to be drier. But during spring/summer, I love bustin’ pretty and rich colors. Yes, girl…even at the beach while sippin’ a pina colada. Pretty lips give the face instant glam! And lip products don’t even have to be top of the line.

Ya feel me? $1.72 for N.Y.C. Gotta love it!

Fab nail colors with cute sandals

And when I say fab nail colors, I mean alllll colors! Orange, green, yellow, pink, purple, fire engine red….any and every color. And I love designer shoes like a lot of females but I also love to save some money and get twice as many pairs at Payless. Shooo…..I ain’t shame. I think these are mad cute for only $10.

And with colors like these….


(thanks Yums)

You couldn’t tell me anything…


So, see, newbsters…spring/summertime is great for us! Last year I spent a lot of time coming up with make-up designs with my terrible skills. This post is a great example of that. This time around I plan on taking it easy on the face, checking out new collections and perfecting liner on the lower lash line. That’s my project of the season!


What’s yours? Do you have any tips/suggestions for fellow newbies? Share them!


Image Sources: viewpoints.com, payless.com, chinaglaze.com

  • BeautyTalk

    I love the BB Shimmerbrick! I got in Rose and it was definitely a great investment. Thanks for reminding me to include it in my spring/summer look.

    I can’t imagine wearing a load of crap on my face in the summer, either. I barely do in the winter!

    I’ve seen the BB tinted moisturizer and I’ve always wanted to try it. Thanks for the reminder!

  • nywele

    I love your spring/summer recommendations. What other products from BB do you recommend? I read her make up book and loved her minimalist approach.. off to check out the shimmer brick..

  • spankedelic

    i saw that you just purchased the murad acne products. i have the same kit! i think it works well. the only thing is, it’s very DRYING! the first few days i used it, i noticed i broke out a little bit more. i didn’t know why. my face also seemed a tad bit oilier. i was freaking out! then i read somewhere that when you start using it, you might get a little oilier or break out because the cleansers are bringing the impurities to the surface. because the kit dries out my face, i don’t use the cleanser EVERY day. i use it maybe once or twice a week! a little goes a long way. i really love the minty feeling it gives me. i use the acne spot treatment when i see a zit coming! it really does reduce the size! then i use the clear gel thingy when i have patches of acne. my skin used to be sooooooo clear but then i started on the birth control and my skin broke out! and what’s worse is i got little scars from where i got the acne!!!! my skin is sensitive so that sucked. but my skin is a lot prettier now!

  • justme

    i have always wanted that shimmerbrick too. i plan on nude glossy lips. good skin thru skincare, maybe powder here and there, but mostly good healthy fresh skin, cute made up eyes. sandals and cute dresses. this post made me excited for spring even though here it still kinda feels like winter.

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  • Divine Blackness

    BT–> I’m thinking that I’ll be up on the Rose tip after awhile too. I am so obsessed with the Shimmerbricks. There are just so darn beautiful!

    Nywele–> I’ve only dabbled in BB’s bricks and tinted moisturizers but giiirl, wait until the summer. I’m going to be getting hip to BB a lot more. Her line is really intriguing me more and more.

    Spank–> Thanks so much for your review on this product. It really helps me know what to expect. I’m going on week 2 and so far I haven’t really seen much of a difference. The spot treatment, however is GREAT at zapping pimples really fast. It was seriously like magic. And I absolutely agree that it is pretty drying. My skin was peeling the first few days I used it. Yikes…but hopefully things will get better.

    JustMe–> Sounds like a plan! You sound like me, mama..I’ll send you some warmer weather your way! LOL!

    Place de Video–>Thanks so much for checking out Clumps of Mascara. I will be sure to support your blog as well.

  • Grayburn

    I love love shimmerbricks as well..I have it in beige. Wonder if I should get the other shades? They are pricey though but I don’t care because they are really worth it and gives the most incredible light!


  • FashionDevotee

    I’m now into bright polishes. I used to be set in my ways and would ony wear french manicures and pedicures. After getting a manicure with hot pink polish I was hooked and I love how the color contrasts and stands out with my clothing.