Brown and Blushin’ Series: Brushes

Welcome to the first official post from the Brown & Blushin’ series. The series will highlight questions and pictures for the “new” blush applier. I also hope to dispel the myth that warmer tones can not wear blush. Oh yes, honey…when applied right, we can wear anything from bronzers to hot pink and bright orange blushes.

“Bright orange?”

Hmm mmmm….stay tuned to see exactly what I mean.

Today’s post will be about brushes; one of the most important elements of brush application. I, personally don’t think there is a typical “blush brush”. Different brushes, however, give you different outcomes. The brushes that I will be highlighting today come from the same family but have very little relation to each other.

Say hello to MAC’s 129, 184 and 182

I didn’t mind savin’ up for these brushes. They are worth it beyond belief.

–MAC 129 ($34)–

Why I love this brush: It is amazingly soft and is perfect for applying blush on the cheeks. I use this when I want color concentration on the apples of the cheeks.

–MAC 187 ($42)–
Why I love this brush: This was my first MAC face brush and holds a special place in my heart. The 187 is perfect for stipling my tinted moisturizer but I found it has other majestic uses when applying blush. It is perfect for lightly applying bronzers and taking color all the way up to the hairline….without being “too” much.

–MAC 182 ($45)–

Why I love this brush: My baby buki….I love this precious little brush. It picks up a lot of color and great for contouring. Contouring? Yep….the kabuki brush turns into a contouring brush with just a squeeze.

What are your favorite brushes for blush application?

Ohhh, and check this:

I thought it would be fun to feature some of my beautiful readers wearing their favorite blushes. Don’t be shyyyy. If I can post my clumpy mascara, you can show me your blushin’ cheeks. Send your pictures to me at Be sure to send a clear picture and list the products you used.

  • koizumi

    Sorry for reply in spanish. My english is grrr
    ¿Puedo contestar en español?
    Las brochas que yo uso son:
    – 129- para casi todos los coloretes
    – Prescriptives Blush Bronzer- es similar a Mac 187. Para coloretes muy pigmentados
    – Stila #1, para difuminar los
    múltiples de Nars, aunque no siempre.
    Y quiero comprar Mac 150 (es tan grande y tan suave …)
    Que bonita tu baby buki.
    Un besito.

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    You’ve read my mind!!! I’m in need of great brush to use for blush and bronzers. I think the MAC 182 looks like it can do the trick!

    My favorite brush right now is a smaller MAC one (I don’t know the number), it’s treated me well, but it doesn’t apply my brush/bronzer the way I’d like it to.

  • Divine Blackness

    Koi–> Mi amor, como estas? No problema sobre tu mensaje en Espanol. Escribiendo en Espanol es un poco dificil para mi pero necesisto practicar. Me encanta mis brochas!!! Brochas de Prescreptives estan bueno? Hmmm…Mac 150 es una otra brocha que yo quiero. Baby buki es mi hija…lol. Besitos y gracias! Necesito visitar tu pagina..maquillaje y espanol. Soy enamorada! Besitos!

  • Divine Blackness

    BBG–> I was in need of a good blush brush that would “do the trick” and MAC’s 129 did just that for me. Clinique and Sonia Kashuk also have beautifully soft brushes. The 182 is just diviiiine.

  • slvrlips

    Hey Brittany,
    I’m loving this series. I totally agree with you in regards to the 187 brush and how it gives just the right amount of color without being too harsh.. I can’t wait to read more…

  • PBW

    I love your series on blush! When I see the logo, I get happy!

    I’ve been a Sonia Kashuk angled brush for blush/bronzer.

  • Twinkle Twinkle

    I love the 129 – It’s my go-to blush brush, along with some others (Paula Dorf and Benefit). The 109 is great to for hitting just the apples of the cheeks.

  • rmcandlelight

    I have to save up to buy these brushes.

  • Danyelle

    The bright orange wouldnt be TajMahal by NARS would it????? If so I almost bought it yesterday at Sephora but didn’t think I could pull it off…. You know I’ll be sending pics of my baby Breezy and I, sometime next week.

  • Grayburn

    Mine is def the 187 and my sonia kashuk isn’t half bad.


  • Product Junkie Diva

    Great Review!
    I love it when bloggers refer to their brushes by the
    Product Junkie Diva

  • koizumi

    Hola guapa!
    Solo tengo esa brocha de Prescriptives, y es igualita que la de Mac (aquí le decimos mofeta por los pelitos).
    Y la 150 ¡será mía!
    Un besito.

  • Afrodite

    Soon as I get some batteries for my camera I’ll send you a pic!

  • Afrodite

    I have a brush just like the 187 but it’s from Bare Escentuals. I’m not sure if I like it because the color is a little too disbursed. Does that make sense?

    That Kabuki brush looks like it is the business.

  • juvenescent

    Oh blush pictures. I didn’t start loving blush until recently. This is a great idea! I use my brand new 116. It’s gorgeous. The brush and the application. And I agree, the Sonia Kashuk is terrific-ly soft.

  • SuzieC

    My favorite blush brush of the moment is the pink angeled blush brush from Coastal Scents. It’s a great size for blush and contouring. I love that it picks up just the right amount of blush.

    Coastal Scent brushes can be hit or miss and this one is very good.

  • Anonymous

    QUESTION ABOUT BLUSH!! ohh pick me pick me!!! haha anyways, my cheeks are kind of naturally pink (they get more pink when i smile or when it gets hot) and my friends always say i don't need to use brush. but i wanna have fun with it 0_0 without looking like a tomato. am i asking for too much?

  • B

    Anon—> Awww, you have a natural flush of color. That's gorgeous! Of course you can still wear blush, you just have to be sure to have a "light" hand. MAC mineralized skinfinish in Petticoat would be gorgeous on you. It sparkles a bit but it isn't TOO pigmented. Your natural flush combined with the subtle shimmer will look amazing!