Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara Review

Happy Monday, beauties! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. It’s another Mascara Monday. You all know by now the purpose of Mascara Mondays. To fiiiind….




Yessss, it is that serious. This time around I reviewed Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara. Was it as powerful as it proclaimed to be?

You ready to find out?

Price: 3 out of 5 ($14)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

What it claims: “Vows to look pretty for 24 hours without a smudge or smear. One stroke and these pretty lashes last through rain, sweat, humidity, tears. Yet the formula removes easily with warm water. Unique brush reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest lashes. Ophthalmologist tested, too.

The truth: Well….it ain’t lyin’.

What I loved about it: Ummm, okay, so it really does last! I’m impressed. It was a bit flaky, so I’m thinkin’ I shouldn’t put it on so heavy. And I absolutely adore the brush. This is my ideal mascara brush. It is thin to where it can get alll of my lashes, top and bottom.

What I didn’t like: Well, it doesn’t provide volume or much length, but it looks great when applied on top of my current HG mascara.

Overall: This is one mascara that actually does what it says it is going to do. I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t give me sooooome volume. But then again, it didn’t say that it would. I got minimal curl but not enough to make me want to wear it by itself. Somehow I’ve developed allergies at the age of 23 (crazy, uh?) and this mascara was able to withstand the constant eye rub. But it really does stand strong all day and comes off easily with warm water. Fab! So if you are the type of lady that runs around all day and needs something that can keep up with you…this is right up your alley.

What do you think about this mascara? And help your girl out…what other mascaras should I review? I’m open to reviewing drugstore and high-end brands. Send your requests to

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, this is a lovely site.
    I’ve been into make up hardcore for about 10 yrs now. I luvs er’thang about it.

    my two favorite mascaras are
    Max Factor 2000 calorie lash in (maybe blackest black, curved brush) and Maybeline Lash Stylist (it has a comb).

    I have just recently (1 yr ago)started using the Maybeline Lash Stylist. I was a Maybeline Great Lash fan, but after using the Lash Stylist I was converted.
    It really is NICE.


  • nywele

    i’ve never tried this mascara. I am always looking for volume or length also..Can you review the maybelline define a lash?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  • koizumi

    Hola nena! tienes que probar Faux Cils de YSL. Te cambiará la vida, en serio.
    Un besito!

  • PBW

    I haven’t tried this one yet.

    But my general experiences with Clinique mascaras in in line with yours. Love the brush, but find the actual mascara lacking.

    I’ll ask for a sample of this one next time I pass a counter.

  • GS

    Hi girl!!
    I´m searching for my new mascara HG, if only I could find Maybelline´s Unstoppable… sigh…the one I´m currently using (Avon waterproof) is really good, but it doesn´t give lenght nor volume and I want to give my lashes a little wow, I´m almost being brainwashed to buy CG´s LashBlast (i like the big brush and the tube´s color -don´t you sometimes get attracted for a cosmetic just for the packaging?) butI always remember the bad experience I´ve had in the past with CG´c mascaras… I´ll be looking and reading for advice.

  • Grayburn

    Thanks for noticing my new layout :) I’m glad you liked it!

    If you get a chance to try out fiberwig from Imju, I would be curious to know what you think. It has everything this mascara has, but with lengthening effect!


  • nilla cookie

    I’ve been wanting to try this mascara for quite some time now – everyone’s been raving about it!

  • What would you like my name to be?

    I’m such a “plain jane” when it comes to skincare and makeup products — I get so nervous to try anything new! So no, I haven’t tried this kind of mascara either.

    In terms of makeup in general, I’m a CoverGirl all the way! I just bought VolumeExact mascara (by CoverGirl) and kinda-sorta like it. I would have liked more volume, though. Anywho, I usually use Queen Collection’s Volume Mascara. Love it!

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  • Kristy

    I had an awful time with this mascara!! It “rolled” off my lashes within a few hours of application. I wore it in humid weather, and my skin is oily, so it just made this weird formula dissolve. Little flakes and tubes of the mascara were all over my cheeks, it was a complete mess. The ads made it sound so great – a water resistant mascara that you could remove with warm water…yay! Well, not so much a ‘yay’ for me because it didn’t even survive a trip to the movie theater.

  • victoria

    I loved the wand, but the mascara itself made my lashes look thinner than they do without any mascara at all! It was kind of an aging look so I actually had to chuck it!