FOTD Friday: A Fun Look

Hi gorgeous folx!

I got an email from a lovely reader saying that I don’t do many FOTDs anymore and haven’t done a bold look in a very long time. Haven’t really dove in that FOTD Friday series much, uh?

Yeeep, she’s right. I actually don’t dab into make-up that much these days. I know, I know, tragedy…but I’m not really down to wearin’ a ton of stuff. But she inspired me to do a blue/green look. So I pulled out some bright make-up and sat down to watch my show.

Hands down my favorite show ever. Got all 4 seasons on DVD and would rather watch this every day than the stuff on regular cable. Anywho….got to gigglin’ with Martin and came up with this craziness.

I purposely didn’t blend the colors together. I wanted each one to be stark and be bold on its own. If that really makes any sense.

I even did a Tina Turner hair look. HA!

Yes yall….I am a mess.

Here’s what I used:

Not a thing

EYES (colors):
Bamboo Paint
Yellow Sunshine e/s
Wondergrass e/s
Eyepopping e/s
Submarine e/s
Thunder e/s

Some really pretty Holiday Lustreglass.

….nothin’ to brag about but I can dig it. It was fun to play around in eye make-up again. Happy Friiiiiiday!

  • rmcandlelight

    Girl, Martin is one of my favorite shows to. They don’t make them like that anymore. You look fierce with your Tina Turner look.

  • Danyelle

    Your skin is looking good gurl!!! My dark spots aren’t completely gone yet so I still wear concealer and some MSF SPF loose (FL sun,ugh) but I hope to let that all go soon….

  • Afrodite

    Wait just one collar-pickin’ minute! When did you straighten your hair? And did you cut it? Geez, I’m gone from the blogging world for a week and everything changes!

    I get why you don’t blend when doing a bold look because it’s for effect. I love it!

  • Sass

    very pretty! you look great

  • SuzieC

    Love it!!

  • Divine Blackness

    rmcandlelight–> Yesss girl, Martin is a classic. I watch that show everyyyyyday. The hair is craziness, uh?

    Dany–> I seriously am so proud of my skin. It is seriously looking so great these days. I think it was because of a detox/fast that I did. I’m doin’ cocoa butter every night for the dark spots. Have you tried that?

    Afro–> You so silly. I did straighten my hair (better pic at Rantings of a Rebella) for a wek or so. The fro is back. And nope, no cuts. But I’m going to soon. Because I’m locin’ up!

    Sassy & Susie–> Thank you, my loves!

  • makeupfairytale

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  • Divine Blackness

    Makeup Fairy Tale–> Thank you soooo much. I am in love with the Shu eyelash curler. I use it religiously. I just checked the site and of course, all of the cheap items are temporarily sold out. Boo. But I guess now would be a good time to indulge in their new lippies. Thank you, thank you!

  • Nemesis

    Looks good lady…for the first time I actually wore some bright eyeshadow..I guess I feel at my age (39) I don’t need to do that, BUT I used my new HiP duo (the one with the pink and the brown) and it was cute…

  • Twinkle Twinkle

    I like the look! You should do FOTD’s more often.

  • D’lee Trecia

    love the lips color…. wooooooo…

    nice…. yellow n some old gold.. heck i still haven’t found any eyeshadows lol.. i’m dreaming….

    Did you press out your hair? oh i read you did.. hmm i can’t wait to see the locing up… i’m not ready yet.

  • PBW

    I am loving that blue eyeshadow!

  • BeautyTalk

    Oh, your skin looks so nice bare!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I dont wear or own foundation, dont do the blush thing and I only have two eye shadows (which I got just a few months ago), so i know what you mean about not wearing a ton of stuff. with that said, your eyes look GREAT. And you have great skin young lady :-) what do you use? just curious.
    Have a great week
    Product Junkie Diva

  • Stephie

    i love this look! and your hair is too cute :)

  • yummy411

    i love how you played with colors…

    i love martin too! babyyum calls him “the college road trip man” LOL!

  • FashionDevotee/FierceBlackness

    Loves Martin…I have it recording on the DVR…I love the bright colors! FAB!

  • nilla cookie

    This look is so fun, I love it! :)

  • Miss Pretty

    I love the Martin episode when someone stole his cd player and he had that big stuffed dog!