MAC’s Naughty Nauticals

MAC’s Naughty Nauticals has been released today and being the MAC lover that I am, I had to check it out. I’m not ‘gon lie to yall. MAC hasn’t really been impressing me these past few collections. I’ve really only purchased things out of pretty packaging and the MAC urge. Some of you fellow addicts, know about the latter.

Nonetheless, I am dedicated, so during my lunch break, I took a stroll to my MAC Pro store here in Orlando. One of my favorite make-up artists was there! I love this man. He’s a bit on the sexy side and did my make-up that I had on in this picture..*click for a close up*

Yeeeeep, that was when those Paint Pots first came out and I was all over that Delft and Freshwater. Yessss chile. Me and my girl Raffie, good times good times.

Anywho, so my make-up artist (we’ll call him Thai) did a great job at introducing the colors to me (tellin’ me which ones were dupe-able) and I surprisingly, stuck to my list. Kind of…

Here are the swatches of some of the eyeshadows that I was able to gather WITH flash. I swatched Blue Clam (NOT apart of Naughty Nauticals) because I was debating on getting this color or not. I think I will one day. It is beautiiiiful.


I know, I’m a bit unfair to my readers when it comes to swatchin’ and postin’. I’m not really good in this department. I really only swatch the things that I “think” I may like…hehe, so my apologies if you are lookin’ for the entire collection on my hand. Ain’t gonna happen, chief. It’s hard enough trying to to explain why I don’t need a make-up remover wipe. Geez.

I wanted to like Illegal Cargo, but Thai and I both decided that it was too chalky for my skin tone. SEE! Pastels never work for us darker folx *pouts* But I did like the 2 pigments I swatched.

Oh la laaaa….that Mutiny is hooooot!! I wanted to haul it so bad but I doubt I will ever wear it. Especially since I’m into neutrals these days. Thai confirmed that Bell Bottom Blue is definitely un-original and therefore not worthy to be hauled. Don’t you love honest make-up artists? Can I take him home?

On to the lippies…

Port Red was lined with Nightmoth lip liner because Thai said that they would look beautiful together. He ain’t lyin’. And that’s why I hauled that. I don’t own a TRUE red lipstick. The other lippies were okay, but just “eh…” I liked Buoy-O-Buoy but I already have a nice neutral lipstick.

And I didn’t see any Lustreglasses out on display so I didn’t get a chance to check those out. I don’t think I would have been that interested anyway. I’ve had my share of lip gloss over $5 for quite some time. Fo reals.

So here are the eye shadows I got.

I know, I know….another blue. But I swear this blue is different. It is absolutely gorgeous. The only thing that I don’t like about it, is that it is a frost. Not a big fan of frosts because they take a lot of “packing on” to be effective. But I think that it’s worth it. And contrary to what some people think it does not look like Freshwater. This blue is richer. I love it!

This color is re-promote that was originally introduced in the Balloonancy collection. It is a fab gun smoke silver that I think will look good in my little collection. It has silver undertones and is a bit more glittery than I’d like, but overall, I thought it was a must have…..especially for smoky eyes.

Yall know I am a huge proponent for women of color wearing red lipsticks. I am really excited about this Port Red. I checked the racks to see if there was a color like it and I didn’t see one. I may have over looked something, but I wanted a nice red lipstick so I’m happy about hauling this. FOTDs soon to come!!

Naughty Nauticals overall: It’s okay. But just okay. I’m kinda glad that I didn’t like everything because I really don’t need to go overboard on the purchasing make-up when I have a new place to furnish. If you already have a good amount of blues/deep purples, pass it. That Mutiny pigment is the best thing I have ever seen though and I may try to snag a sample of that, if anything. The lippies are nice, but I seemed to have colors that were similar and like I mentioned, I didn’t see the Lustreglasses.

So what do you folx think?

Those that have checked out the collection, are you lovin’ it?
And those that haven’t….do you think you will love it?

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  • nywele

    thank you for the swatches! I will add port red in my the way you’ve been tagged for another game:)

  • BeautyTalk

    I am definitely going to get Illegal Cargo.

  • Afrodite

    Haven’t checked out the collection yet. I do like Blue Clam and Mutiny. I’m not feeling the lippies too much. I actually went to my local MAC store on Wednesday and tried 3-D on because your blog reminded me of it. I didn’t really love it. I may have to try it with a Lipglass over it.

    Oh! And I clicked on that picture of you and your friend, please tell me why I have those same exact earrings in an amber color? Lmao! Twin? I’m actually wearing them today.

    And I didn’t know you had your nose pierced. Am I slow or what?

  • LBIC

    Girl, I didn’t know you’re from Orlando! So am I! Well, officially I live in Winter Park, but same thing, really. Which pro store do you go to? Millenia?

    Anywhooo, I really like the Port Red and the Pandamonium that you got. I’m a fan of black shadow.

  • Divine Blackness

    Nywele–> Port Red is hotnessss!! I love it. Let’s hope that it looks good on the lips. I haven’t even tried yet.

    Beauty Talk–> I really like the color. A lot! It just doesn’t work for me. But giiiirl, I want you to rock it so I can get some satisfaction. LOL!

    AFRO–> I dun told you Blue Clam ain’t with this collection. It’s a pro color. But ain’t it fab? 3D with that Get Rich dazzle glass is pretty. But that’s hittin’ $30 and I know you ain’t havin’ it. LOL!

    LBIC–> Heyyyy, okayyy, why was I just dyin’ over all 12 of your posts today? I swear you are the funniest person I know. I just moved to Orlando from LA. Went to school in Tampa, from Tallahassee, born in Miami. Girl, I’m allll over. Yep, the Millenia MAC is my favorite. Too many tourists but I am obsessed with MAC Pro stores.

  • juvenescent

    Thanks for the review. Now that I’ve seen it in person, I decided that I will just keep my money. I would get the piggies, but I have fooling with them, plus I am too lazy to press the, Sad, I know.

  • yummy411

    hey chica! great post! i have a review coming but i have no swatches… eh oh well! i was all swatched up and labeling the pics is something else too! thanks for sharing! come check and see my thoughts! (um when i get them up!)

  • Lish

    lmao! “this blue is diff i swear!”

  • Dominican Enigma

    Great review. you are hysterical. I actually loved the submarine eyeshadow and I got 2 lipglasses that were amazing too.

  • Danyelle

    Yooo, I went there today to check out the collection and I wasn’t really impressed. I was gonna get the Illegal Cargo to because of the lilac purple hue but it is a bit chalky on us brownies. I also swatched Submarine but it seemed like a dull Freshwater, so I passed… I wound up hauling Date Night Dazzleglass. Love it! It lasted through my talking, eh 3hrs or so, and kisses from the bf! Pics on the way….

  • Seymone

    I love this collection.. I guess because I love blues. I love Port Red and Party Mate.. I think Neo Sci Fi should the winner but the Stowaway palette is hot.

  • Virtuous Blue

    Just when I said I wasn’t going to buy any more makeup, you come and get me all excited about Naughty Nauticals. The product junkie in me thanks you but the budget does not.

    Thanks girl,
    Teneasha (VB)

  • nywele

    i ordered port red online….i can’t wait to get it :)

  • rmcandlelight

    Everything is so beautiful. I live in Orlando. Can you tell me the location of the Pro store?

    Thanks, (*_*)

  • Divine Blackness

    Seymone–> I haven’t seen the quad. Is that at Nordie’s?

    rmcandleligh–> The Pro Store is located in Mall of Millenia. Love that mall but it is too touristy. I only go there for MAC and then I’m out.

  • justme

    you made me want the port red and i am not a red lipstick sorta girl. i swatched it and didn’t really think i would wear it although it was cute. i made a video on my blog about what i got so far. thanks for your reviews.

  • nilla cookie

    I’m all for this collection. The red lippie (I can already imagine) is going to look GREAT on you! And Mutiny piggie is really HOT!!

    Thanks for your thoughts on these, I definitely will need to check them out this weekend :)

  • Grayburn

    oh you’re so lucky cause those colors realllly pop against your skin tone! Nice to hear what you think about this collection :)


  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Oh that blue looks soooo pretty!! I just don’t look good in eye shadow, but you’re about to make me try again. It looks really nice on you. :-)