Make-Up Stash

Thanks J for your email. This entry is inspired by you! Since graduating from high school, I have always been on the move. From dorm to dorm, apartment to apartment, state to state, city to city….you get the idea. This never caused a problem until my addiction of make-up came about. It is extremely difficult packing up and moving beauty products. I’ve lost/broken way too many things along the way. The set-up for my make-up now is nothin’ pretty but it’s functional. Dig it…(click pictures to enlarge)

I know, I know… make-up in the bathroom. Not the best place but whatev. Everything is stashed in a boring ole’ plastic thingie. I tried to be a bit creative in the brush department though…

Poor Baby Buki. I have to create a nice little home for her.

Open up the compartments and here’s whatcho got

Lippies, part deux.

The small but growing blush department. Stay tuned for the Brown & Blushin’ series!

Pencils, primers and pigments…

And I can’t show you the mascara section because I don’t ruin any surprises for Mascara Mondays. Hehehe….check out the nail care department.

You see that that throw back caboodle? I had it since those Seventeen magazine readin’ days. A great deal of my pigments are in my traincase. Tinted moisturizer and minerals are in the medicine cabinet and I still have make-up hidden at my Mom’s house 4 hours away. So everything is still a work in progress.

How do you gals keep your items in order? Traincases? Drawers? Cosmetic cases? Tell me! Got any ideas with what I should be doin’ with my stash?

Stay pretty this weekend!

  • What would you like my name to be?

    omg! my girlie products are stashed all over the place. i was just thinking to myself the other day that i needed to get more organized with my makeup. phew! nice blog, btw.

  • nywele

    I love your stash. Just the other day, I called MAC PRO to order a palette since i’ve been seeing everyone with their MAC Palette and it is pretty neat! Well, apparently the MA told me that I can’t depot my eyeshadows because they’re glued and they might break! GASP..we don’t want that

    my make-up is in my traincase. It also helps me to monitor what i have..

    I love the way you organized your brushes..very pretty

  • Lakia

    I love your idea for the nail polishes and tool, now that is very creative!

  • PBW

    What a stash!!! My stuff is all over the place.

  • Twinkle Twinkle

    I have to start taking pictures of my stash – that’s on my blog to do list. I store my goodies on two caboodles, plus different types of desk top organizers and plastic shelf systems that are all organized on a three tier wire system.

    And Nywele – I have depotted tons of eye shadows, there are instructions on Specktra. You just have to be really careful.

  • SuzieC

    I keep my makeup in bags. Right now they are on a shelf in my linen closet…my dining room table…a chair in my bedroom…I seriously need to get my makeup in order.

    I like your plastic thingie and was thinking about getting one like it.

  • justme

    i love your collection and i see nothing wrong with your storage now! I like the simplicity of it all! its kinda like mine!

  • rmcandlelight

    You have a lot of makeup. At least you are organized. I would love to see your traincase. I want to buy a nice big one because I am collecting makeup now and I don’t want to out grow a small traincase so I figure buy a large one. In your case you might have to buy several large traincases. Lookup they have them.


    I like your setup, very organized. I need something like that. My makeup is in a 2 gallon plastic crafts bin. Then I have a small plastic case for my absoulte favorites, and a makeup bag for my brushes.

    To nywele, you can depot your own shadows and even mend them if you mess them up. I posted about this on my blog recently. The youtube tutorials I used are on there.

  • D’lee Trecia

    WOw, i think i’m going to have to show my mom this….

    i like it….

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Great collection!! I need to get some better storage for mine.

  • nilla cookie

    I love how organized you are! I’m soo not good with my stuff at all and I think I have the same pull out drawers you do! LOL!

    Hope all is good with you and hope you’ve finally settled in with your move!! :)

  • Lish

    i still have my pink barbie kaboodle case that at 21 i still cant part wit..i guess part of me dont wanna grow up lmao!

  • Grayburn

    ooooh, which blush is that (the pink one)? It looks like Sweetness! I love the pebbles you have in your brush holder. I should do something similar. Thanks for the great ideas on organizing!


  • Product Junkie Diva

    I like the way you have organized things. I see we both have get Rich dazzleglass by MAC.
    happy organizing
    Product JUnkie Diva

  • Anonymous

    I recognize some New York Color glosses. Love those!

  • Divine Blackness

    NYC is the best, Anon! Don’t you love ’em?

  • Girl-Woman

    I am always trying to find a way to organize my stash. I have not come up with a foolproof plan yet. Your organizational skills look superb.

  • Nicole

    Nice stash!

    I have a pink and white striped traincase that houses my “go to” products on the bathroom counter and then a rather large wicker drawer unit for the rest of the beauty supplies in my bedroom! Not to mention the hair and skincare products in the bathroom… oh dear.

    I love what you did with the glass stones in your brush cup! Really really clever… might have to snatch up that idea next time I am setting up my makeup area (we’re moving, lol).

    Great blog, by the way :)


  • Anonymous

    Hey! I’m just a random white chick who’s desperate for beauty tips, and I gotta say, your blog is the shit! Very helpful, and epically fun. Also, in response to this post right here, all my girly junk is in a little purple box thing. Not very organized, but I don’t have a whole lot lol. Keep rockin’ the blog of awesome!

  • B

    Anon–> LOL, you are the greatest! This post is almost a year old and ohmigooooodness, my stash has grown quite a bit. It's kinda scary. LOL! Thanks for supporting Clumps of Mascara. I really appreciate it.

  • P.Y.T. in Pink

    Ok, so…I know I'm a little late; but, did I read that you have a stash @ your mom's house? Hmmmm…you have me thinking. Don't be surprised if you come back home and….oh never mind, lol!

  • B

    PYT—> OMG, Carmen stooooop. My Mom has totally kicked me out of the house since then. Ha!

  • brianna

    A great way to store your pallets (MAC, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, etc.) Is just a paper filing organizer. They're plastic or metal and i'm sure can be found at any target or even walmart. It makes them look super neat and organized. I love wicker baskets also for lotions and other things because it keeps it looking neat and put away, but still accessible.

  • Mady

    Cute!!! At least it’s organized! Uve got wayyyyyyy more than me! I only have one or two of everything. Hope ur doing good in college!

    • Brittany

      This is a super old post. I graduated in ’07. :)