Site business & Neo Sci-Fi

Hi pretty people…my internet at home has been trippin’ like mad but I’m back and in action. Excuse the delay in responding to your emails. I know, I know…missed another Mascara Monday. But no worries. I’ve taken all of your suggestions and have some fab reviews coming up in the next few weeks.

  • Also, my reviews of those Costal Scents brushes AND a great skincare line are also in the works.

  • Aaaand…if you are like me and love perfumes but ain’t tryna break ya pocket on $50+ a bottle, I have the perfect solution for you. That will be in the next Let It Clump Series.

  • Aaaand, thanks to all of you sendin’ your love, pictures and quotes for the Brown & Blushin’ series. I am so excited because yall are so excited. A post will be coming soon .

  • And last but not least…Clumps of Mascara will be celebrating its (is my blog a male or female? Anyone know?) first anniversary next month and in honor of that, I will be unveiling a completely new look for the site. It’s going to be amaziiiing! Are yall ready? You should be because there will also be some giveaways! Heyyyy!!!

*sigh* Okayyy, got all of that news out of the way. Back to beauty…since I’m on make-up probation until June, I really couldn’t get excited about…

But I did. I still wanted to max out my credit card, deplete my savings and run to the nearest MAC store. But I didn’t. I was a good girl. Yall should be proud.

So to reward myself, I picked up a few Neo Sci Fi goodies. —but wait, I didn’t actually spend money. I returned a liner I didn’t like and utilized B2M. So, seeee….no money was spent. Now if that ain’t beauty hustlin’, I don’t know what is.

Check out Sci-Fi-Delity… is a frost described as burnt red with gold pearl. I had to snag it simply because I don’t have a color like this.

[No Flash]

[Floridian sunlight]

Ohhh, I should add that my make-up artist added Money Honey Dazzleglass on top. I thought it was a bit too much “dazzle” but she loved it.

Me realizing that I actually went to MAC, got 2 products and didn’t spend a dime.

Me realizing that traffic in Orlando during lunch hour really don’t make no sense.

* a mess*
And most of you are aware of my newest obsession with nail polishes. I already knew I was getting that Phosphor. It is going to be perfect on the toes….when my Shocking Pink starts a crackin’…on goes the bumble bee yellow!

Still not done with Neo Sci-Fi. When my probation is up, I’m thinking about snagging Pink Grapefruit lipglass and swatching Electro (you know..that orange lipstick). The packaging for this collection is my favorite. I don’t have a favorite color, but if I did….it would probably be orange (or urnge like us folx in the South say). This collection is kickin’!

What did you ladies snag and like? Disappointed? Obsessed? Let ya Head Newb know!

[image source: maccosmetics]

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Love this post. I am about to put together my post for the neo sci fi line. I was going to wait but I need to show these colors.
    I really do like this line.
    Product Junkie Diva

  • yummy411

    ooh so exciting! all the good new and thangs! sci fi delity is so innocent and pretty on you. i need to check it out and see what i’m missing. i love this line and the orange packaging too =)

  • Lily


    that nail polish looks hot!! it looked so intimidating in the store, but it looks great on you!

  • nywele

    i am excited about the upcoming giveaway!
    I am still waiting on my goodies! thank you for the swatch of sci-fidelity! I love how sheer and pretty it is!

  • Danyelle

    URNGE!!!! LOL!!! Its been a while since I heard that :)

  • Fashion’s Darling

    lmaooo…traffic…lmaooo…too funny! I love the nail polish, surprisingly as yellow seemed a bit muh for me…guess you proved me wrong.

    great post

  • Grayburn

    Ouch bright yellow! It’s so summer-y though.


  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    I love the neo-sci-fi line!!! Btw, I love the lipstick/lipgloss – it looks great on you!!

  • nilla cookie

    June will come soon Brittany! And you should definitely get Pink Grapefruit and Electro for summer. They’re hot! Electro was too orange for my liking, but I think it would look great on you :)

  • PBW

    Get the pink grapefruit! Understated peachy bronze. I’m thinking it’ll be cute on you.

    You’ve been tagged, check my blog for details.

    Be back later to talk MAC.

  • rmcandlelight

    I’m getting into perfumes. I want to get juicy couture. Can’t wait for your writeup on perfumes.

  • Afrodite

    I need to just go ahead and break down and go to the MAC store. What am I doing with my life? I think I’m should wait till I get paid first…

    As far as nail polishes are concerned, I wanted to tell you that I got a mani/pedi last week and I took your advice and tried orange polish on my hands. It was gorgeous, it was like an orangy-gold but it really looks fabulous against brown skin. Thanks for the heads up, Brit!

  • Mikaela

    Oh my gawd – “beauty hustlin'” is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard – I love it.

  • Divine Blackness

    Mikaela–I’m a mess, uh? LOL…I just made it up. Craziness.

    Afro–> Yaaay!! Girl, I told you..isn’t Urnge the business?

  • Hil’Lesha

    That color is fab! ~loves bright colors~

  • Fluff The Artist

    GORGEOUS nail lacquer! MAC wins again. :)

  • ohsoshy

    Dang homie, as soon as I talk myself out of getting Sci-Fi-Delity here you come looking all good and stuff in it. Now I gotta get it!

  • Char

    i like the bumble bee nail polish!

  • Black-N-Dade

    I looooooooove love love the site. Ay chica me gusta MUCHO!! Clumps is def a chick, ok? The new site look and that nail color are both HOT! like MIA in June. Love ya babe

  • fanfrickingtastic

    I just bought this shade from MAC. Somehow it looks really cute on you, but on me it looks like I have a nail infection. Not cute on me! Boo! Love your new site design.

  • ShanSoPink

    You should totally get Pink Grapefruit AND Electro. I just got them and I’m in love love love!!! ♥