Costal Scents Brushes: Video Review

Why am I just now getting around to reviewing these? I actually did a video awhile back but forgot to create a post and upload.


I was too lazy to go through the Windows Movie Maker editing mess, and I didn’t realize how dark I was but oh well.

To see my original post about the CS brushes, click here.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    OOOH boy a video, I can’t wait to watch this when I get home..
    Product junkie Diva

  • nywele the video!
    Everyone has been raving about these blushes, I need to get a set!

    Whoever said you talk too much must have woken up on the wrong foot that day :)

  • yummy411

    great review.. if you like that flat top brush,please try the italian badge buffer brush large (something like) oh.. it’s a gamble though. slvrlips got it after i got mine and we both have had success and love the it.. now others have complained about smells and might have complained about the bleeding, but i love mine and would buy another for clients =)

  • Divine Blackness

    Nywele…girl, I can’t even deny it. I can be a motor mouth when I want to.

    Ohhh, thanks Yummy. I remember you reviewing that. I can deal with the bleeding. That goes away after a few washes, right? But the smell. Giiiiirl….

  • Grayburn

    Love you in video even more! Great review girl, thanks!


  • SuzieC

    I have the pink buffer brush and it smelled like some bizarre combo of death and bad breath when I got it. The only thing that got the smell out for me was adding fabric softener. Now I love it. The blush brush is also good. I have that kabuki and I’m not to fond of it since it’s as soft as I would like it. The duo fiber stippling brush and was a waste of money. It’s too soft and sheds like crazy.

  • Felicity

    Nice product review!