Mascara Monday: MAC Zoom Lash

Happy Monday, gorgeous people! You know that the only thing good about Mondays are Mascara Mondays! You know I’m still trying to find the BEST mascara ever.

If it exists.

And lemme tell you…Maybelline XXL Curl Power is my current LG. Love it!

This time around I reviewed MAC’s Zoom Lash Mascara. Did it really give me zOoOoOm?

You ready to find out?

MAC’s Zoomlash

Price: 3 out of 4 ($11)
Packaging (Brush wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

What it Claims: “This instant volume mascara power-lifts the lashes into length, curls them up…builds them faster than you can wink! Precision control wand glides smoothly down lashes to provide a gorgeously silky upward “sweep”. Smudgeproof and long-wearing!”

The truth: Seriously….it does give you some “ZOOM!”

What I loved about it: What I love most about Zoom Lash is the wand. I adore wands that are smaller in size with nice defined bristles.

What I didn’t like: It made my lashes a bit too wispy. And it is flaky. Yuck!

Overall: One of the better MAC mascaras, in my opinion. Zoom Lash works for me simply because it really gives my lashes a “wave” that I would not otherwise have. I also love that it is long lasting and doesn’t loose its lift throughout the day. I can certainly do without the flakiness, though. And I think I need to mention that this mascara makes your lashes a bit stiff. I personally like this feature because a lot of mascaras either weigh down my lashes or don’t give them enough lift. I can dig it!

Have you tried with mascara? What do you think? Or tell me what you think about MAC’s mascaras in general. Send your suggestions for Mascara Monday to

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  • Product Junkie Diva

    You are really going to get me to buy more This MAC mascara sounds great.
    Product Junkie Diva

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    I’ve tried MAC zoom and I didn’t like it that much. My cousin swears by it though!!

    Great review! :-)

  • nywele

    I haven’t tried zoomlash. I tried pro lash, pro longlash and fibre rich lash. I hated fibre rich clumped my eyelashes all the time!

  • koizumi

    I tried for a wedding and it is OK but I don´t like it so much. :(
    I love your blushin´ series. I have to send you my blush´s collection.

  • LBIC

    I love MAC, but I’m sticking with Maybeline mascara. It’s the best out there, in my opinion. And it’s cheaper than the MAC

  • Beautyful Habit

    I hate hate hate MAC’s Zoom lash, super clumpy and the wand clumps tpp much for use after a while! I love Maybelline’s blackest black and cover girl’s mascara in brown….Great post though!!!

  • TyRaye83

    Maybelline Stilletto(Very Black or Blackest Black) the best hands down!!!!! Sexy curves by Rimmel comes in second place.

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