Mascara Monday: Maybelline Define-A-Lash

| June 30, 2008 | 18 Comments

It’s another Mascara Monday, ladies. Mascara Mondays is when we show tribute to the star of the blog in attempts to find *drum roll*…..the best mascara ever! Today I will be reviewing Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash.

Price: 5 out of 5
Packaging (Brush Wand):5 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5

What it claims: “This zero clump mascara creates stunning length with clean definition.

The truth: I mean, it’s just okay. Nothing spectacular.

What I loved about it: I love the lime green packaging. Sounds silly but I love pretty tubes. The formula claims to be washable and it actually lives up to that.

What I didn’t like: I hate that flippin’ brush. And it was a bit clumpy.

Overall: Wellll, I don’t know. This mascara is just didn’t do it for me. I have to admit though, it did give me great definition. The brush takes a quite bit of getting used to. I found that it was too flimsy and didn’t give me the control that my clumsy self usually needs when applying mascara. Plus it was a bit too flaky and clumpy for me. Booooo.

Here’s the video review.

What do you think about this mascara? Have you tried it and liked it?

Stay tuned for next week’s Mascara Monday when I review, in my opinion, the most innovative mascara ever!

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  1. yummy411 says:

    lol OK we finally agree on a mascara! ;)

  2. nywele says:

    aaaw…i’ve been wearing that mascara for a while..I prefer it to great lash…but yes, it is nothing out of extraordinary… i need to try the colossal one

  3. Roxy says:

    Aw I just bought the Define-A-Lash volume mascara. I haven’t tried it yet but the only reason I bought it is because of the packaging, too!

  4. Anjela says:

    I’m glad I didn’t believe the hype and buy it!

  5. Nudiemuse says:

    I just tried that one and I wasn’t impressed at all. I made such a mess with that brush. I think I might try it with a different brush with it.

  6. PBW says:

    Love the video. Now I’m gonna want one every Mascara Monday!

    I don’t like the looks of that mascara brush, but I do like the green tube.

  7. Askmewhats says:

    thanks for the review, this is very helpful!

  8. Grayburn says:

    I like this mascara (I’ve reviewed it as well!) but the formula isn’t dark enough for my liking.

    x Grayburn

  9. Smirking Cat says:

    I like this one a lot. I haven’t had any problems with clumping. I wipe off the end of the wand with a tissue, but I do that with all mascara (that blob that always seems to be at the end of the wand). P.S. I HATE the Colossal mascara! It’s awful!

  10. Product Junkie Diva says:

    I have not tried this one but now I know to walk on by.
    I too LOVE pretty
    Product Junkie Diva

  11. Fashion's Darling says:

    Yeah I too was fooled into buying that pretty green tube of wonder.

    except it wasn’t wonderful…I agree 100% with this post. I thought I was the only one with heavy lashes…=)

  12. SuzieC says:

    I hate hate hate that brush! Every time I used I thought ok this time it’s going to break. I liked the result I got with it but the brush made me send it to the makeup graveyard.

  13. slvrlips says:

    Hey B,
    O my goodness, I’m a sucker for cute packaging as well. I really like this mascara. The wand is what sold me. It makes getting into the inner corner easier for me.

  14. GS says:

    I want it!!!! I agree with you and some of the other girls, it´s the packaging that makes me buy stuff, that´s why I´m this close to buy LashBlast and forget about the horrible experiences with CG mascaras, that orange tube is calling my name. I really like the define-a-lash tube oh and the volume formula is the same but pink!! super cool.

  15. Glamouricious says:

    tnx lol i will be refraining from buying this one.. good thing i saw this review since i hate flaking and clumpiness.
    sometimes i also use 2 mascara’s and actually just like you said: i use one which seperates really well and has a tiny wand.. Maybelline’s Lash Discovery Mascara. and then i use covergirl lash exact which is good for volume.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have that mascara, but the kind in the pink packaging. I defiantly prefer it to great lash, but I admit it is kind of flaky/clumpy…

  17. Naomi says:

    I, too, was drawn in by the green tube. But surprising, despite the weir–I mean, DIFFERENT brush, I love this mascara! Defines and lengthens perfectly. I have it in waterproof and it doesn't flake or anything. And absolutely no clumps.


    I first curl my eyelashes, apply this, and while my eyelashes are still wet from Define-A-Lash, I top it off with volume mascara (Lash Blast). Gives me perfect, non-clumpy, lengthy and voluminous lashes!

  18. B says:

    Naomi—> Ah haaaa, thanks for letting me know your method. I may try this!

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