Brown and Blushin’ Series: Bronzers!

Time for another edition of Brown and Blushin’. I knowww, it’s been awhile since we’ve visisted this series, uh? Please excuse the delay. But this time around I have some real goodies for you in the “bronzer” department.

“What is a bronzer for anyway?”

Can yall believe I asked this question less than a year ago? Yes…your head newbie in charge was not familiar with bronzers. Don’t cyber-grill me…I’m learning, okay? And I know there are a few of you pretty people out there who don’t even own bronzers.

Neither did I until 3 months. HA!

Now I’m hooked. Bronzers are beautiful on brown skin. It gives us that “sun kissed” look. When lightly applied on the cheeks, it can bring out the cheekbones. When swiped under the brow, it can act as a pretty highlighter. When dapped on the apples of the cheeks, it provides just enough shimmer to make your pretty cheeks radiate with every smile.

I really love bronzers. Today I’m going to feature my 3 favorite (ha, and only) bronzers.

Are yall diggin’ my pretty set up? I try, I try.

So, I’ve put our 3 bronzers in categories.

For my sistas on a budget we have Tanfastic Bronzer by CoverGirl
For my girls who have a little extra pocket change we have Cargo’s Bronzer in Medium
…and for my ballin’ chicas (um, not me) we have Bobbi Brown’s Shimmbrick Compact in Bronze

CoverGirl’s Tanfastic Bronzer

For only $5.99, you have to be in love with this CoverGirl bronzer. It is highly pigmented so you won’t need much to achieve a nice but subtle glow. In fact, because it is so pigmented it is wonderful as an eyeshadow or brow bone color. I’m not gonna front–the brush uhh….the brush sucks. It is a a bit too stiff for initial application for me. But will it do the job for an on the go touch-up? Absolutely!


Cargo Cosmetic’s Bronzer-Medium

So maybe you got a little raise or Mommy dropped some funds in your account (dang, I miss those college years) and you want to splurge for the moment. Let me introduce you to this baby. I have the mini version but for $25 you can cop the award winning Cargo Cosmetic bronzer. Mad love to my sis, Amina at Coup de Coeur who got me hip to this beautiful tin canned wonder. The texture is so soft that it almost feels like “cream”. It isn’t as pigmented as CoverGirl’s so to get it show up you may have to apply a few swipes. It is absolutely radiating on my brown brown skin. And with the dose of Vitamin E this bronzer provides, I’m not only lookin’ good but keeping my skin healthy.

Bobbi Brown’s Shimmerbrick in Bronze

I’m not going to act like I can’t put some gas in my car, feed myself for a week or save for my upcoming travels. For $36, I could do one of the above. But if I “had it like that”, I would buy every single one of Bobbi Brown’s Shimmerbricks. They are just so dern pretty to look at. You can’t deny it….lemme bring the picture back.

Ohmiiiiigoodness. I mean look at that. Aside from this little brick going beautiful on the cheeks, it can also act as eyeshadows. You’ve got a lid color, crease color and a highlight right there in one palette. I don’t even travel with eyeshadows. I just take my Shimmerbrick and call it a day. I swear this thing has magic powers.

How do you apply it?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong way. I swipe my brush right down the middle and apply on the cheeks. It is divine.

I took some pictures of swatches but they pretty much all look the same because of the lighting. But a swatch of CoverGirl’s Tanfastic (that name is killing me, lol) on my inner arm should show you how pretty bronzers are…

This article at Black Women’s Web tells you a little bit more about bronzers.

So tell me….do you wear bronzers? Any recommendations? Your favorite? Your struggles? And suggestions for me? Shout out your favorite bronzer!

  • LovelyBella73

    You are so silly for posting that picture twice. But, I’m in love with bronzers… I love the simple glow it gives me.

    The Bobbi Brown looks really nice. I may have to spurge and try this one out.

    Great post sis!!

  • Glamouricious

    well, i LOVE bronzers!!! im fair skinned though. but i still love reading this blog of course especially mascara mondays. =)

    i use Rimmel Natural Sun Bronzer. It has shimmer.. and even though it’s the only i used so far i’m hooked! i dunno if shimmer is too much for daytime but it looks great on my skin.
    all i need for great skin is foundation, powder and this bronzer haha.

    i apply it straight across my cheeks (under the eye area) to get the sun kissed look. also on the temples of the head and on my hair line at the top.

    i read not to apply too much on your nose at it can make your nose look too dark. i dont apply on the chin either.

  • Amina

    aaw..thank you for the shout out. I looove bronzers…I recently got the shimmerbrick after you featured and i love it!! I didnt’ know you could also wear it as an eyeshadow…

    i think i have so many bronzers that like twinkle twinkle, i layer them..

  • Jamila

    I am trying really hard to get into the whole bronzer thing. I always end up looking like a chocolate disco ball. I always end up putting on too much. I just use an orange blush and fake it till I make it. Orange blush is pretty fool-proof on my skin. It’s like insta-glow.

  • B

    LBella–> Chile, you know me. I am a meeeess. You really have to get hip to that BB, sis. It is wonderful I tell ya!

    Glam–> Thanks for showing the love! Bronzers are beautiful on allll skin complexions. Applying it on the temples is a great idea! You know I'm going to trying that……stat!

    Amina–> Girl, why do you think I'm so hesitate to buy new eyeshadows? Between the ones I already have, my blushes and bronzers, I swear I have every color in the rainbow! I've never tried layering mine. Hmmm….

    Jamila–> Hi my beautiful new blog sista! :) I am pretty much in love with orange blushes too. Maybe I should do a feature on that. Bronzers are tricky on brown-er skin. If I apply too much I end up looking a little 'dirty'. Gotta have an easy hand and a brush that that doesn't soak up too much color. I'm so proud of your new spot! Keep up the great work!

  • xoxo Jaimie

    Girl, I used to rape bronzers back in the day. I was obsessed with being darker, so I would back it on. It was cute…in an orangie kinda way. Now that I love my skintone and know how to use it properly, they are so great.

  • Toya

    Girl, you know I am on a quest to introduce brown girls to the wonderment of bronzers, so yay for you for doing this post!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I have not gotten into bronzer yet but clearly I need to. Looks great!!

  • yummy411

    i wear them all the time, year round! where do i start on my favs… mac comes out with so many versions…golden pressed bronzer, smooth harmony beauty powder i use as a bronzer, tarte’s park avenue princess, recently i’m all over CG’s new mineral bronzer… the list goes on!

  • Askmewhats

    HEY GIRL!!! All the bronzers you swatched are LOVELY!!! I don’t know why I don’t use bronzers..maybe it’s because we have the sun almost the whole year? And we can get “bronzed” Anytime? Lol or I think i know the answer… I am just too lazy! LOL THanks so much for all the lovely swatches!!!! I’m sure they looked great on you with your great skin!!!

  • xoxo Jaimie

    hey brit brit, dont forget to check out my contest!

  • Afrodite

    I love the Shimmer Brick! I’ve been seeing it on everyone’s blog! It’s a little too rich for my blood, though.

  • Fashion’s Darling

    So I bought a bronzer a couple months ago and ended up, like Jamila above said, like a chocolate disco ball. My face sparklin’ like crazy!!! I had to wash it off and start all over again, sans bronzer (and I missed the bus and was late for class).

    since then…I never looked back tho I’m not gonna lie- I wanna give it a second chance

  • Anjela

    You know, I probably shouldn’t admit this but one day I went to school with a whole lot of bronzer on my face…I used it for foundation, lol! It was a golden bronzer from Wet ‘n’ Wild. I never purchased it again but it WAS pretty!! :)

    But dang B, you’re going to make me dip into my *non-existent* savings, lol!! :)

  • LBIC

    I don’t wear bronzer but my mom does. I think that’s the only thing she wears on her face during the summer. I don’t wear anything. But I love Bobbi Brown and I’ll give it a try. thanks for the reviews!

  • Anonymous

    is the covergirl bronzer solstice or soleil?
    xx, thanks

    (tanfastic—it took me like 2 hours to get it =D)

  • Danyelle

    Absolutely, brozers are beautiful on brown skin! I actually bought a bronzer before my blush at MAC. Its called Beyond Bronze and we’re still madly in love 4 years later…;)

  • Roxy

    ahh i know i looove bronzers. i had no idea what they really did until a couple months ago either! LOL i was shopping in sephora for a new foundation and when i asked a girl to color match me, she told me i really didn’t need foundation because my skin was so clear and that i should just use bronzer! i’m completely in love with it now especially since i’m kind of on the tan side too and bronzers are so much more lightweight!

  • B

    Yall should really get hip to the Shimmerbrick. It has a bit expensive but has so many uses!

    Roxy–I don’t wear foundation either and tend to where bronzer all over the face. It’s beautiful, uh?

  • Lani

    i’ve heard too many good things about that bb shimmerbrick. why haven’t i bought one yet??

  • SuzieC

    I love bronzer!! My fave is Hip Radiant despite its suicide attempt. Depending on my mood I use it as a highlight, blush or layer it on top of my blush.

    I see I need to invest in that Shimmerbrick…I’ve been hearing so much about it!

  • The Anti Hair Slave

    I love the Stila Bronzer … it’s perfect for me.

  • BeingStill

    Do you know of any non-transferable bronzers? I have two Milani bronzers that I apply when I don't want to wear foundation but they wind up all over my clothes (bummer). Because this post is so old, I'm not sure that Covergirl bronzer is still available…the other two are beyond my budget at the moment :-(