But Black Women Cant: Rock the Goth

| July 8, 2008 | 16 Comments

Secret about me? I loathe labels. Really, I do. I have a hard time defining who I am simply because, I am everything. I wear what I want, do what I want, say what I want and pretty much am whoever I want to be. That my sistas, is freedom. And true beauty. With having said that, let’s consider this…..Other people can rock it but Black women can’t….



Our Guest Editor Jaimie’s sister certainly defies that. Oh yes, our dear Jaimie is more than just beauty obsessed, she also has some skills in the make-up application department. And she has certainly changed my mind in a look that I didn’t necessarily think Black women could pull off. I LOVE this series!

Jaimie did eyes and lips. She used (all MAC unless otherwise noted):

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Bright Fuschia pigment
Beauty Marked e/s
Avon Black eyeliner
Dark side lipstick
Funtabulous Dazzleglass
Urban Decay blush in Fetish

Definitely magazine material. I love it! And I have been inspired to try something like this for the next FOTD Friday. We’ll see how I pull it off. Is this a look you would consider trying?

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Comments (16)

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  1. Nudiemuse says:

    I’ve been doing it for about fifteen years. Very nice look.

    Love from an old Goth.

  2. GS says:

    Looks awesome!!

    I´m reading you too, thanks for passing by, and well, advice is well received.

  3. Amina says:

    WOW! this is a badass look!!

  4. Anjela says:

    Wow!! I definitely consider doing this. It’s sexy! :)

  5. yummy411 says:

    yeh this is def a sexed up night time look. i’d only rock the makeup though.. but leather attire would be involved… stiletto knee high boots perhaps… ;)

  6. Product Junkie Diva says:

    There is no question this is the goth look. She mastered it from the eye application right down to the lips.
    Product Junkie Diva

  7. Nikki says:

    i love GOTH! i think at some point everyone kind of fantasizes about rockin’ a goth look.

    she’s so edgy. i love it.

  8. xoxo Jaimie says:

    Thanks everyone. It was fun to do. Its also really easy, you should all go try it tonight!

  9. Brown Girl Gumbo says:

    Rock on!! That looks is so cute or should I say goth!

  10. Fashion's Darling says:

    i agree…I am anti label. I am everything under the sun so there is no such label that exists for me.

    this look is hottt

    I wouldn’t be able to pull it off…I don’t look badass enough lol i’m always smiling. But i do the whole black eyeliner to the extremem thing lol


  11. Glamouricious says:

    i like it!
    btw, love this blog. i like that it gives reviews on products (especially mascara’s!! since i have been searching for a new one which not only lenghtens but more importantly seperates and adds volume as well. will be adding you to my blogroll..:)

  12. Grayburn says:

    Wow! That’s real sexed up!


  13. Toya says:

    Rock it, Mama!!! She looks hot!

    I have been known to sport the goth look every now and then, particularly in my tribal bellydance persona.

  14. :Fashion Frenzy: says:

    OMG! I thought I was the only “sis” that loved to rock the GOTH look! HIGH-FREAKIN’-FIVE!

    Nikki :)

  15. BeautyTalk says:

    Hot! But, I don’t think its for me.

  16. Maki says:

    Love this! You can totally rock it! I would love it if more gals did this. She just missing the dark nail polish ;)

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