FOTD Friday: Fresh Green Mix (pic heavy!)

Ohhh la laaaa, thanks Jaimie for my new FOTD Friday banner. It is faaaab! FOTD Friday is all about creativity, comparing dupes and stepping outside of the box when it comes to color. Or sometimes we explore the beauty of natural looks. Today’s FOTD was inspired by reader Jamila who sent me her thoughts on MAC’s Fresh Green Mix Mineralized eyeshadow from the ElectroFlash collection.

I have seen these beauties in person but haven’t been compelled to buy anything since I am on this serious “it can be duped” phase. But Jamila may change my mind. I tried to duplicate her beautiful FOTD. She used (all MAC unless otherwise noted):

Pharaoh PP as base.
Fresh Green Mix on lid, the darker side in the crease and outer 1/3
Climate Blue (just a bit) in the crease and outer 1/3
Maybelline Dream Mousse shadow in Vanilla Veil to highlight.
MAC liquidlast in Electrolady to line (top and bottom)
Violet Pigment on top of Elctrolady

My Foundation and blush are some frankens that I put together.

NYX Black Label Lipstick Diva with Korres Pomegranate Lip butter over it.

Beautiful uh? So here is the quad that I used…

Ohh….and here’s the pobre Eyepopping eyeshadow in the jacked up shadows palettes.

And then the diagram….

And then the look…

Looks like I went a little above my crease on the left eye. Urrgghhh, Clumps of Mascara strikes again. Hehehe…

I used (all MAC unless otherwise noted):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer
Milani Garden Mist eyeshadow
True Chartreuse pigment
Clinique’s Almost Peach (highlight…love this color!)
Entremauve pigment (for purple lining)–forgot to add it on my waterline.

….that lippie is by NYC but the name rubbed off. I adore that color!

So how did I do? I think my look is a little more vibrant than J’s. But I’m thinking it’s because I used all of my shadows and pigments wet. I still think there are some dimensions to that Fresh Water Mix mineralized shadow that I would like to explore. Jamila has been nice enough to provide some swatch comparisons for us. Yaaaay! Check them out here.

Anyone else own it? Any must haves that you think I should take a look at in the Electro Flash collection?

It’s Friiiiiiiiday!!! I hope that yall are off to a good one!!

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  • Amina

    first of all, i never thought you could do green and purple…
    very beautiful. Both looks are very bold :)
    thank you for the swatches

    I am still not purchasing anything from the collection. I indulged in Bobbi Brown and NARS. no shopping for moi..

  • Nudiemuse

    That is so pretty. Love it.

  • xoxo Jaimie

    Gorgeous and very inspiring!! You’re welcome on the banners!

  • Grayburn

    We’re still waiting for them to arrive our shores. Yellow shadow looks much better on you than me.

    I hope you don’t mind but I have nominated you for the Premio award ’08! The details are on my blog!

    x Grayburn

  • Koffee "Trecia"

    I love it. For someone who ain’t have any showdows, I’m going to pretend I’m rocking it lol…

  • Kieya

    love that! very summery

  • yummy411

    girl i love it!! and i love the duping!! you did a fab job. i think your swimming brightens up your crease more, but i’m in love with fresh green mix. it just has this yellow metallic sparkle that i’m in lust with and girlll… you didn’t put the purple on the the bottom lid like J…. that purple is the jump off! (umm do ppl still say that?)

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    I LOOOOOOVE it!! Who knew greens could look so great!! I seriously wish that I could pull off the eye-shadow look!! As I’ve said before, for some reason it just doesn’t look right on me, but it looks FABULOUS on you. Wow, you really make me want to try this look! So bright and summery! Enjoy your weekend!

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    hey missy! Both of u look fab! Although I love the fact that u found dupes for strugglin students like myself(lol). Anywho, great job!!!!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Very Pretty look. I really like that green on you diva. :-)
    PRoduct Junkie Diva

  • B

    Thanks chicas……I would have never thought to put together green and purple either but apparently it works!

    And yes Yummy, I still say “jump off” so it’s all good. It’s a bit 2002 but we are old skool so it’s cool. LOL!

    Tracez…where have youuu been?

  • LBIC

    Great job! I’ve been wanting to check out the electroflash collection for a good minute, especially the green.

  • Jamila

    You did a fab job chica! Thanks for giving me the chance to show off a little!

  • Vanessa

    I love the look! Gorgeous colors! And yes I am loving the new banner too!

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    GIRL! (((lol))) I’ve been around! Just takin a break…gettin my life in order! HA! But like i told yumz, be on the lookout cuz I’m coming back realllyyyy soon! Although by the looks of things my blog needs a facelift…cuz yours is fabulous! Keep it up miss lady!

  • Anjela

    I love the colors that you used…who would’ve thought that the combo would look so divine?! Keep it up!! :)

  • Shefali

    You look gorgeous! I think you did a great job and I don’t see anything wrong! Awesome!

  • Askmewhats

    Girl! I know what you mean about the “it can be duped” that’s why I would really take a long time to decide on whether to buy a certain e/s or not :) I love your EOTD so much!!! Lovely!

  • Danyelle

    Both of these looks are very purtty. That Violet pigment just makes the whole look pop. Love it!

  • yummy411

    ok i must have been sitting at a bad monitor but yes that true chartreuse pigment is the business and is def brighter than fresh green mix. i wonder how it compares to bitter?

  • Taryn

    Hey there,

    I love your eye look. You rock those bright greens!

    BTW, I nominated you for a Brilliante Premio Weblog Award 2008. Check out my blog to see the post. You’re supposed to pass it along to your favorite blogs, and yours is definitely in my top 5!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Naija Sutra

    this is so mad, love the look, its absolutely fabulous darling (in an exaggerated British accent). love that you hve decided to advertise for MAC, im a MAC fan myself.

  • The Anti Hair Slave

    WoW … love the diagram. it’s makes everything so much easier

  • SuzieC

    Both looks are lovely! You did a great job with the dupe!

  • Afrodite

    I love both looks but I’m partial to yours. You know I stan for some green eyeshadow. It compliments brown skin so well.

    Oh and I love the nose piercing!

  • Stephie

    hey my love! you are looking hot as usual! thank you so much for your inspiration. one of my really close friends has similar coloring as you… and you're giving me great ideas to try on her :) <3s you!!

  • *Jen*

    that look is gorgeous i love it!