FOTD Friday: Inspirations

Yaaaay, it’s Friday. When I tell ya this week was draggin’, I ain’t lyin’. I really look forward to FOTD Fridays because I get to be creative and play around with looks I would not otherwise do throughout the work week.

And I love the collabos so if you have requests or want to try to “mimic” similar looks like Jamila and I did last week, let’s go for it!

Because I made the mistake and straightened my otherwise kinky hair 2 months ago, I have been dealing with a half straight and half nappy fro. Not a good look. So I’ve been rockin’ headwraps for close to 2 months now. Which I don’t mind. Gives my hair a rest and adds a little “funk” to my overall look. I have been wearing this African printed scarf almost everyday this week because I absolutely adore it!! This FOTD comes from the beautiful colors of my scarf.

I was rushing to work on this particular day (what else is new?) so don’t mind the “in car” photo shoot. Ha!

Guess what I had for breakfast?

Oatmeal! You know you want some, so don’t act like that. Eating oatmeal every day is good for you.

I’m not going to act like I know what that is on the side of my face. LOL! And I was going to do some Photoshop work to it but yall know I don’t care…..hehe.

Here’s what I used:

Too Faced’s Creme Brulee blush duo

Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance primer
MAC Firespot e/s
MAC Cranberry e/s
MAC Carbon e/s
Clinique Almost Peach e/s
Maybelline black eyeliner
Bourjois Volume mascara


MAC Electro
MAC Pink Grapefruit

By noon I had that “It’s time to go home” look…

Very fall , no? And check out the pimple I had yesterday…

It’s gone already!! Murad’s Spot Treatment is wonderful! Who else rocks oranges on the lid? Anyone, anyone? And what’s goin’ on this weekend? I know Amina from Coup de Cour is havin’ a biiiiiiiiirthday!!! It is straight bland here in Central Florida. Somebody invite me to a party in your city. I’ll fly up. *looks at wallet* Uhhh, I’ll be there in spirit. I’m sure I’ll find something to do. Have a great and beautiful Friday!!!!!

  • Amina

    beautiful…it reminds of me India Arie’s make up on I am ready for love video….
    i love the kente headwrap too..
    can you post swatches of too faced blush…looks lovely:)

    thank you for the bday is on monday;)….i can’t believe i’ll be 27 ….

  • Erica

    I love your makeup days and your “But Black Women Can’t” series! Yes we can!

  • Tammy M

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!
    I am going to try and do this look…I have never tried orange shadows before, but there is a first time for everything!!

  • *Jen*

    You make up is always so beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes a collabo one of these days would be fab! =)

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I like this look and the head scarf!

    PS I received the Palmer’s lip balm…THANKS A MILLIONNN!!! I think I teared up a bit lol

  • rmcandlelight

    I love this look. Absolutely beautiful. Will you please do a tutorial? Looks like some oatmeal on the nose.(lol) I eat oatmeal w/honey every morning…it is good for you:)

  • Kat

    Lovin the look especially the head wrap thats my go to hair style when I dont wanna style the do’. Never thought to try orange on the eyes. Thanks for the idea!

  • Lani

    i love oranges girl. 😉 you rocked it very well.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    B I love oatmeal…lol…really I do.
    Also your makeup application is flawless diva flawless I say.
    You go girl and have the best weekend.

  • xoxo Jaimie

    Just gave you a Brillant Blog Award!

  • SuzieC

    Very pretty! I’m going to try some orange tomorrow. Love the wrap…I’m jealous…I’ve never been able to tie it like that. I can’t get the bun right to save my life!

  • Anjela

    I like this subtle look…you rock it well! :)

  • Irene


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    Thanks for your time :)


  • Askmewhats

    you looked gorgeous!!! and oatmeal?? yeah!! Good for you!!! i know I should have my daily dose of oatmeal.there are just some days I don’t feel it !Lol

  • gio

    I love this look, it is gorgeous! It looks great on you

  • janel

    hi brittany! gorgeous look! i love oranges/rusts on they eye. what did you use to make the color stay vibrant? i hve trouble with some of my “hot” colors (hot pink, red, orange, etc) staying vibrant throughtout the day–they seem to fade. any suggestions? i use a primer by rimmel london. thanks and be blessed, hugs and peace…janel

  • juvenescent

    Brit, you look so pretty. AND your skin is clearing up and glowing like never before. I don’t know if you can see it like we see it. That one lil pimple, ignore it.

    Now I want oatmeal. Thanks a lot.

  • Apple Diva

    I love the e/s combo…Wow, you made Firespot look magical!!

  • ShanSoPink

    where do you get your hair wraps from?