Mascara Monday: Bourjois Pump Up the Volume Mascara

Hi pretty people. It’s another Monday which means another mascara review, so let’s go ahead and get started shall weeeee?

Bourjois Pump up the Volume Mascara

Price: 3 out of 5 ($14.50)

Packaging (Brush Wand): 4 out of 5

Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: “A truly uplifting experience, rain or shine. This silicone rich formula pumps up your lashes in any weather, instantly volumizing and uplifting. While a combination of microbeads with carnuba wax act as a natural raincoat for your lashes. The double-fiber brush thickens right to the tips for fuller, darker looking lashes that never get left out in the rain.”

The truth: It is waterproof. I took a shower with this mascara on and it didn’t run whatsoever. But as far as the volume…

What I loved about it: This is my first Bourjois Cosmetics purchase (reader requested) and although I’m not terribly impressed with the mascara, my eyes were buggin’ out from the other beautiful products they have. The next time you are in a Sephora or Ulta, you MUST check them out. But onto the mascara….wellll, I love the whole “natural raincoat” explanation. It is in fact, true. You can literally go swimming with this mascara and it will hold up. So that’s great! I also love love looooove the skinny brush.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t receive THAT much volume from this mascara. I mean, it was just ohhhhkaaaay. What really gave me MORE volume was the primer that I used. I tried using it with other mascaras and it was still just, “eh”. I imagine this mascara would be great for those who already have long and full lashes and just want to take them a step up.

Would I purchase again?: No, I don’t think so. But I’m open to trying more mascaras from Bourjois Cosmetics considering they have a lot to choose from.

What do you think about this mascara? Have you tried it and liked it? Does anyone know how to say “bourjois” correctly. If you’ve sent me an email requesting a particular mascara to review, I haven’t forgotten about you. I have a looong list. Keep sendin’ me reviews at


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  • Fashion’s Darling

    haha first comment! [sry I’m a bit too competitive hehe)…

    I hate Bourjois mascara..hate’s a bit tough a word but thats the only thing I could think of. My lashes/eye area was so irritated I had to take it off like 2hrs later…I tried it again like 3 days afterwards same result…must’ve been something they used but never again.

    but I love the Too Faced vid…I’m a die hard Too faced fan. So even tho the mascara is gone by 3pm i act like its still there because I’m too infatuated to tell the truth. constant state of denial lol

    PS i’ve given you the Brilliante blog’s probably your 1896396376 award but still…hehe

  • Amina

    aaaaaaw…thank you for the shout out!! I am really touched…

    i loove the youtube videos for the mascara reviews….yes, the bourjois (pronounced doesn’t seem that good…oh well…i looove the voice on the second video!! :) :)
    happy monday darling!

  • Askmewhats

    Beautiful B..thanks for the review.

    Do you know that we don’t have Bourjois products here? And the funny thing, the first time I tried on Bourjois product is their mini mascara I ordered from SASA, and you know what? It was super dry…totally waste of money and useless I threw it away… I didn’ thave any good experience with Bourjois mascara because that’s the only Bourjois mascara I tried! lol

    Cutey lady on the video..introduce me to her! 😛

  • xoxo Jaimie

    thanks for letting us know about this girlie, I’ve never really used their mascara, but I love their name. Reminds me of “boojie”, idk childhood ghetto thang lol

  • *Jen*

    hey b!

    did you get this during the massive sephora bourjois sale? i picked up a TON of items but for some reason held back on the mascaras and i’m kinda glad they did. although i did get some great deals on blushes, glosses, and eyeshadows (some of which I’m giving away)!

    i’d have to say overall my favorite product is the blushes.

    you’d think bourjois would make great mascaras, since they’re owned by the Chanel people and Chanel makes some fab mascaras–but oh well!

  • Izar

    I used to own Bourjois’ Longueur Sublime mascara, but the thing is, I expect different things from a mascara than most women do, so even though I loved it (is very much like Clinique’s Naturally Glossy), I expect most of you ladies out there just wouldn’t be impressed much. :-)

    But otherwise, Bourjois does have amazing stuff: their lip-glosses are fabulous (I own and have reviewed so many of them!), and their blushes are great too. They come in an amazing variety of colors and are baked, which I much prefer to pressed.

    Oh yeah, just like Amina said: it’s pronounced ‘Boorjwa’. 😉

    Great review! If you do get stuff from this brand, please tell us and review them. I’m interested in anything that’s from Bourjois, lol.


  • Kieya

    you read my mind!
    i was about to leave u a comment or something asking about waterproof mascara.

    are there any other you’ve tried that are better?

  • janel

    hi brittany! love your blog and have added you to my blogroll at i’ve never tried bourjois mascara so i can’t really comment to that, but i have been on a search for one that will really fatten mine (length i don’t really need; have that already!!) i have recently acquired the colossal volum’ express mascara in classic black by maybelline and it seems to be giving me the “phat lashes” that i want! keep the reviews comin…be blessed, hugs and peace, janel

  • B

    LOL @ being the first to comment. You are too cute. Oh noooo, so I shouldn't try these Bourjois mascaras? Hmmm….you love that Too Faced, uh? And thank you for the award!!!

    Amina–> It's the birthday giiiirl!!

    AskMeWhats–> You guys don't get Bourjois? Well apparently you aren't missing much. Ha!

    Jaimie–> You so silly. I know exactly what you are talking about. But I can't spell it either. LOL!

    Jen–> I just grabbed this mascara on whim. But I adore blushes so I am soooo going to have to check those out.

    Izar–> My lovely!! How are youuuu? I'm diggin' baked shadows and blushes too. I'll keep you updated if I haul anymore Bourjois goodies.

    Kieya–> Colossal Volum'Express!!!!! Looooove this mascara. And it's cheap.

    Janel–> Thanks so much for visiting Clumps. Gotcha on the Google Reader so I'll be a stan to your blog too now. :)

  • Jessica

    Oo! I love your mascara Mondays because I’m in search of a good mascara for volume and your reviews are very helpful! Bourjois is a very old company, so I trust them a lot in terms of quality and ingredients. However, I agree with you that they’re not very good with mascara, but they’re famous for their amazing lip gloss and blush! Sephora won’t sell Bourjois anymore for some reason, but Bourjois is 30% off right now, and I would recommend trying Effet 3D for high shine intensity! I don’t think it’s sticky at all, but I guess that depends on a lot of factors (i.e. humidity). It seems like all of Bourjois products tend to have a fragrance, but to me, they all just smell French and classy!

  • Afrodite

    I know I’m hella late to comment on your video but oh well!


    I think I might have to try your staple mascara. You know I’m a Maybelline Pink and Green girl!

  • Karly

    I work at a place where bourjois was selling and it was going for $3 all of it so obviously most of it was gone before I could get to the mascara! I think by the way my boss pronounced it is said like boj-wa
    Maybe shes wrong but I kept saying it like bonjour haha
    anyways I really like the liptints from them

  • Robyn

    'Borj-wah,' with a soft 'j.' Borjouis do great products, they're very popular here in the UK. I'd give thier Clubbing Mascara a try, its fab.