Mascara Monday: Too Faced Lash Injection

Ohmigoodness….the weekend seriously flies by for me. I really don’t understand. Grrr! Yes, I have the Monday Morning blues but despite that I have brought you our Mascara Monday. This series is where we highlight and review mascaras in attempts to find the world’s BEST mascara. Which may or may not exist. Either way, I love experimenting. I pushed this mascara up because of the overwhelming requests I got. Was it worth the hype?

Too Faced Lash Injection

Price: 2 out of 5 ($19.50….dang! They do have a smaller version for $8.50)

Packaging (Brush Wand): 2 out of 5

Overall: 4 out of 5

What it claims: “Get the look of lash extensions without the cost or commitment. Our 3D lash coating technology is so effective fake lashes will be a thing of the past.”

The truth: can’t compare it to any other mascara…which is a good thing!

What I loved about it: It did a really good job at giving my lashes volume. The first time I used it I didn’t achieve any spectacular lashes so I tried again with my eye lash curler and a mascara primer and saw great results! The volume factor is insane! This mascara also has a very pleasant smell. Can’t quite put my finger on what it is but I’m lovin’ it. I also love the way that it comes off; similar to that Imju Fiberwig! Wet your fingertips, massage your eyelashes and…..viola! It comes off. So much easier than traditional mascara. Loves it!

What I didn’t like: I hate those big brushes with undefined bristles. It literally drives me nuts! I think they contribute the the clumps that mascara can often give you. Smaller brushes means smaller bristles which means less product on the wand. Less product means better distribution and less clumps. Big brushes=death. Seriouslyyyyy. So yes, I did experience some clumping. It also didn’t last long for me. My lashes seemed to be “weighed down” towards the end of the day. I like mascaras that last alllllll for hours since I don’t re-apply throughout the day.

Would I purchase again?: Probably. More than likely I would purchase the smaller tube and apply it over my current HG mascara. I recommend this mascara for those looking for crazy volume. And if you already have length to your natural lashes….you will love Too Faced Lash Injection!

Too Faced Lash Injection video review

What do you think about this mascara? Have you tried it and liked it? Don’t those clumps drive you insaaaane? If you’ve sent me an email requesting a particular mascara to review, I haven’t forgotten about you. I have a looong list. Keep sendin’ me reviews at

And congrats to my winners for the Palmer’s Lip Butters!! The correct answer is: Miami, Florida. Stay tuned for upcoming contests and giveaways. Thanks to all of those who participated!

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  • Amina

    what get me through mondays is reading mascaras mondays. Who knew there are so many mascaras :)

    I’ve never tried any of the Too faced products but I’ve been eyeing them for a while. They have cute palettes…

  • Fashion’s Darling

    ooooooo thank youuu!!!! this is my fave mascara ever (clumps aside lol) i have been obsessed with this mascara since I was conned into buying it at the too faced counter in macy’s but that was the perfect purchase!

  • Nicole

    The best mascara I’ve found as far as getting length is L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. Its pretty good. But the wand does get that blob at the end. I agree, its very annoying!

  • Koffee "Trecia"

    Wow… At first when I heard mascara mondays i thought ok.. this is going to happen once in a blue moon.. but like Amina says… dang.. a billion mascaras and I haven’t any….

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    I’ve never tried Too Faced mascaras, but I do love some of their other products!!

    Thanks for the review!

  • PBW

    Glad you did a video, you know how much I love ’em!

    I was in Sephora yesterday, and I just got the different mascaras for different looks. Before, like you, I just bought ’em and wanted them to do everything!

  • Tammy M

    I agree with you Brit…crazy volume but no length for me! I felt it took the curl out of my lashes….
    I got the smaller one at $8.50, cause almost $20 is too much for any mascara that I am unsure of!!!

  • xoxo Jaimie

    I love that mascara. It works best when new, for me anyway. After a while, it gets old fast and doesn’t come out as good.

  • ShanSoPink

    Maybe I’ll try this one again, I HATED it! It flaked all over the place and I didn’t see any decent volume.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    thanks for the great review.
    Mascara with a nice scent..that sounds awesome!!!
    Product Junkie Diva

  • Anjela

    Hey B,

    Thanks for another thorough MascaraMonday review…I think I may try the mini size. :)

  • Jamila

    I’m glad you like this mascara. The brush alone was enuff to scare me away! Have you seen the mascara sampler set @ sephora? It has a few mascaras that you have already reviewed though.

  • Smirking Cat

    I had the same reaction as shansopink. I tried this mascara and hated it from the first time I applied it. I always try a product a few times before I write it off, but this one just never grew on me. It clumped and flaked horribly, even though I applied thin layers and used an eyelash comb.

  • Kieya

    …i had no idea there was such a thing as mascara primer…

    what do u use/recommend?

  • Confessions of a Makeup Whore and Product Junkie

    I just reviewed this mascara too– it must be the season for the mascara quest–LOL!
    My verdict was it was okay, but not a profound eye-opening (no pun intended), amazing, mascara. So I’m still still searching for “the one”.

  • Askmewhats

    Thanks for the review :) I trust you and I’m glad this won’t be part of my lemming list 😀 lol Great day dear!

  • Anonymous

    I have this mascara and I looove it! It’s one of the best I’ve ever used probably. Aside from some sort of Clinque kind that had a half comb-half brush wand.. don’t remember what it was called though haha

    Great blog!

  • SuzieC

    Maybe I’ll get the small tube and give it a try.

  • :Fashion Frenzy:

    You seriously rock. We love your blogs. Keep up the great work!

  • ButterflyDiary

    I love Lancome Fatale and Hypnose—my faves

  • LovelyBella73

    This is a great review my dear!! I actually want to go out and try this Mascara.

    Stay beautiful!!


    I love these mascaras although they are pricey! I got mine about half price from and I know there are other sites with similar Too Faced bargains. Loving the Blog!

  • Nicole

    my roommate used this and her eyes looked disgusting. she clumped so much on that it looked like tarancula legs. and she never washed it off. I bought the smaller one thinking id try it, but it was dry, it almost hurt to put on and it pulled some of my lashes out!
    I want length more than voulume. I LOVE Lancome Hypnose and Physicians Formula (some square silver tube that i found for 75% off at CVS) but if anyone else knows a good one i’m going to Sephora on my lunch break!

  • Kittieb0o

    Actually, it was the opposite for me! It was one of my HG mascara's, i love the smell (LOL) & i never experienced clumping or flaking! I had the little tube but it seemed like it NEVER ended, i mean it has as much mascara as the normal tubes. I have extremely long, full lashes, and three coats still didn't make my eyes look gross or spidery =]