Cult of Cherry: Bing’s a Winner!

Cult of Cherry

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So as I mentioned in this post, I had the chance to attend a Cult of Cherry release party at MAC last week. I had a wonderful time! I don’t drink alcohol but the Godiva Lacquer drinks were delicious. I spent 30 minutes actin’ a fool with my favorite make-up artists Sophia and Thai at the Orlando PRO store and gazing at the new products.

I won’t do the list of all of the products as I try not to get too caught up in posting collection product rundowns but I have to say that everything was absolutely beautiful. I have not been impressed with a MAC Collection in quite awhile but I had a great vibe with Cult of Cherry.

Did it make it want to buy the entire collection?
Um…no. But when have I ever purchased an entire collection? LOL! If yall don’t know by now, your Head Newb here is cheap. I can’t spend that much money on make-up despite the obsession.

I found the palettes to be dupe-able. My girl Sophia goes, “Brit, don’t you start….” because she knew I was thinking of similar colors that the palettes’ pans resembled. I can’t help it!

The lipsticks, however were divine. I had similar colors of most and the blushes did not look to be flattering on a dark skinned brown lady. Not to mention I have enough blushes to last me for a lifetime.

So here is what I got:

Mattene Lipstick in Bing

…and Lip Glass in Jampacked

Being that dark lips is IN for the Fall, I had to cop these two lippies. I was ambivalent for a minute though. Burgundy is one of those colors I always thought Black women needed to move away from. Who remembers how prominent burgundy lips was in the 90’s?

Check out this video for a reference:

But I am learning to except dark lips again. And not just for a Halloween/goth look. I’m thinking that we can rock a pretty dark lip anytime! Check out Bing by itself:

Bing goes Goth

Bing goes Glam

Bing goes mean

Bing’s night out!

I love love looove this lipstick. It is the best thing in my life right now. I think every woman needs to have a vampy burgundy lipstick in their collection.

“But Briiiit, OMG, it isn’t me!”

….if you are thinking this, you need to step out of the comfort zone and be a little daring. Life is short, honey bun. Live a little!

I give Cult of Cherry, the collection a thumbs up. I will be rocking Bing all up and down October and November. I even went vampy on the nails.

O.P.I’s Catherine the Grape is lovely!

….are you excited for Cult of Cherry? Likin’ the fall vampy look? Or not so much? Whatchu say?

  • JennBee

    Oooh, what gorgeous colors 😀 They look great on you!

  • Askmewhats

    OH MY B! That lipstick color suits you well! and I nearly drop by glass of water when i saw your nails!!!! it is a lovely color!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Looked like you had a great time at the Event!

  • Erica

    Loooove the lip colour!

  • Jaimie @ Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

    omg i had the same nailpolish! isn’t it so good, its on my toes right now! lol

  • Tammy M

    I love the lipcolor on you!!!
    I am ok with the darker lip colors for fall…remember Mary J in the Not gonna cry video? That was some seriously dark lips!!

  • PBW

    Your lip game is awesome! I agree with previous posters, the bold, dark lip work on you.

  • Atiyah

    I tend to wear a dark lip all the time, I love HIP Extrovert, Distinct and MAC Desire.

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    I’M SOOOOO LOVING THIS LOOK!! I intend on doing a post on lips talking a walk on the dark side for fall.

  • Gangstarr Girl

    LOL@ burgundy lips in the 90s. Remember Total? They rocked it all the time and so did Mary J. Foxy Brown took it to a whole ‘nother level on vampire status lol. But my mom started allowing me to wear lipstick when I was 14, you know I acted a damn fool with my burgundy Wet n Wild lipstick (bought with allowance money) lol.

    P.S. I still bump All in My Grill in my ipod.

    Gangstarr Girl

  • Gangstarr Girl

    P.S. I never stopped liking burgundy, and still rocked burgundy lipstick in the winter. So now that it’s back in style, that’s all gravy mane.

  • yummy411

    LOLOLL! i loved seeing bing all over the place! lol rock it lady with the matching nails. i see you! cute indeed! can’t wait to get my hands on some! bing looks so deceiving in the pic..

  • B

    Jenbenn–> Thank you, sweets!

    AskMeWhats–> Don't go crying over spilled water now, sis. LOL! (get it…? *crickets*)

    Erica–> Thanks!!

    Jaimie–> Great minds think alike, uh? I love this color!!

    Tammy–> I was a young thang when the at video came out but I remember it!!! Snaps to kids of the 90's!

    PBW–> You can rock it too, Auntie. So go 'an buy it!

    Atiyah–> Hmm, I may need to check those out. I don't have many dark lippies at all.

    BBG–> I know you're up on the trends. And if it weren't for BGG, I wouldn't be up on 'em. Muah!

    GG Girl–> Ohhh stooop, not Wet 'n. I know what you're talkin' about though! And Foxy lips straight scare me so nahhh, I don't think I'll ever get to her level.

    Yums–> Ah haaaa, don't let Bing fool you. It has many dimensions. When topped off with Jampacked it becomes a little more berry-esque.

  • Alyssia

    How gorgeous is that!!?!?!?! I was torn for a while….i wasn’t sure I wanted anything from this collection b/c like u said…it’s a tad outta my comfort zone, but hey I may have to live a lil! Oh and u know the polish is on point (as always) great post! =)

  • Fabu-less Beauty

    That’s awesome that you went to the MAC release party. And I love your purple nails..perfect for fall.

  • janel

    hey b–bing look great on ya! looks like the party was a fun time! most of my lippies are dark just because i tend to look better in the darker colors, so i never gave up the burgandies in the first place! the lighter colors are the ones out of my comfort zone! love the nails! hey, hit me with a private message, i got some questions for ya! janel

  • phatblackchick


    I’m still on the bubble about the burgundy lips, but your nails are fierce! I’m gonna have to cop that polish on the real! Thanks for keeping us in the loop:-D

  • SuzieC

    Love the colors! I’m looking forward to the vampy lip colors! I have some vamptastic glosses that I will be bringing out come fall.

  • Luxe Tips

    Girl I am loving your blog! You know I went to school in Florida and lived there! Okay, I loved the dark lips in the 90s and am so happy it is back. You know I am doing a post on a great dark for less! hee hee. Keep up the good work!

  • tokyostargirl

    You rock the dark lipstick well. Everytime I think of dark lipstick I think of high school and I cringe!

    I’ll have to try the Godiva Lacquer sometime since I don’t drink either. =)

  • apple bottom jeans

    All d shades are very nice especially that Mattene Lipstick in Bing….I love that color…..

  • Kamika

    Looking good! The Bing is a nice shade against your skin.

    Funny, I don’t recall seeing Cult of Cherry at my LA MAC counter this past weekend. I’m surprised it hasn’t made it to us yet.

    I did buy Smashbox’s Wicked Lovely Lip Gloss in Sultry this past weekend. It’s a dark.

  • ::My Fashion Frenzy::


  • Toya

    I have Cult of Cherry fever! I am all over the dark lip look for Fall. And I love Bing!

  • Twinkle Twinkle

    LMAO at that video! I agree though. When I first saw the dark lippies from CoC I couldn’t help thinking about 90s EnVogue videos. We’ll see if I can make it work for me though.


    your nails are on point! and i like the vampy look…it’s hard to rock the dark style but the bing looks great on you and i’m buying that nail shade today lol

  • B

    Alyssia–> I knew you would like the polish! You polish queen, you!

    Fabu-less Beauty–> Thank you, sweets!!

    Janel–> I bet you could rock a lighter lip if you've tried. :) I emailed ya!

    PhatBlackChick–> It took me a minute to get used to the burgundy lippie. Still can't wear it allll the time but when I do rock it, girl I feel fierce!

    SuzieC–> Giiiirl, I know you will be rockin' the mess out of the burgundy lip!

    Luxe Tips–> You were in FL? Really? Wheeere? You're on the Google Reader so I'll be sure to check in on the dark lip post. Yessss!!

    TokyoStarGirl–> LOL @ cringing. Noooo, don't say that. Yeah the Godiva was yummy but I could only do a sip sip.

    Apple Bottom Jeans–> Thank ya! I loves it too!

    Kamika–> Cult of Cherry should be everywhere by next week so be on the look-out! I don't have many Smashbox goodies. Giiirl, I don't need anymore obsessions! LOL!

    FF–> Thank youuu!

    Toya–> Isn't it the best thing ever? I'm lovin' it!

    Twinkle Twinkle–> I know you can do it, chica. Show me the FOTDs!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    You have solidified this for me, I need
    looks great on you.

  • Lish

    the video reference was soooo hilarious..but i think we can pull it off the darker colors…i just started getting into pink lipstick…so i still need to use the training wheels…but bing looks good on you…at first i wasnt feelin the color until i saw you rock it! you go homie!!!

  • Stefanie

    Girl, I remember back in the day I would wear the burgandy lipstick and black eyeliner as lipliner. Ooh Jeez…

  • Vanessa

    I love that nail color! And girl you are rocking the BING! Hope things are well with you!

  • Apple Diva

    Hey B, I was all over the burgundy/wine lipsticks in the 90s. My weapon of choice was Black Opal’s Ebony Wine….couldn’t tell me “nothin'” lol

  • The Home Spa Goddess

    You know what? All of those lipsticks look like all of the darker shades of HiP lipsticks. I also love the shadows but I think they are dupable too.

    If you tell on your shadows, I’ll tell on my lipsticks;)

    Great post and that color looks great on you!

  • Smirking Cat

    I love that nail polish! I am so ready for fall and darker, deeper colors.

  • Anjela

    You are so silly B! I love the little color story that you created with this particular lip color! BTW, let me borrow that nail polish! It’s gorge!! :)

  • Roxy

    i love the mattene on u!