FOTD Friday: Browns ‘N Pinks

I am really starting to love FOTD Fridays. No, really….I spend most of the week just thinking about what look I’m going to share with you wonderful people.

This week’s inspiration comes from Too Faced. I can not express to yall how much I loooove this company. Check out the Mocha Meteor yummy eyeshadow.

Oh uhhh, don’t mind the Obama button. Don’t know how that got there. *wink* I thought for the longest that it makes sense to have a lighter color on the lid and a darker color in the crease. But I decided to switch some things up. I applied Mocha Meteor on the lid and this….

….on the crease. MAC’s Passionate: a lovely hot pink matte eye shadow. I could not imagine trying to make this color work on the lid but it applies beautifully on the crease.

So here’s what I used:


Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Mocha Meteor Eyeshadow (lid)
MAC Passionate (crease)
MAC Sketch (outer-V)
Clinique Almost Peach (highlight)
Milani Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner
Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara

Cargo Bronzer
NARS Taj Mahal Blush


MAC Tendertone Hot ‘N Saucy (OMG, I looooove this!)

And I’ve been all over China Glaze’s Second Hand Silk.

Loves it! Have you ever played around with concepts that you thought wouldn’t work but did? Like cream blushes on the lips? Or concealer as a highlight? …tell me some! I’m excited about this weekend. One of my girls from college is coming in town and we are going to hit City Walk and act like tourists. Have a beautiful weekend, lovelies! Shoot me any questions, suggestions or comments at Happy Friiiiday!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    omg thats so pretty…and something I can actually do lol. I really need to stop being afraid of eyeshadows I have basically only greens & blues. I'm more of a lipgloss/stick kinda gal. Hot N Saucy btw…LOVE!!! that stays in my makeup bag..all the time.

    lovvvvee the Obama button…I actually chuckled when I saw it…like some sweet product placement goin on lol

  • Askmewhats

    I love your Friday FOTDs!!! I appreciate your love for us readers coz it really takes a lot of time and effort to think about FOTD colors lilke you do every Fridays! I love love love your nail polish and i love your photos!!! I can feel ya camwhoring for me! WHOOOHOOO!!!! What I don’t think works but works for me? Creating nude lips with my ELF concealer! I haven’t been using the ELF concealer because I am into my NYX concealer in a jar, and instead of wasting it, I am using it to create my neutral lip and it is very easy with the wand that comes with it :)

  • Amina

    i always look forward to FOTDS fridays!
    this look is sooooo gorgeous!!
    i am really learning a lot about too faced products thanks to your fotds!!
    have a great weekend!!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    The colors look great on you, very soft and pretty.
    I have not tried too many concepts the most I do is mix lip colors, nothing too exciting
    Have a great time with your friend.

  • Tammy M

    This is so beautiful on you! How is that Too Faced Shadow insurance? I have been using Loreal De-Crease and Ulta Shadow base and they are ok, but always on the lookout for better…

  • B

    FD–> Yes, you do need to stop being afraid of colors. Do you hear the authorative tone in my type? LOL! Hot 'N Saucy is my only Tendertone and I loooove it.

    AskMeWhats–> I know you would appreciate the polish. I mean, being that you are Nail Design Queen and all. I feel honored that you approve. :) And girl yesss, I was totally being a cam whore. HA!! I definitely want to see your next nude lip Nikki. I haven't tried with concealer but you are giving me some idears. Not ideas, but idears. LOL!

    Amina–> Thank you, lovey! Enjoy the vacay!

    PJD–> Girl, it takes time. This time last year I just a lig gloss and liner, girl.

    Tammy–> Heyyy Tammy! Thank you so much. I like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance but if De-Crease and Ulta's Shadow base works well for you, no need to spend more money. A primer is a primer, ya know? I just love the packaging of Too Faced's so I will probably always purcahse theirs. :)

  • Jaimie @ Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

    I love it, B! its so pretty!

  • Sass

    i love darker on the lid and ligther in the crease.. it makes a great smokey eye with navy on the lid and a brickish brownish red in the crease

  • Shefali

    Totally pretty Brittany! I liked how you switched things up…definitely going to try this technique!

  • yummy411

    i love this pair using passionate! gorg! using the darker on the lid is one of the few ways to do a smokey eye, but this brown suits you so that you can actually use it all over the lid and not busted in the eye. hmmm would you try carbon?

    love the polish!! thought it was too pink when i saw it, but it’s just fab on you! hmm maybe i need to try it on vs. judging the bottle lol

    oh excuse me miss with the fierce eyebrows! what did you do to them? did you put a bit of brow gel in them? work it!

    oh the concealer on the lips works with a gloss, but a tip i was given was to use a concealer with a bit of warmth/red in it.

    i look forward to these fridays!

  • Toya

    Girl, that pink and brown is Fierce!

  • Jamila

    When my nails grow up they want to be like yours! I am loving that polish!

    The pink and brown looks great on you and that liner is the tops!

  • B

    Jaimie–> Thank you, doll!

    Sass–> You know you are a trip. You had me dyin' over at your comment at Rantings of a Rebella. Navy on the lid and brown reddish on the crease? Ohhh, you know I'm going to try that!!

    Shefali–> Thank youuu, I don't know why I never thought to do this before. :)

    Yums–> Carbon is one of my favorite shadows so I would be inclined to try.'re giving me some ideas. Yes, don't be judgin' a color by the bottle. I love this baby pink! Brow approval by Yums! OMG! You know I feel like an online celeb, right? I'm getting better, brow goddess.

    Toya–> You're baaack. Yay! Thanks for stoppin' by.

    J–> Thank you, cuzzo. Yes, I've adopted you as my blog cousin. I have naturally long nail beds so even when they are short, they're long. Strange, uh?

  • Amirose

    love the look for sure, like how u switched up the dark on the lid and color on the crease, gives the eyes lots of depth

  • Lish

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh i will try this look!!!!!. Ive been bitten by the pink bug this summer I brought wayyy too many pink polishes and even started wearing pink lipstick. my mission right now is to find a pink cardigan for the fall!!!!

  • Erica

    okay, that looks fab! Love it!

  • JennBee

    Beautiful and great color choices! I love how you switched it up like that :) It looks like you have a lot more success with that mascara than me, though. I didn’t care for it too much. :(

  • B

    Amirose–> Thank you, I agree with the depth too. I thought a darker color can do that but it appears that a lighter crease can do that too.

    Lish–> Giiiirl, I'm into pink too! And pink is another one of those colors that I'm not too hot about. A bold but not quite hot pink cardi would be HOT for the fall.

    Erica–> Thank you, lovely!

    JenBee-> Thanks you, sweets! Not a fan of that mascara? Hmm…try pairing it with one of your favorites and see how you like it. :)

  • Lani

    girl thanks for the good luck wishes. i’m gonna need it! lol.

    i’m really feeling that natural look with the brown es and passionate. i’ve never really used passionate, i could never figure out a way to use it in a toned down look. this is a must try 😉

    i only own one of the tendertones and but hot n saucy looks like a fun sheer color. looks great on you. one last thing, you’ve got to give me a private eyebrow tut. i am constantly overplucking!! i’m trying to grow them out again. (another reason for no FOTDs lol) but yes, do tell! your brows are always fab girl. 😉


  • SuzieC

    So soft and pretty! I’m loving the pink shadow and polish!

  • Anjela @ BlaqVixenBeauty

    You’ve just inspired me B!! I’m going to do what you did but with different colors of course!! I love how soft this look came out and the nail polish too pretty!! :)

  • Danyelle

    Who would’ve thought to put a hot pink color in their crease??? Genius! It looks so soft and def workplace appropriate. And your brows are lookin good. You filled the in eh? With what? Please do tell…. Oh and I need a post on the Cult of Cherry party ASAP! :)

  • B

    Lani–> You will do fiiiine. Passionate is such a difficult color to use on the lid but it blends so softly on the crease. You have to try it! Hot N Saucy is my only Tendertone too and girl, I am hooked. And my brows only look that good once a blue moon. HA!!!

    SuzieC–> Thank you, sis!

    Anjela–> Ohh, I would love to see an FOTD! Do it, girl!

    Dany–> Yesss, another brow queen approving the brows? I'm doin' somethin' right. That's MAC's Stud brow pencil and a little gel. I'm doing better! Cult of Cherry discussion coming up soon!

  • A.M.

    1st timw bloggeR:
    Awww’re so good. I am the worst at make up. Just do the basics but now I feel like with ya blog my make up just may be poppin :)

  • allienicole

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I need that nailpolish in my life asap!

  • Virtuous Blue

    you look lovely Brit! You know you can rock the heck out of some pinks & purples. And your eyeliner is RIDICULOUS (in a good way lol). Teneasha would give her left foot for a steady hand like that lol.


  • Apple Diva

    Ok B, what did I tell you about the TenderTones?? Now compare it to Hip L’Oreal jelly balm…not the same is it!! OK!! lol

    Too Faced and I are in love and I have 2 of the Glam e/s…I tell you if MAC mineralized e/s had that same texture, I would be picking up 2 of each…lol

  • Alyssia

    im late but second hand silk is gorgeous…i have been goin back n forth about it for a while tryna figure out if i have anything similar…but i dont…and im gettin it THANKS TO U. GEESE B! I told u……::whispers:: enabler! lol

  • Toya

    I’m always here, girl, just ain’t always commenting! You know I gotta stop past every day to see what new fabulousness you’re up to!

  • Stefanie

    Gorgeous face of the day!

  • OhSoChicBoutique

    Out of all your looks – this one is my favorite! The pink, the brown, the shimmer…the NAILS! it’s all perfect! Keep rockin it lady!