FOTD Friday: Flashback & Contest Winners

It has been a super long week, yall. I have had A LOT of good news, most of which I will share later, but I have also had my share of exhausting busy-ness. But I can’t complain. I’m the type that feels “funny” when my life isn’t in overdrive.

To continue on with the Mascara Monday rewind, I decided to post some of my boldest FOTDs. Most of these were done when I was living in Los Angeles and playing in make-up really became not only a hobby, but….a friend. I spent hours every night trying to come up with some creative ish. My skills weren’t so hot but this was really when I looooved eyeshadow.

My first week in LA….I really had nothing else to do but do craaaazy bold looks.

Ahhh, the Jigsaw piece. I had so much fun doing this.

Sunshine seriously consisted of 3 products. Loved this look!

Who remembers MAC Mi’Lady mineralized duo?

Awww….this is my FIRST all MAC look. I got addicted to MAC during the C-Shock era last summer and was all over that Wondergrass paired with Humid. And you couldn’t tell me nothin’ about those 3D lip glasses. I can’t believe that was only a year ago and I’ve moved 4 times since then!

That nude lip is sick! I’ve got to try to do that again. Loved this look….around this time, I started to tone down the BOLD looks and focus on pretty pinks/purples and neutrals.

If you remember these looks, you are serious a vetern Clumps of Mascara viewer! And I loves you for it!!

Now for the 2 winning Stila
Lipstick Contest Entries:

“I vote because i’m scared that if I don’t i’ll be paying 20 bucks a gallon for some gas in a matter of months. lol jk…

It’s important to vote because not doing so would be single handedly snatching away our voice. No vote…no voice. No voice…no song. I sing my song for the woman with sore feet who went against the rules and sat at the front of the bus. I sing my song for young children that got sprayed with fire hoses. I sing my song for abused & dominated women. I sing my song for shackled slaves. I sing my song for ME, and most importantly…for my future children.”



“It is sooo important to vote, especially in this day and age. Many people, especially women, have fought for our right to vote and have a say about the future of our country. As women, we are always affected by who our President because many issues affect us and our children – gun control, abortion rights, education, health insurance – the list goes on and on. If we don’t cast our vote and choose – we are being complacent and currently, letting men make decisions for us. Vote, vote, vote!! Especially this time – we need change so we can get out of the recession, improve the economy and spend money on important stuff – like makeup!”


I love how these ladies touched on so many issues in just a few words. True beauty lies not in this make-up bit we talk about but our cognizance of worldwide issues; and how they will affect our future. I love yall!! Shoot me emails so I can send off your lippies. Thank you to all of the submissions.

Support Stila cosmetics and VOTE!!!!!

……and be my friend. :)

Stay beautiful!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    That jigsaw look is intense. You are a makeup pro.
    Have a great weekend B.

  • Koffee "Trecia" Dyme

    Wow at the jigsaw look… did you went out like that or it was just for play?

    I love the last look… the pink/purples and the nude lip… Girl you know you ROCKed it!!! Happy Weekend sis!

  • Jaimie @ Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

    Congrats winners!

  • Amina

    congratulations to the winners!
    I loove the jigsaw look as well as the sunshine!!wow:)

  • gio

    Congrats to the winners!

    I love these looks esp the jigsaw one

  • yummy411

    see i love it.. esp the purple!!!

  • yummy411

    oh yes yes yes beautiful entries! rock the vote!

  • Cailin

    I love these gorgeous artistic looks – you’re very talented! Keep up the good work!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    Newbie my behind! lol a real newbie wouldn’t be able to do that jigsaw piece just lookin at it I got confused lol. But I loved it!! Also love the purple lids and pale lips…I’m def gonna do that (only cuz that’s all I can do lol).

    Quick ques: what lippie did u use for the pale lip (if u remember)

    I’ll be ya friend lol =)

  • LovelyBella73

    You are just to fabulous sista!!

  • B

    PJD–> LOL @ pro…giiiirl, I was just playin' around. You have a wonderful weekend too, sis! Muah!

    KD–> You so silly, chile. I most certainly did not leave the house looking like that. Loves you!

    Amina, Cailin & Yums–> Thanks sweets!

    FD–> LOL, I am newbie. Or at least I was back then. I was just playing around. That nude lip is the business! I think it's Soft Lust from MAC. Girl I wore it today and loved it.

    LB–> Thanks sis!

  • SuzieC

    I love all the looks but that last look is hot! Love the nude lip!

  • Gangstarr Girl

    All those looks are dope but I freaking love that purple on you. i’m gonna have to bookmark this page, I might steal one of your looks for my next dance show. Also, what’s on your lips in this first picture? That red looks really pretty.

  • Taryn

    I love all of the looks, especially the jigsaw – how original is that?!

    I also love the greens on you. You can wear them all! I tried some lime green shadow on the other day and looked jaundiced. 😛

  • Askmewhats

    wooohoo the jigsaw is pretty!!! even the sunshine! you are a pro girl!!! I love all your looks, you are adventurous yet you know what looks great on ya! :)

    Congrats to the winners! and yeah..I’ll definitely be a friend 😀

  • (fŭng’kē) [blak] [chik]

    i can only imagine what your make up bag looks like! fabulous!

  • B

    Suzie–> Thank you, lovely!

    G.Girl–> Please do, chile! I would love to see what you come up with! The lippy in that first picture is a Milani lipstick that I can not remember. Ugh, I don't even own it anymore….but I'm sure it's still in drugstores.

    Taryn–> Thank you! Greens can work well on anyone. We just have to find the right shades to complement our complexions.

    AskMeWhats–> I love you. You are the best!

    FBC–> Fro sista, it's a mess…that's what it is. :)

  • PBW

    Okay, I want a jigsaw puzzle face NOW DAMMIT!

    Very cool!

  • Grayburn

    My gosh you are masterful with those colors!

    Hope you had a good weekend,

  • Alyssia

    i guess i am veteran reader cuz i remember all of those FAB looks! and ur rite that nude lip with the purple eye is on point….u have inspired me to recreate this for date night tomorrow lol.

  • sab

    wow! you are so creative!