FOTD Friday: Hot Pink Runway Look

It’s Friiiiiiday! And I’m glad because this week was a yucky week for me. With Tropical Storm Faye dumping a ton of rain and me getting very little sleep because of my obsession with watching the Olympics, I was a little “out of it” this week.

But leave it to Friday to put a little pep in my step….a smile on my face…and a twist in my hip. I made that last one up because I figured it would sound okay since it rhymed. Kinda? Maybe?

No? HA..okayyyyy.

Today’s FOTD Friday is definitely a runway look. I got the inspiration from visiting and came across this banner.

I was really loving the pink winged liner so of course I had to try my version of it.

But first….who would have thought Wet ‘N Wild would have such a pretty Kohl eyeliner?

Beautiful!! I will definitely be picking up some more of their pencils. The staying power isn’t half bad. It was only $1.99. I don’t know why I’m acting like Wet ‘N Wild is new. It’s funny now some of us beauty folx try to get all siddity and get to purchasing liners for over $10 when the cheap ones work pretty well.

Ya know?

I wanted to focus on 3 things for this look:

*The pink liner with crazy
dramatic lashes*

*A super nude lip*

*Pale pink cheeks*

So here’s what I used:

MAC Fuschia pigment
Stila glitter liner
Wet ‘N Wild Turquoise Kohl Eyeliner
Dior DiorShow mascara (revisted—I’m likin’ it more!)

Cargo Blush in Lyon

MAC Soft Lust lipstick
Stila Brown Sugar Lipglaze

Sinful Colors San Fransisco

My before…

Tis was fun. I like to play around with everyday looks, runway looks and everything in between! What do you thiiiiink? I will be crazy busy this weekend preparing for my business trip to Chicago early next week. But no worries, I will have scheduled posts. Most will be articles and random ramblings than series’ posts. So I will still be around!

Have a happy weekend, beautiful people!!

(photo source)

  • Askmewhats

    Oh my goodness B!!! That is really PRETTY!!!! I love colored liners!!!! I love how pretty it looks and you didn’t use a lot of products!! Happy Friday!

  • Shefali

    You did a great job! Love the Sinful Colors San Francisco…have it, just haven’t used it yet. Waiting for fall…I got the Stila lipstick BTW. Thanks so much! I love the color.

  • Tammy M

    This is so pretty! I love the way the pink eyeliner pops with your fabulous lashes!!!

  • koffeedyme

    I love the look… Girl you are so pretty in pink!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think the look is very pretty on you. I threw away my Diorshow Mascara. Are those your lashes because they look so lush and thick?

  • Jaimie @ Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

    LOVE it. all the new pics sephora has out are so inspirational!

  • PBW

    You nailed that Sephora look and made it very BG friendly.

  • B

    Nikki–> I know right? I didn't realize it until you brought it up but I used very little products. Yay! Happy Friday to you too, my beautiful!

    Shefali–> I loooove this emerald green. I even wore it to work today which is a no-no but whatev. I'm a rule breaker! LOL! I'm so glad that you got the lippie. Enjoy!!

    Tammy–> Thank you, sis!

    KD–> *brushes shoulders off* Well, you know….I try. LMAO! Still can't run like your people but I guess I'm okay. Go Bolt!!

    Anon–> Those are my lashes. And I wasn't a DiorShow fan for awhile but I applied it a little evenly this time on curled lashes. It isn't so bad. Still ain't worth the hype but I don't loathe it too much this time around. :)

    Jaimie–> Thanks sweetness! I love me some Sephora.

    PBW–> Thaaanks. That's the goal! I want brown girls to know we can do any and everything. Except black eyeliner on the lips. That needs to stop like….yesterday.

  • Alyssia

    love, love, love this look! the lashes are CRAZY beautiful!! How many coats of Diorshow is that!?!! And love the Sinful Colors, right?!? I have that color (yes u most def are my polish twin lol) Have a great weekend!

  • Napi

    Beautiful! I am SO in love w/the nude lip. I think I’ve finally found 2 lip colors that work (InColor by Jordana Lipshine in Mochaccino and Lasting Finish in Metallic Marvel) but I still need help w/the technique. I’ll get it together soon!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I love the look and I adore your nail polish. I need to find that color ASAP.

  • nilla cookie

    I LOVE the bold pink eye! And that blush you’re rockin’ is FIERCE!!

    Hope you’re staying dry out there girl :)

  • Fashion’s Darling

    ahhhh I love this!!! DiorShow= Love and Wet N’ Wild is the business!! all of my eyeliners are from there lol My perfect nude lip is Sephora’s gloss in 05 lovvvee it

    have fun at your trip thingie!!

  • Ms. Aja B.

    Oooo….love the pink! And like the first commenter said, it’s cool that it was done with only a few products.

    Ummm…not feeling the green nail polish, but hey–to each her own, right? Now a polish in the same shade as that pink on your eyes? Count me in!!

    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  • *Jen*

    hey B!

    the pink is so hot on you! you know i love me my pink. you’re looking stunning as always!

  • Nudiemuse

    I love the pink liner look. I’m really glad that’s in season. Next time I do it I’m gonna do it with lashes. Fabulous idea.

  • Anjela

    Hey B,

    Very creative with the hot pink liner! I love the whole FOTD and the nails! :)

  • tokyostargirl

    Wet n’ Wild has come such a long way! Some of their products seriously rock! =)

  • slvrlips

    hot!!! I’m loving everything about this look. The hot pink liner, nude lip, and the soft pink cheek. Very Pretty.

  • GetMarried4Less/LadyT

    so very pretty! i love a pop of color in my liners. u really dont have to put in much effort w that. just throw them on and all day ppl are mesmerized cuz your eyes are lined in teal…..

    gurl, you had better revisit that Dior mascara! revisit it over and over til its all gone, cuz that stuff cost too much to just throw it in the trash!

  • Erica

    B, I was going to say that I was jealous of those naturally long fab lashes of yours, but then I scrolled down and saw that you used DiorShow. And I thought, now I understand! They look great and I’m loving the lipstick.

  • andrea

    that pink eye liner is so cute!

  • SuzieC

    I love it!

  • Amina

    you are rocking that pink liner!!

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    That pink is FABULOUS!!! Love it!!!

  • WendyB

    The pink liner is hot.

  • Kieya

    i was all set to focus on that pink liner

    til i saw those nails!
    MUST have that emerald color