FOTD Friday: Oh La Tempting

Happy Friday, lovelies!!! I am still in Chicago and hopefully I am having a ball. Um, it’s strange talking about myself in the 4th person??

Ha! So if you know me beauty-wise, you know that I am Queen Itsadupe (it’s a dupe). I have this obsession with assuming that MAC’s newest collections with eye shadows can be duped with other eye shadows from not only MAC but other brands. Hence why I didn’t feel the need to haul the palettes from the Cult of Cherry collection. Not to mention, I am very fickle and anal when it comes to not only cleanliness but having 2 of the same anything. Especially eye shadows.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t think the colors were gorgeous. In fact I thought that Tempting was beautiful!! I had to try to find similar colors. Here’s how I tried to recreate the quad.

Tempting (top-left): Milani Golden Bronze
Dark Edge (top-right): MAC Signed Sealed
Next to Nothing (bottom-left): Clinique Almost Peach
Sharp (bottom-right): MAC Eyepopping

Dig the swatches on the hand…

Pretty darn close, uh?

I used…


(the colors stated up, of course)
Milani Cocomo Lipliner (I know, I know…I didn’t have brown eyeliner and was just experimenting)
Maybelline Unstoppable eye liner
A mascara that I haven’t reviewed yet but me gusta!

Mineral Concepts Dessert Dawn blush

(1st look)
MAC Nightmoth Lip pencil
MAC Jampacked Lip glass

(2nd look)
NYC somethin’….name rubbed off.

OMG, my lip liner so isn’t blended. Clumps of Mascara strikes again. Gotta love it! And check out how different this look is without the bright lip.

I am also thinking that despite the bright green shadow, the look is still subtle enough for work. And brown liner on the lower lash line is crazy beautiful. I have to incorporate that in more looks. Except I hope to use a eye pencil next time instead of a lip pencil. Shhh, don’t act like you’ve never done it before. HA!

What do you people think? I think my dupes are almost identical. I shall be returning to Florida tomorrow evening. I hope that everyone has wonderful weekends!

Stay beautiful!

[NOTE]: I ended up wearing this look to an after-5 lounge and at work and it was beautiful!

(picture source)

  • Product Junkie Diva

    looks great. You are the queen of finding
    Have a safe trip home.

  • Askmewhats

    That type of green is great! it doesn’t look too strong and it can be used during day time! I am sure you are having a ball at Chicago!!! I love your Friday FOTD! LOVELY!!!!

  • bella0110

    I love the red lipstick! great look.

  • Jaimie @ Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

    I Love the whole thing!!!

  • KoffeeDyme

    I love the first two colors.. since i’m a green addict.. i’ll add it to my likes list as well… beautiful!!!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    Ahhhh loves it! “Queen Itsadupe” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHA! Tha’ts hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    i’m not feelin the pale lip one. without the bright lips ya face looked a little washed out-the blush, the lips…idk something. made you look pale.

    unless its ya lighting..than my bad

  • Alyssia

    queen itsadupe is an understatement! I wish I had those colors…that way i wouldn’t be forced to go buy it when i get off work tonite lol

  • Kieya

    i’m really digging this look
    esp with the lip color
    it pops!
    and hair is fly too :-)

  • GS

    Oh wow, this fotd is muy bonito!!!

  • SuzieC

    Awesome dupe! The look was really nice, pretty and soft. Not sure how I feel about the pale lip though. I do love it with Jampacked!

  • Taryn

    I think you did a great job! I took stock of my collection this past weekend and just realized there were too many things that weren’t getting used. I’m now on a makeup-buying moratorium for the most part, and will just search my collection for dupes rather than buying more.

    I like MAC, but don’t always get the obsession over it. A lot of their LE collections are just the same things rehashed over and over. (Not all, but a lot.)

  • Heather

    I think you are FABULOUS!

  • Lish

    you look like a QUEEN!!!!

  • yummy411

    FAB. you know i love it cuz it’s similar to my fotd. the dupes put me to shame! i knew the colors could be duped, but im a sucker. the overall look looks great with jam packed, but i’m a nude girl so i think you look just as good with the nude lips. … and trust that the green is soft and safe for work LOL.

  • gio

    I love it, you look gorgeous!

  • Shefali

    Totally hot!! I bought the Tempting quad (even though I have Tempting from a previous collection). I really, really like it and am finding it so much more wearable than I thought! I wore it to work too…and it goes great with a bright lip!

  • My Fashion Frenzy

    I am a big fan of the Milani Golden Bronze. So pretty.

  • The Ish

    The face is great but it’d be NADA w/o the hair! Work it out, Girl!
    ’till next time…

  • The Home Spa Goddess

    LOL! I’m in the process of doing this now. I have dupes for the shadows, pigments, glosses and lipsticks for the CoC and Overrich collections. Your dupes were great!