Let It Clump: Fragrances

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This is a first for Clumps of Mascara. I don’t think I’ve ever discussed fragrances. *gasp*

I remember being a little girl and sneaking into my Mother’s bathroom, stepping on my tippy toes and spritzing my little neck with whatever beautiful bottle of perfume I could find. For me, perfume bottles signified elegance.

I requested my first fragrance in Elementary School. I felt so grown up spraying a bit of Baby Love (now who remembers that?) on my wrists. By 7th grade I was all over Tommy Girl and Shi. And by high school I straight robbing Mommy’s boudoir every morning for a bit of Bvlargi, Cool Water or Chanel N’5.

Every Christmas or birthday, my family members already knew what to get me, “….a fragrance.” In college, I wasn’t bankin’ enough to purchase my own scents so I relied on the gifts. And even know, as a college graduate (um, still broke) with a little more sophistication, I find it hard to drop $50+ on a fragrance.

But that doesn’t stop me from eye-ing them in department stores, indulging in the samples (don’t act like you don’t do this…lol) and treating to myself to one or two fragrances a year.

Baby Phat’s Fabulocity was one of those fragrances that I had to have. But not because I’m in love with the self-absorbed Kimora Lee. It’s because of the freakin’ bottle. Look at it!

A diamond? Are you kidding me? I had to have it. Never mind that it wasn’t anywhere in Orlando.

Never mind that I had to do something I haaate doing (buy things online, cries). I had to have it.

So when it finally arrived I placed it on one of the floating shelves in my room. I felt like a won a trophy.

But the smell? Uh…let’s just say if you don’t mind smelling like freshly cut grass with a tinge of honey suckle on a warm Spring today, then this is the fragrance for you.

No, I’m kidding.

I think.

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of this fragrance beyond the bottle. But I think it’s because I have a very picky nose. I don’t like anything too floral or too fruity. And if it smells good enough to eat, then honey I don’t want it. Walking around smelling like a cookie, baked apple pie or strawberry shortcake (yumsss) is definitely not for moi.

I can get down with Baby Phat’s first fragrance but Fabulocity is uhh….not up to par, for me.

I like smelling like a sophisticated woman something more on the lines of:

Elizabeth Arden’s Provocative Woman

And Sean Jean’s Unforgettable Woman

….yes, I desire to smell like a woman and these fragrances definitely deliver. So if I have to go around smelling like somebody’s Momma, I’m down! No, I’m kidding. My friends used to laugh at me in high school because they said I smelled too old. Whatev. HA!

Any perfume-lovin’ folx out there?

Don’t forget to shoot me emails! I am still in Chicago and I’m sure I am mad bored going from luncheons to meetings. *sigh*

Stay beautiful!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I am obsessed with perfumes and smell goods…seriously obsessed.

    I love Fabulosity! I don’t know why but it is just so engaging to me.

    I also suggest Juicy Couture (and no not just cuz I’m obsessed) but it’s more sophisticated and definitely not too floral.

  • Fashion’s Darling

    OOOHHHHH and also Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker…OHMIGOD! It’s definitely a warm scent and more grown up

    • Manda

      I was totally not feeling Covet, but I rock some Lovely 😉

  • Hallie

    Love your perfumes… they are simly marvelous.

  • Jamila

    I admit… I a perfume-tarded. I think it’s because my skin eats up everything that I put on. Nothing seems to last so perfume is always a severe after thought for me.

  • yummy411

    hey chica! you are too hilarious! chanel no.5 though?? i can get down with coco mlle. that’s my fragrance right there… or dior’s j’adore. loves it! great post! i’ll have to smell fabulosity again.

  • Amina

    great minds think alike, i just wrote about perfumes today..lol..
    i should try Fabulosity…i read the book…not bad..not bad..lol


    i LOVE perfumes! i like really floral scents, so fabulosity sounds good to me. i liked baby phat’s other perfume…i can’t remember the name but the bottle was pink. i’m a huge fan of the kenzo perfumes…they’re extremely floral/grassy though so you probably would pass on them

  • Askmewhats

    oohh B, those i haven’t tried, but I’ll take a look at those and smell them when I go to a fragrance counter :) I am waiting for your return from Chicago and can’t wait to hear your stories! :)

  • LadyBird

    i like chance by chanel, rock and rose by valention and tea rose ( yup it smells like a bunch of roses) luvs it :)

  • janel

    hey b: what’s up?!? have you tried “red door” by elizabeth arden? that’s one of my faves–definitely a more sophitacated scent. i also love chanel n’5 (call me a kinda traditional gal when it comes to perfume)–and yes, right now i’m like you, college grad (some years back) as still broke! ain’t it a shame?!? love ya! janel

  • Fabuless Beauty

    I’ve never been that interested in fragrances due to my allergies. But lately…I’ve been curious about them. Never underestimate the power of perfume.

    • Manda

      Try Clinique Fragrances because they are allergy tested like their other products, a lot of my clients who can’t wear other fragrances can wear Clinique’s!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Im not a perfume person but the bottles sure look pretty :-)
    enjoy chi town.

  • max.fabulous

    Mmm I love Provocative Woman….except when people ask me what perfume I’m wearing. I just look down and mumble the words. I feel silly somehow.
    I want to check out Fabulosity though. I forgot it was even out!

  • rmcandlelight

    I diffently love chanel choco madem. and Juicy coulture.

  • Kieya

    i love perfume
    but only the stuff my mom & grandma wear

    i just love it

  • SuzieC

    Unforgettable for women is so nice so is Kenneth Cole’s Black. I used to love the fruity floral scents. Then allergies kicked it and I had to stop that with a quickness.

  • mollyx

    Floral and fruity don’t bother me, so long as it isn’t too much. I’m on the hunt for something with just the right blend of say, vanilla and jasmine. Maybe with just a touch of musk.

    But what I really love are retro perfume bottles. Atomizers that have that touch of femininity. I’m not all that girly most of the time, but that does it for me.

    Loving your blog, btw!

  • The Ish

    I'm like Jamila; smell-goods are usually an afterthought b/c my skin eats them up. I spray my neck, chest, wrists, clothes, hair – still can't smell it an hr later. Oh well. I usually stick to oils (my fave – my SIGNATURE – is frank & mhyrr) but even that is on occasions.
    When I do perfume, it's White Linen. I know, I know – so old school. But that's what my mother wore when I was growing up, so that's really all I know. Right now I have 2 bottles of it sitting on my dresser and probably haven't touched them in about 2 months. :(
    Maybe when I get the gumption, I'll try Chanel No5.
    'till next time…

  • Smirking Cat

    I love perfume! I can’t stand florals, citrus, or food smells either. Save it for cans of air freshener. My favorite is Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, but I also like Dior Addict. I like sexy, spicy scents, and if you apply them with a light touch, they are captivating instead of suffocating, ha ha.

  • essenceual

    Love your perfumes… they are

    simly marvelous.