Let It Clump: HairPlay goodies!

Hola chiquitas. I want to share with you some products that actually work ooooon…

POW!! Hair like this! I have 4/B type hair which means I have tight tight tiiiiight curls (hell, or naps…hehe!). My hair tends to get dry and requires a ton of maintenance so it is a rarity when something besides a natural concoction actually works on the Mother fro here.

I had the opportunity to try two products from Hair Play.

Description: Set doesn’t discriminate against any hair texture. Natural, curly, straight, colored, frizzy your SET. Flexible and weightless as a setting lotion,and easy like a mousse. Use right after shampooing as a detangling leave-in conditioner, enjoy more control with your natural texture or blow dry silky smooth.

Ummm, so it actually works for the fro. I used it after no-pooing and conditioning my hair. I found that it was not sticky but pretty thin in texture. I distributed evenly on my hair and twisted my hair in 2-strand twists. I didn’t get any flakes and it wasn’t extra STIFF either. Who remembers “Pump It Up” spritz? That spray was like liquid metal, mayn. It definitely isn’t on that level. I was surprised that it actually slicked my hair down and stayed in tact. Yikes, I could have down without the parabens in the product since I’m a natural nut when it comes to my hair but other than that, for $19.50 Hair Play’s Set isn’t bad at all.

Don’t even ask me why that picture is extremely pixelated. Ha! After twisting my hair I dabbed a bit of serum in my palms, rubbed them together and applied SEAL alll over the twists. I loves this stuff! It gives me a great deal of shine without being too greasy. Ain’t nothin’ worse than layin’ your head on the car window to to later see a big grease spot. Ewww…doesn’t quite happen with Hair Play’s Seal so I can dig it. I think $22 is a bit steep for the tiny bottle but a little goes a long way.


I’m glad that Fritz Clay, the creator of Hair Play recognizes women have different hair textures. I swear, 90% of hair companies out there just don’t understand that. He says, “my salon discriminates against no one. We are the experts in straight hair, Asian hair, Black hairstyles as well as styles for Latina hair, no texture left out of coarse after all we’re Hair Play.”

Alriiiight! Check out these and more products by Hair Play at HairPlayProducts.com.

The finished twisty look!

Stay beautiful!!

  • Amina

    those twists are gorgeous!

  • Askmewhats

    i cannot imagine a product that can make your hair twist so beautifully like that!!! that product is a bomb and I understand why you love it!

  • ShanSoPink

    Wow Britt your hair looks so pretty!!
    Can you do a post on the different hair types? Type A wha??? I’ve read about them before but I’m still a bit-I’m still VERY confused.

    Thanks lady!

  • LovelyBella73

    Very nice my dear!!

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Love your hair in the first pic! I will pass these products on to my friend who has natural hair. :-)

  • Alyssia

    Lovin the hair missy! I have soooo many question re: natural hair. I have been relaxer free for like 3 years…not a drop of chemical over here! My hair is really healthy, but I want to wear natural styles I just have no idea what products to use. I don’t even know what type of hair (i.e 4a,3b,whateva!) I have! I’m gonna have to email u and bother u with some questions!

  • koffeedyme

    Wow.. Never heard of that product… wow the price is on the high… imagine what that would be in Canadian dollars… I love the outcome of the twists.. i don’t think my naps could do that.. too much HAIR on my head… and my arms might fall off.. lol… done spent 2 ours two strand twisting… girl u sure that’s not comb coils? of course not… but its pretty…

  • PBW


    Luv those twists!

  • Kat

    Rockin the Frederic Douglass!! Loves it!

  • Jamila

    I’m going to have to up on some of that when I have a respectable fro again. lol. How long did it take to do your twists? They look great! When I had my fro it took literally days to do my own 2-strand twists.

  • Nikki

    Love both looks on you! Also, love your blush…what brand and color is that?

  • B

    Amina–> Thank you so much, sis!

    AskMeWhats–> Well aren't you just wonderful. You are the bomb, my sista!

    ShanSoPink–> *ding* Thanks for the idea, chica! Sho appreciate cha. I'll dedicate that post to you.

    LB–> Thanks GA fam!

    BBG–> Thanks sweets. I think those products will be great for anyone though. Give 'em a try!

    Alyssia–> Join the "3 years natural" club. Yay!! Feel free to email me anytime, love. I'll do more hair posts.

    KD–> Yeah, umm…doing the 2-strand twists used to take me half a day but since cutting my hair and occupying myself while watching Lifetime or the Olympics….I can get 'em done pretty quickly. Dang, Canada needs to get right and carry the good stuff!

    PBW–> Thank you, Auntie. No more blogging…go ahead and write another fantastic book for me to read in 2 days! 😉

    Kat–> Ah haaaa, you know! 2 snaps for you! LOL!

    J–> It took me about 2 1/2 hours which is a vast improvement. It used to take over a day for me too but I've gotten faster.

    Nikki–> Thank you so much. And I regret to inform you that I don't recall the name of that blush. I'm guessing NARS Crazed, though.

  • Anjela @ BlaqVixenBeauty

    Hey B,

    Why didn’t you show us a frontal pic in all of your glory, lol! I want to see how the whole hairstyle turned out! *pouts!!* :)

  • Belle Cheveux

    Hey B! Your hair is GORGEOUS! The color and texture is awesome.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    your hair looks really wonderful!!!
    It looks so soft a beautiful.

  • Fashion’s Darling

    wow i love ya hair! my hair looks NOTHING like that natural…no tight curls just waves. And i love the color.

    I’m liking the sound of these products. Good lookin’ out!

  • B

    Anjela–> I know, I suck. I so wasn't even taking pictures of the frontal. But no worries. I've got some more hair shots in the works.

    Belle–> Thank you sooo much!

    PJD–> Thanks sis!

    FD–> Thank yaaaa!

  • SuzieC

    You’re making it very hard for me not to be a hair product junky….The twists look so cute!!

  • allienicole

    loves it! ive had natural hair too for about 9 years…check out my fotki: http://www.fotki.com/allienicole2

  • Virtuous Blue

    ooo…that product has your twists looking so lucious. I agree, with ya…i'm all for my own concoctions, but it's nice to run across a line every now & then that knows how to cater to us nappturals.


  • Stefanie

    Loving the fro sis!