Let It Clump: Magazine Fab!

Time for a Let It Clump post! This series where we stop talking about make-up to explore other areas of beauty and beyond. That’s anything! Nails, hair, fashion, jacked up love lives..anything! Any suggestions? Let me know at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com.

So let’s talk magazines. Growing up I was an avid Seventeen and CosmoGirl reader. I also stole….I mean snagged my parents’ Ebony, Essence and Jet mags. But I never felt like I related to those magazines. Seventeen was great for reading on airplanes or on long road trips and Ebony felt like it was geared more to “grown folx”.

I am currently subscribed to Allure magazine but mainly just to keep up with the newest beauty fads and products on a commercial level. Yet I still don’t FEEL a connection with that magazine.

I even copped that highly coveted Vogue Italian Black Issue.

I agree with Seymone. The sistas are baring it a little too much for me. And yes the ads…well, let’s just say I forgot it was the “Black Issue”. HA! But it is what it is. I’ll save that rant for the personal blog.

But there is one magazine that I adore. I mean…I am truly in love with this magazine. It incorporates everything! Fashion, beauty, hair, culture, hobbies and lifestyle by and for the modern Black woman.

Let me introduce you to……

Colures Magazine;
a UK publication

I purchased this copy at a Borders in Los Angeles and have struggled to find another one since!

Colures is impeccable. Check out some of the spreads…

do you see the abudance of nappturals sistas?

Ahhh, look at the make-up! That silver glitter on the lips is hottttt!

….and the ads aren’t bad either.

And some culture talk too?

I flippin’ love this magazine! But can’t find it anywhere in Florida. Urgh! Anyone else familiar with Colures?

I went to MAC’s Cult of Cherry party at my MAC Pro and had a ball. Of course I leave my camera but I’ll post some pictures of my 1 lippie and 1 lip glass haul on the laters. I would have loved to snag some of those palettes but yall know I’m the dupe queen. I think everything is a dupe. But I’m all over the vampy burgundy matte lipstick.

And a random video posting…

I know this is a jam packed post. My bad, beautiful people! Have a wonderful hump day!

  • Gangstarr Girl

    That Italian Vogue is the business. I copped the last copy a couple of weeks ago from a newsstand near my job. That vid was really dope. I love seeing women who are perfectly flawed and embrace it! Go girl!

  • Askmewhats

    Lovely sis!!! oohhh You’ve found a mag you really lemm for! I have never seen that mag! But I understand how you feel about it! got each of everything huh? I love magazines like that and I found it at Marie Claire Philippines. They do have beauty, fashion, culture everything! And you’re right, ads are important for me too!I want to see ads with products I’d love to try :)

    I love your look! and that cute cherry thingy on your hand! hotness!!! *hugs*

  • Amina

    i love magazines too but over the years, it’s been difficult for me to find a magazine that i can relate to.
    i don’t know if you remember the magazine honey? looved it! until they went out of business!
    i also love Elle South Africa. it’s the best Elle out there…

    i am subscribed to lucky just to have ideas of outfits and i looove Latina mag!

  • SuzieC

    I’m jealous you got to see Cult to Cherry!!!

    I still haven’t gotten the Black Vouge yet. When I first saw it my first thought was why oh why am I looking at Tocarra’s mammary glands. I swear Naomi stays naked in something.

    I use to subscribe to Allure but canceled it. It just seemed really boring to me. I love Lucky for the fashion and beauty stuff. Honey used to be really good until it turned into as a friend said chicken head digest. I really liked Suede magazine. With some tweaking it could have been hot. I’ve heard about Colures but can’t find it :(

  • Lish

    im going to look for that magazine. I went to the MAC party toooooo it was soooo much fun. Cherry was there…isnt she kind of scary looking??

  • Lish


  • B

    GG Girl–> Yeah chile…we really have to learn how to love ourselves because if we get too consumed with what the media feeds us, we'd be a hot mess.

    AskMeWhats–> I want to see a copy of Marie Claire Philippines. How cooool!

    Amina–> Okay, I definitely remember Honey and loooved it. I think we need to get up on a new magazine. Let's all be editors! Who's done?

    SuzieC–> Cult of Cherry was just ehhh… I mean, the party was amazing but I did not feel compelled to purchase much of anything. The palettes are nice but dupe-ty dupe dupe dupe. MAC can't fool me anymore. Hehehe. Yeah, I just hate the image of us Black women always half naked somewhere. Granted, we are beautiful but it sends out "black women are over-sexualized" message and..chiiiile, that's a rant for the personal blog. HA! I don't remember Suede!! Hmm…

    Lish–> Okay, Cherry gave me nightmares last night. LOL, seriously. The make-up was fierce though. And MAC sure knows how to throw a good party. I wonder if they do reservations like at Chuck E. Cheese's. That's it….my 24th b-day will be at MAC Pro in Orlando! Book your flights noooow. :)

  • max.fabulous

    oh i loved your video. it was so cute. clumps of mascara, yummy411, and scandalous beauty are my favourite beauty blogs – i want to be like you guys when my blog grows up 😉

    p.s. “i love the lord. and vote obama”? hilarious! INSTANT VINTAGE as we sometimes say in the t-dot.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    LOL you make me laugh each and every time B. I have not see the magazine colours but i NEED it. That doesnt count as a product right..LOL.

  • Ms. Aja B.

    Oooh! I just checked out the website for Colures Magazine. I LOVE it! I’m definitely going to try and find it here in NYC. Maybe one of the newsstands downtown…

    Thanks for sharing! And that matte vampy burgundy lipstick? Loves that too!

  • B

    Max Fab–> Thank yoooou, sweets! COM is still trying to get on the Scandalous Beauty and Yummy411 level. Weez tryin'! Instant Vintage? I love it!!

    PJD–> I'm glad I could make you laugh, sis. I am a triiip. I crack my own self up all day every day. Yes, Colures does count. Stay strong! If it makes you feel better, I've gone over my $50 purchasing limit already. I'm back on probation as of yesterday and have little to show for it! :(

    Ms. Aja B–> I'm suuure you can find Colures in NYC. In which case, if you do, I'm sendin' you some money to snag me one or two. LOL! More pictures of the vampurgandy later. :)

  • Jamila

    Bwah! Loves it! B you are truly the business!

    I passed on even wanting the Vogue issue. It had so much T&A it could have been a King mag (much more refined but same message).

    I need a t-shirt that says "I love the Lord and vote Obama"

  • Anjela @ BlaqVixenBeauty

    Hey B,

    You know they have their own website right? It’s http://www.coluresmagazine.com/ I went to the “Subscribe” page and you can pay by Paypal but the prices are in pounds. To subscribe it’s £64.00 and that’s about $119.28 in American money for 6 issues. That’s steep like a mug!

    How about I still read Seventeen mag?! Of course, I have to read Ebony, Essence, and Jet. I agree with Suzie that Allure is boring. I’ve never read Honey before unfortunately.

    That color on you is divine! And I’m loving the cherry tat…I’ve always had a weakness for cherries! :)

    Just know you inspire me each and everyday! :)

  • YoungBlackBeauty

    Oh gosh Brit you are a mess!

    $116 for a magazine! You know my cheap behind ain’t getting that but I keep an eye out for it. Miss you!

  • yummy411

    ooh looks like a great mag! isn’t it funny how we perceive things growing up.. i wasn’t as into the black mags growing up either–ok jet.. it was all about seventeen… ??? even when i got of age 18+, mags like essence still felt too heavy for me… now 25+ i love them! all of them.. ebony, jet, etc. i found this one.. eeep japanese mag(?) named jessica.. fashion to die for!

    look at you in your cult of cherry.. fab misses! can’t wait to see the vid!

  • Erica

    I wish I knew what products they used in the spreads. The mag looks great.

  • The Home Spa Goddess

    Cult of Cherry?!? Where have I been? LOL:)

  • Askmewhats

    I’ll try to see how to let you check out a copy of MC philippines! 😀

  • B

    Jamila–> You so silly. Shoooot, we need to go ahead and printing shirts off! I would so rock that with a fro!

    Anjela–> Girl, I checked out the website and wanted to pass out from those prices. I love the mag but not that dern much. HA! I'm bein' cheap. I've never read Honey either. I looove cherries too and don't know why. It's just a fruit but they are so sexy!

    YBB–> You'se a mess. And I miss you toooo. Come visit. Better yet, I'll need a place to stay 'roun September 1st so clean the house for me! :)

    Yums–> Japanese mag? I love anything AND everything Japanese! Definitely going to check that out.

    Erica–> I knowww, Yums and I were talking about how magazines never let you know. So frustrating!

    HSG–> Girl, MAC has been comin' out with new collections left and right all summer long. Most of them have been *yawn* to me.

    AskMeWhats–> You are like….the best!!


    i’m gonna check out coloures magazine. it looks great! i always had a hard time finding magazines worth subscribing to until i found elle. i always figured it wouldn’t be interesting to me, but the writing is AMAZING (and i mean it). the fashion is great too, but i subscribed to the magazine simply for the writing and their film and literature recommendations. that could be a problem though…they’re supposed to be a fashion mag lol.