Masara Monday: Mascara Tips and Updates

Happy Monday!!!

Uhh…*looks around* No, your browser uploaded correctly. You aren’t seeing things….or lack of things. I have no mascara to review this Mascara Monday. I know, I know. I gave the lashes a break and didn’t wear any make-up last week. Not even my staple black eyeliner.

But no worries, I have some pretty fabulous tips for yall. I first found these at one of my favorite beauty blogs: Lipstick Graffiti. Check ’em out, mon.
Tip #1: How to use a lash comb
Tip #2: Try a clean mascara wand.
Tip #3: Don’t shy away from colored mascara.
Tip #4: When applying mascara, wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes.
Tip #5: Thin, short brushes are best.
Tip #6: Give a few coats to the edges by blinking.
Tip #7: Powder under the eye before applying mascara.
Tip #8: Use an eyelash curler
Tip #9: Zig-zag the wand.
Tip #10: For a dramatic look, apply mascara only to the upper lashes.
Tip #11: Use a mascara primer.
Tip #12: Want that 2nd coat?
Tip #13: Do NOT pump wand in and out of the tube.
Tip #14: Another smudge-proof tip — bend the wand.
Tip #15: Wait five seconds before blinking.

What’s up with #12? LOL, that is not a tip. Ha! But for the most part I agree with all of them. Especially that #5. Any tips you would like to share? Disagree with the list? Let me knowww!

…..and let’s do a quick run through of the best and worst mascaras that I’ve reviewed so far. Of course these standings are subject to change.

My Current HG (holy grail, the best, the numero uno) Mascara:
Maybelline XXL Curl Power

HG Runner- Up:
Maybelline Colossal Volum’Express

The “Hope I saved my receipt” Mascara”:
Sephora Lash Plumper (still havin’ nightmares ’bout that piece)

The “So What’s the Hype?” Mascara:
Christian Dior: DiorShow Blackout

The Most Innovative Mascara:
A tie between SpinLash and Imju Fiberwig (also 2nd runner-up, loves this!)

The Best Smelling Mascara:
Too Faced Lash Injection (citrus-y goodness!)

The “I’m going to love it even though most people hate it” Mascara:
Maybelline Great Lash

Good times….

Have you sent me a request to review a mascara that I haven’t reviewed yet? Remind me! Shoot me an email at And uhhh…what mascara are you currently lovin’?

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  • Amina

    love the recap!
    Maybelline does make great mascaras..i still have to buy the XXL curl power and colossal

    right now, i am working with define-a-lash

    i love the “hope i saved my receipt” LOL

  • Jamila

    I used Voluminous for a wedding I did and I loved the results on the bride. Myself… not so much. I heart Rimmel lycra lash.

  • xoxo Jaimie

    You’re holy grail is my second fave! that and the new lash blast.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I don’t wear mascara weekly in fact I don’t wear it often at all so I understand your makeup break. I am still liking that colossal and the revlon fantasy lash with primer when I want dramatic eyelashes. I want to try that new spinning Lancome mascara, looks divine.

  • Lorie

    I’m still loving my Colossal as well as the Blinc Kiss Me mascara. It stays put and I love that. It doesn’t give me length or volume, but with a primer, I’m loving the end result.

  • yummy411

    love the recap and tips 😉

    how about almays one coat mascara or triple? the one coat used to be my HG!

  • Anjela @ BlaqVixenBeauty

    You know what? You have inspired me to expand my mascara collection. Thanks for the tips sis! 😉

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    I HATE my DiorShow!! I was soooo disappointed. :-( I think I got the wrong one because it definitely doesn’t live up to the hype to me. I got the waterproof one by mistake. I guess the regular one is much better.

  • Kieya

    I am a fan of Maybelline Great Lash. Its awesome! Its so clean and my lashes look great.

    I used that Maybelline XXL regular one, not the curl. The regular one was pretty cool too. Thanks!

  • SuzieC

    Great recap! Still not sure how I feel about curl power…probably because I still haven’t figured out the brush yet.

  • Askmewhats

    Thanks dear for this!!! So useful for me B!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    my beloved Too Faced is my HG! and your runner up is my runner up

    great tips

  • Afrodite

    I like #4 on the list. Funny thing is, I was doing that for a while. Didn’t know anyone else knew about that…