My First Video & Photo Tutorial: For my newbies!

[NOTE]: I’ve been getting so many submissions for the Stila Lipstick contest and in the process of reading them all. I will post winning entries tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, chicas!

This is a big day in Clumps of Mascara history. Okay….I’m being a bit dramatic (what else is new? HA!) but I am really excited to showcase my first ever tutorial. I have had sooooo many requests to do one “on a newbie” level and I am finally getting around to it.

But that doesn’t mean yall need to get spoiled and start requesting that I do them every week. Tuts are hard work and I admire the ladies that do them on a regular. LOL, I’m going to try do what I can.

This look is a quick neutral eye from a Stila trio that I received. It’s great because the highlighting color, lid color and crease color are all RIGHT there in the pot. So I thought it would be easy to showcase it. [NOTE]: This tutorial is for those who are still confused on color placements. I was not going for perfection here, folx…just showing where each color should go.

So let’s get started…

How pretty is this trio?

[LEFT] Highlight
[CENTER] Crease color
[RIGHT] Lid color

Brushes Used:
Highlight-MAC 275SE
Lid application-Studio Tools brush (Target)
Crease application-MAC 222
Blending-Sonia Kashuk brush (Target)

First we start with priming our lids. This will ensure long-lasting eyeshadow and minimal crease. A must for me since I have heavy (or hooded) eyelids.

I like to start with the highlighter up under the brow first. Some folx do the highlighter last but do what works for you.

It looks a little crazy now but I’m going to come back and blend it nice later. BTW, my primer is all over the place. I forgot to smooth those edges out. Opps! Clumps of Mascara strikes again. LOL @ the brows. Bad brows is like my trademark, yall. Seriously…

I took a flat brush and now I’m going to start applying my lid color RIGHT ON the lid…..just below my crease.

Now we take the crease color…..
And apply it riiiight on the crease.
Optional step….I also like to apply my crease color on the on the outer V of my eye too. Like this..

Time to blend my crease and highligher color together. I use a fluffy brush for this…
And there we gooooo……

That was actually very painful to upload. LOL! The video is actually a lot more pleasant to watch, if I do say so myself.

Yaaaay, thanks for the emails. I’ll leave the tutorials to the YouTube pros. Taking pictures AND doing a video is like a part time job. But it was fun. Tell me what you thiiiiiink. Click the link below to visit the video.

Eyeshadow for newbies tutorial

Peace and happiness, my beautiful people!

  • NotSoSuite

    I love the look! The tutorial was very helpful. Have you ever used Flirt cosmetics? I’ve just discovered it as a cheaper alternative to MAC.

  • B

    Nooo, I have not. I’ve heard about it but don’t actually own any of their products. Per your mentioning, I will check it out. That video is takin’ hella long to load so you’ll have to come back and watch my silliness later. :)

  • Applesaucery

    Aaaahhhhh it says “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available” when I try to watch it! Nooooooo! I’m going to keep trying. What is wrong? Is it my computer? Is my internet misbehaving? I want to watch! I, too, deserve makeup tips! Waaaaah!

  • Amina

    loove the tutorial!
    the color looks great on you :)

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Great video B.
    That is a cute trio you have there….

  • Jamila

    *big ole hi-5* You go! Great video! I haven’t even begun to front like I am going to do a tut any time soon. Swatching is hard work so I know a tut is gonna make me want to take a nap! Lol! Loves it!. Oh… I am feeling your pain about your hair chica. Heat is the debil!

  • Jaimie @ Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

    Congrats B!! Love the tut and the colors!looks great on ya!

  • Koffee "Trecia" Dyme

    This is so pretty!!! the color is awesome… you rock it!!! something I need.. now why are all these stuff hard to find.. [signs]

  • Ms. Aja B.

    Hi! I'm new to your blog, but have added it to my "morning favorites" already!

    The tutorial was great and the look was so beautiful! I am completely new to the make-up thing, so I am eagerly awaiting trying your tips out.

    Peace & Love! :)

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Great tutorial!! I’m going to try it. Hopefully, it will come out as gorgeous as yours!

  • Anjela

    Yay!! Newbies untie, lol!! I think I’m going to watch your video again after I stop by CVS and pick up their crease brushes. I can’t wait!! :) Thanks for the vid, B :)

  • koizumi

    ohhh! so pretty!!! I have to try it. The trio is amazing. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    I love that trio

  • The Frugalista Files

    You took the video down?

  • The Crazy, Crafty Chick

    Great job! I love your fro btw. Totally off topic, but what products do you have in your hair?

  • B

    Applesaucery–Um, loves the name. That is too cute! It's not you, chile. YouTube has been actin' really funny for me lately. Is it just me?

    Amina & PJD–> Thank youuuu!

    Jamila–> Swatchin' is craziness too. All of that takes a lot of time and I'm not even gon lie…I am so lazy after work!

    Jaimie–> Thank you, lovely!

    KD–> Thanks sis. You don't have to use that exact trio. I'm sure they have similar colors like that all over. You just ain't serious about the eye make-up yet are you? LOL!

    Ms. Aja B–> Thank you so much for strollin' by. Send any requests/suggestions my way! :)

    BGG, Anjela, Koi and koi–> Thanks babes!!

    Frugalista–> Nooo, I didn't! OMG, I'm so over YouTube right now.

    The CCC–> Hi love, thanks a ton! I keep it real simple with the hair. I've been using glycerin and water, jojoba oil for moisturize and….that's it!

    Koi–> Gra

  • ShanSoPink

    that looks like my lil trio

    and giiirl your brows look sooo good compared to mine, I should post a pic, I’m trying to grow them back out because they were too thin

  • Kieya

    i LOVE it!

    i’ve always wondered exactly how this crease thing is supposed to look but thanks for the breakdown!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    i never quite understood the whole crease thing. I’ve even gone as far as saying I don’t have one lol..but thanks for the vid and pics. and as a fellow newbie I applaud your bravery into the tutorial world…I can never lol

  • Askmewhats

    SEXY HOT CHICCA!!!! I LOVE the look and I love the tutorial!!! YOU are beautiful B!!!!

  • SuzieC

    Great and tut! The colors look so pretty on you and your hair is super super cute!

  • Erica

    I have been waiting for you to do a tutorial. You’re eye makeup always looks fabuloso! I hope this becomes a weekly thing (hint, hint)

  • yummy411

    LOLLLOOLLOLLL~!!! girl don’t i know about those pictures!! which is why i can’t even bring myself to even think about a vid, not to mentin i don’t even have a vid cam LOL!!! great tut!

  • Keva

    I needed this! Thanks for posting it. :-)