Beauty Challenge: Politically Pretty

Yess! Another Beauty Challenge! Every once in awhile (okay, we’ve only done it once) us beauty bloggers like to unite through challenges. Our very first challenge was an 80’s challenge in which we had to create an 80’s look.

The turn-out was amazing! 14 bloggers participated and we all had a wonderful time sharing our creativity with each other and our blog readers.

The time has come again for us to bring forth yet another challenge!!!

In the wake of one of the most historic presidential elections ever, we challenge you to a political-esqe FOTD (face of the day). Whether you want to represent suffrage/voting rights, a party of your choice, democracy or just the political times… interpret that theme in a make-up look. Be as creative as you want, use any products and don’t feel as if you have any limitations. Do whatever comes to you! Don’t forget the details and explain what your sentiments/reasonings were behind the look.

Leave your name either in this comment box or over at Yummy411 so that we know you are participating.

Deadline to post FOTDs is Friday, October 3, 2008!!!!! That means participants not only post their looks on October 3, but also provide links to the pages of other participants as well. You can see an example of this by the “80’s challenge” link above.

What if I don’t have a blog?

No problema! You can still participate. Of course you would have to email your photo(s) and statements to us. And then we would showcase them in a separate post on October 4, 2008. Please make sure to send us your photo(s) and snippets by Thursday, October 2!!!

What if I am not in the United States?

Still no problem….show us an FOTD sportin’ your country’s colors and/or designs. Don’t forget to tell us what everything means so we can learn a little somethin’ too.

Get your brushes out and VOTE!!!!!

Can I just say how excited I am about this? I don’t know whether to dress up as Michelle Obama (j/k…kinda) or paint an American flag on my face. *shrieks* Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!
  • Wes

    Ok call me slow but what does FOTD mean??

  • B

    Wes–> LOL, okay I love you. FOTD is "face of the day". Really it just means a face of make-up. I'm going to clarify that in the post. Thanks!!

  • Luxe Tips

    I am SO GLAD you clarified what FOTD meant. I knew it had to do something with a makeup photo but was not sure! whew! I am partipating in this challenge and I can not wait. I am team Obama all the way! Go Dems!

  • <3 Shawnta

    Cool!!! I’m cranking up the brain now to see what I can come up with.
    Can you do more than one?

  • <3 Shawnta

    Cool!!! I’m cranking up the brain now to see what I can come up with.
    Can you do more than one?

  • <3 Shawnta

    Cool!!! I’m cranking up the brain now to see what I can come up with.
    Can you do more than one?

  • <3 Shawnta

    Cool!!! I’m cranking up the brain now to see what I can come up with.
    Can you do more than one?

  • B

    Luxe–> I'm so excited you are going to be joining us! Beauty blogger for Obama here too!

    Cuzzo–> Your over-achievin' self. LOL, you were one of THOSE kids in school, uh? LMAO!! I love it though. Yes, please do more than 1. I may crank out 2+ myself.

  • Koffee Dyme

    Interesting.. can’t wait to see the looks…

    umm nah i won’t be joining.. I only have foundation and concealer lol… oh on top of that.. since I’m canadian.. that would mean red/white..[gulps].. I guess Jamaica would be fierce…

  • B

    KD–> Nooo, please join us! LOL @ the "gulp". You are hilarious. Okay, do a Jamaican look! Dress up in a t-shirt..somethin'. I want you involved. Yes, I'm cyber-bullying you. 😉

  • Koffee Dyme

    [lol] you ain’t serious!!! well we will just have to wait and see.. [smiles]

  • Danyelle

    Ooooo, count me in!

  • Gangstarr Girl

    I just thought about something. I posted on Yummy’s blog that I’d participate, but does it matter that I’m not exactly a beauty blog (I just have a fondness for makeup)?

  • slvrlips

    Hey B, Count me in! This should be fun!!!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    ooo..I want to participate. I must confess, my makeup “skills” are kinda funky but nonetheless I’ll give it a go

  • Miss Anjela

    Hey B…finally worked up the courage to take the challenge…now I have to come up with something extra special! :)

  • Toya

    This one sounds interesting! I might have to join in!

  • Amina

    I am in!
    It’s going to be so much fun!

  • ishtastic

    Ooh, I wanna play, I wanna play!!! Count me in. My blog isn’t a beauty blog, but I’ll give it a try.

    ’till next time…